The Root Canal Follies, Continued….
A Reader’s Story — Mary Jo Bertani and her friend, Nancy
**** The ADA Under Stress — Finally!!


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The Root Canal Follies, Continued….

If you have been reading these newsletters for awhile, you know my conviction that root canal teeth certainly cause more cancers than any oncologist suspects. Has yours ever asked you about your dental history?

I’m convinced that no cancer will get or stay healed until the root canal teeth are removed. Do you know that most cancer doctors in Europe refuse to treat you for cancer until you clean your mouth of root canals and mercury amalgam fillings.

In the next newsletter, I’ll cover mercury amalgam fillings. This time, I want to concentrate on root canal teeth. I want to give you both the “straight skinny” on root canal dangers and where to find help in dealing with them.

My research, when my wife, Terry, went through her experience with her four root canals in 1996-98, convinced me that everyone should get these horrible disease factories removed. I learned that there had been what appeared to be deliberate denial and cover up by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) (root canal therapists). To this day, they refuse to accept officially the serious health problems caused by root canal teeth. You can understand their continuing denial when you imagine the number of lawsuits which would result from their official acceptance of the volumes of research proving this hazard. Anyone remember the tobacco industry’s denials about cigarettes? How about the doctors who used to recommend them for “energy?”


The evidence of root canal danger to your health is now conclusive. One of the most interesting books on this subject is “Root Canal Cover-Up” by George E. Meinig, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Dr. Meinig is a founder and Past President of the AAE. He has written what amounts to a mea culpa. He is apologizing to the thousands of his patients on whom he has performed root canal “therapy” since 1943.

You see, Dr. Meinig did not discover the extensive 25 years of research done on this subject by Dr. Weston Price and his team of 60 researchers from 1900 to 1925 until he was ready to retire in 1993. It had been carefully covered up by the ADA and the AAE.

Here’s how Dr. Meinig starts Chapter 2, “Alarming Cover-up of Vital Root-Canal Research Discovered”:

“Anyone who starts to read this book is sure to wonder what in the world ever motivated a successful dentist and endodontist such as I (sic) to state that root canal treated teeth have side effects which cause many disorders. Certainly my dental colleagues, particularly those who know me and are familiar with my background, are going to think I have really flipped my lid.”

Here is the first paragraph of Dr. Meinig’s book:

“If you have ever had root canal treatment, and some twenty-four and one-half million people did last year [1993], you are about to learn how that unfortunate procedure may have created greater side effects in your body than you or your dentist could have anticipated.”

Here are some more astounding quotes from this remarkable book:

“…this is an investigative research study about how bacteria become entrenched inside the structure of teeth and end up causing a very high percentage of the chronic degenerative diseases that are so epidemic in America today.”

“This [focal infection] theory stated that a person could have an infection someplace and the bacteria involved could be transferred by way of the bloodstream to another gland or tissue and therein start a whole new infection.”

“Dr. Frank Billings found that ninety-five percent of focal infections started in the teeth and tonsils.”

“It was unfortunate that a group of autocratic doctors [in 1925] could not get themselves to accept the focal infection theory as this theory is 100 percent accepted today.”

“Dr. Price…While treating a woman who had been confined to a wheelchair for six years because of severe arthritis…although the root canal filled tooth looked fine…it looked normal on x-ray pictures…Immediately after Dr. Price extracted the tooth…he embedded the tooth under the skin of a rabbit. Lo and behold, in two days the rabbit developed the same kind of crippling arthritis as the patient. What is more, in 10 days it died of the infection… What is more, the patient made a successful recovery after the tooth’s removal.”

Repeating the experiments with root canal teeth, Price and his team found that invariably the laboratory animal would develop the disease of the patient. This experiment was repeated hundreds of times with the same result.

“These infections proved so devastating that most animals died within three to 12 days.”

“If the patient had kidney trouble, the rabbit developed kidney involvement; if eye trouble, the rabbit’s eyes failed. Heart trouble, rheumatism, stomach ulcers, bladder infections, ovarian diseases, phlebitis, osteo- myelitis, whatever disease, the rabbit promptly became similarly infected and most — because the immune system of rabbits is poor — died within two weeks.”

