My First Radio Show — I Interview Jim Humble on MMS
Our MMS Experience
Interesting Comments From Dr. Navarro
A Reader’s Story — Bob H.
**** Dave Perkins, A Wonderful Man, Passes


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My First Radio Show — I Interview Jim Humble on MMS

About two weeks ago, I got a call from Brad Saul in Chicago. He runs a company called Matrix Media. Brad asked me if I wanted to do a syndicated weekly radio show for them on cancer. I responded something like “I haven’t had a better offer today.”

Seriously, I’ve been working on trying to gin up a “podcast” series on my own. Breaking into the overcrowded world of podcasting proved to be much harder than I thought. Brad’s call was like a message from on high. His company, a top web talk radio show producer, will be taking on all the promotion I was finding it hard to do on my own.

Beginning the week of October 23rd, they will broadcast my show, which I call “How To Live Cancer-Free” for four hours a week on two radio stations. Both before and after the “streaming” broadcasts, the show will be available on their web site as well as ITunes and other web sites for people to download or listen to on their computers.

Guess what! The first one is up on their web site already. You can listen to it now, if you like. Just go to:

The link is in the little blue box on the right of the screen labeled “Latest News.” Through the wonders of “mp3” audio files, you can download it and take it with you on your IPod or similar device or “burn” it to a CD and listen to it in your car or wherever. You can even subscribe to the RSS “feed” and you’ll be notified as soon as a new show is available. Of course, if you’re a dinosaur like me, you can just click on it and listen to it on your computer.

On this first show, I decided to interview Jim Humble, the discoverer of the “Miracle Mineral Supplement” (MMS) I told you about in my last newsletter. If you haven’t read that article, it’s at:

September 20th Cancer-Free Newsletter

I wanted to get you an update on the chlorine dioxide (MMS) from Jim, himself, particularly on the news on cancer treatment with it. He does mention during the interview a discussion with a doctor in Alabama the day before we talked. The doctor had called him excitedly to tell him about the cancer patient he had healed using the MMS.

Obviously the information on MMS and cancer is limited at this early date in its widespread use. However, there is one thing for sure. It cannot harm you. Jim says he knows of over 100,000 people who have taken it. Some were in the clinical trials done in the prison in Malawi under controlled conditions. Here is Jim Humble’s comment on “Daddybob” and his “heart trouble” I quoted in my last newsletter:

“MMS does not in any way remove vitamin C from the body or from the arteries. It does remove cholesterol that is infested with bacteria. One should have strong cell walls after that. I’ve never had anyone have heart trouble after taking MMS so I don’t know what to say. A hundred thousand people and the one man was the only one I have ever known to have such a problem. I’m not sure his analysis of the problem was correct. The chances are much better that the MMS destroyed a bacteria build up somewhere, possibly on a heart valve, in which case it probably saved his life.


Well, anyway, he didn’t listen to the protocol. Start off slowly.


Jim Humble”

When I listened to the one-hour interview I did with Jim, I realized that I had not made it clear that he receives no income from the sale of the MMS product. His only income, which he is using to pay for sending the product to