Dr. Price’s team implanted healthy teeth (those extracted for ortho- dontic treatment, for example) and coins (dimes) under rabbits’ skin and found no reaction.

This research was done from 1900 through 1925. Dr. Price “published” two books on the research in 1923. Because of the controversy over the focal infection theory at the time, only 14 copies were made of these books. The first, entitled “Dental Infections, Oral and Systemic” is 703 pages long. The second, “Dental Infections and the Degenerative Diseases” contains 471 pages.

My wife’s “biological” dentist in San Antonio, Dr. Tony McRedmond, had one of these 14 copies. He was responsible for removing her four root canal teeth and many mercury amalgam fillings. He probably saved her life. His yeoman work certainly cleared up her many vague health challenges which had puzzled several doctors for two years.

Dr. Meinig, through his friend Dr. Hal Huggins, found one of these 14 Dr. Price books in 1993. Before this, he was aware of Dr. Price’s 220 other published papers on dental subjects. In fact, Dr. Price was known as “the world’s greatest dentist.” He was the first President and Managing Director of the 60-person Research Institute of the American Dental Association. Only his root canal research had been covered-up.

I doubt that most of you will read Dr. Meinig’s 220-page book — available from — so I’ll quote a few more paragraphs.

“When decay causes a tooth to become infected and abscessed, dentists are usually quite successful in cleaning out the root canal and disinfecting it. In most cases large areas of bone destroyed by the infection heal and new bone grows to replace it.”

“In spite of this seeming success of root-canal therapy, Price discovered bacteria which caused the infection penetrated most of the dentin tubules and were not killed during the root-canal therapy.”

“Dr. Price found these bacteria to be polymorphic — that is, they mutated, became smaller in size, thrived in the absence of oxygen, and became more virulent, their toxins more toxic.”

“The hard, shell-like covering of the dentin — cementum — proved able to prevent the passage of bacteria from the roots of teeth. However, tests devised by Dr. Price showed that cementum DID permit the toxinscreated by the bacteria to pass through it.”

“Bacteria could escape from the tooth through minuscule spaces or porosity of the root canal filling material. Here again, Dr. Price devised ways to test various root canal filling materials and packing methods for leakage. None proved successful in preventing the escape of organisms. All leaked into the bloodstream surrounding the tooth.”

“What about those people who have had root canal fillings for years and have remained in good health? Dr. Price found these individuals represented about 30 percent of those treated. They had excellent immune systems able to control the germs present.”


“Aha!” you say, “Cancer is not caused by germs. If root canal bacteria or toxins get into my system, so what? They didn’t cause my cancer.”


Cancer is the result of a challenged and weak immune system. What do root canal teeth do to your immune system? You guessed it. They constantly stress it and make it weaker.

What I’ve been trying to convince people of recently is that cancer is not a “disease.” It is simply a “reaction.” Your body is reacting to what has happened to it over the years. If one of these happenings is one or more root canal teeth, these are almost certainly going to make it impossible for you to recover without removing them.

The reason I’m stressing this so much is that I have seen many examples in the past few months. These include women who have found that their root canal teeth are on the exact meridian where their original breast cancer tumor occurred. They include men with prostate cancer with several root canal teeth. Once these teeth are removed, the cancer responds readily to the type of diet/supplement regimen in my book “Cancer-Free.” When they are not removed, my regimen (and all other types of treatment) just does not work.


Removal of root canal teeth is tricky. The infection invariably has invaded the jaw below the tooth. A special procedure by an oral surgeon or a “biological” dentist is required. This is not something to take to your average “smile” dentist.

Where can you find one of these “biological” dentists who understand this procedure? Fortunately, Karon Beattie, my co-moderator of the Cancer Success Forum, has recently posted a great guide to finding the perfect dentist for this purpose. All you need to do is to go to:

Once there, click on the “Forum Discussion.” Scroll down to the item labeled “Stage 4 Breast Cancer – What To Do Next? — Radiation OK??” Click on this post. Karon’s answer to it (the second message down) includes a truly comprehensive guide to finding a “biological” dentist. She gives you ten sources to research for one near you — complete with web sites and phone numbers.

COMING ATTRACTIONS — Mercury amalgam fillings cause serious health problems in the 1860’s. The ADA still says “Uh uh” today — 140 years later.

To be continued in the next newsletter…

A Reader’s Story — Mary Jo Bertani and her friend, Nancy

Here is an interesting account of the courage and common sense of a fine lady named Nancy. Her story was sent to me by Mary Jo Bertani, who is happy to correspond with you.

“Dear Mr. Henderson,


I am writing to thank you for all the effort and devotion you put into your book and website, and making it available to the public. A dear friend of ours was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer in June. She is only 55 years old. I was aware of the benefits of maintaining an alkaline condition in the body to ward off disease, but I had never had any experience with cancer. So, I started doing a little research on alkalinity and stumbled onto your book. And thank goodness for that! I read the entire book in one sitting. It is absolutely fascinating. To be honest, it was hard to believe the treatments such as cottage cheese and flax oil could be as effective as stated.


I passed the information onto my friend, who thankfully was very open to trying complementary therapies while her doctors decided what type of conventional treatment they would prescribe for her. She had previously been eating a vegetarian diet consisting of a lot of refined carbohydrates and soy products. She started eating cottage cheese and flax oil right away, and added lysine and proline, barley grass, Curcumin, melatonin, beta glucan, and vitamin C to her diet. She also cut out peanuts, peanut butter, hydrogenated oil, sugar and other refined carbohydrates, and started eating more raw vegetables, nuts and seeds, and drinking carrot and beet juice.


From the time she was diagnosed in June to the time she went to the MD Anderson clinic in July, her CA-27 count decreased from 330 to 270 in about 2 weeks. Many of the tumors on her neck and back had greatly decreased in size during that time. She started a conventional therapy of aromatase inhibitors at the end of July. Her doctor said the medicine was slow-acting and it would take a while before any effects would be detected. In mid-October, her CA-27 count was 65. An ultrasound showed that the tumors in her lymph nodes have disappeared, other tumors have shrunk in size, and others are about the same. She is not yet considered cured, but she is well on her way in less than 4 months. And a lot faster than she would have been on the conventional medicine alone.


She gives a lot of the credit for this remarkably rapid turnaround to the supplements and changes to her diet suggested in your book.


You are saving lives and giving people hope. I simply cannot thank you enough for putting together such a thoughtful and comprehensive guide. To anyone who is skeptical whether these treatments work, all I can say is ‘YES, believe it. They do work, and they worked quickly and painlessly in our friend’s case!’


God bless you!


Mary Jo Bertani”

The next day, October 27th, I got this message from Mary Jo after I had responded to the above message:

“Dear Bill,


Wow. Thank you for writing back and sharing your encouragement and hope with us! I will pass them along to our friend.


She is an extraordinarily determined person. She just left for a 10 day trip to Italy yesterday and plans to keep up the regimen even while she is ‘on vacation.’ She said she is not even going to eat any pasta, desserts, or drink any wine. When I suggested that she could just try a little bite here and there, this was her response:


‘Well, having made progress, I don’t want any backsliding because I’ve gone back to my old ways. Problem is that, except for salads which I’ve always loved, and usually made for lunch every day, I could (and did) live on carbs, as in bread, Cheese-its, pasta, peanut butter, which was full of carbs in the form of added sugar and transfats, and veggie (soy) hot dogs and hamburgers, which are phyto estrogens and act like estrogens in the body, and chocolate. Coupled with never getting enough sleep, except on weekends (which has now been shown to be linked to cancer) and wearing an estrogen patch to help prevent osteoporosis, and taking estrogen pills before that, it’s no wonder I ended up with cancer.


So, I’m determined not to go back to what got me in this position (and you should tell E [my husband] to stay away from that Skippy, it’s death in a jar.)’


After I sent the email to you, I realized I should have mentioned that you are welcome to use the letter in your newsletter, and give my contact information. I only know what a sense of helpless I had upon first hearing Nancy’s diagnosis, and how much more hopeful I felt after reading your book. Now, seeing that it does work, a diagnosis of cancer would not scare me a bit, but I would respect it and follow the diet and supplement regimen to the letter for life. (I actually started a similar regimen at the same time my friend did to support her effort. We swap ideas for improving the taste of the cottage cheese/flax oil concoction, recipes for raw food, etc.) We also stumbled onto a book by Dr. Gabriel Cousens called ‘Rainbow Green Live Foods Cuisine’ that has provided further inspiration for improving our diets. I would like to have a copy sent to you as a gift to thank you for your help, if you will let me know where to have it shipped.


The saddest part is knowing others who are battling cancer who are not open to strengthening their immune system through diet and supplements as they undergo conventional (in my mind, barbaric) therapies such as chemo and radiation. So, yes, please use as much or all of my letter in your newsletter and include the following email address for contact info: I would be more than happy to offer encouragement to those looking for help.


All the best,


Mary Jo”

And just in case you would like to hear about Nancy’s experience at M.D. Anderson, one of the world’s largest cancer treatment centers in Houston, Texas, here’s another excerpt from an e-mail from Mary Jo:

“Well, I would be happy if we could just wrest some of the control over the medical system in this country from Big Pharma and the FDA, and help train doctors to take a ‘whole’ approach to treatment instead of just writing prescriptions. Here is what Nancy had to say about her experience when I told her I was trying to convince my husband not to rely so much on prescriptions and doctors, and to adopt the regimen:


If he wants an example of how NOT to believe his doctors, here it is: I found something (it wasn’t a lump exactly, because this cancer doesn’t have lumps, but it was not normal) in my left breast about 13 months before getting the diagnosis. Went in and got a mammogram and ultra sound, and the doc told me not to worry about it, it was ‘normal breast tissue.’ (And this is at UCSD, a research hospital, on the cutting edge, etc.) Bottom line, you’d better take responsibility for your health, ’cause no one ultimately cares more about it than you do (or has more to lose).


Even at Anderson, even when they know I (and bunches of others) have breast cancer, they never mention not eating soy (which would exacerbate ER/PR positive cancers, acting just like estrogen). They never mention changing your diet, despite the fact that they know full well that cancer metabolizes glucose (that’s how they detect it using PET scans). The doc I saw yesterday, who was very happy about the results (but not as happy as me), talked about how these medications take a while to work because they are trying to starve the cancer. The arimidex basically cuts off the estrogen, and the Iressa (in addition to giving you a wonderful case of acne), is an anti-angiogenesis drug, so it works to cut off the blood supply. So why wouldn’t you also tell people to cut out the glucose from their diet at the same time?


(Of course this woman doctor, who I liked a lot, and who was very nice, and knowledgeable on the medical side, also was about 50+ pounds overweight – wonder if that influences her perspective any?)


The bottom line is that doctors don’t study nutrition in school. In a 4 year course of medical school they have 2.5 hours on nutrition. (That’s not 2.5 credits, where they take it every week – that’s one 2.5 hour class during the entire 4 year program.) They are completely clueless on the subject, yet many of the diseases they purport to treat are caused by the effects of what we eat at the cellular level. If you wait until you already have diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer, or arthritis (the list goes on) you’ve greatly limited the body’s ability to adapt and heal itself, and possibly medical science’s ability to treat it.


What truly amazed me though, walking around Anderson is how many hugely obese people there were there (you’d think it was a fat clinic), at least a good number of which work there….Anderson has a number of buildings, spread out. And being in Houston they have walkways at the 2nd floor level that go between the buildings, including over streets, etc. And they have DFW airport-style shuttles that go back and forth between the buildings. And guess who is always on the shuttles. The people who most need to be out walking…”

Lots of wisdom there, folks. Thanks, Mary Jo and Nancy for sharing it with us.



If you would like to read the latest news about how the American Dental Association (ADA) is being pursued by people harmed by their policies, take a look at Tim Bolen’s article “American Dental Association Flummoxed in Philly…” at his web site:

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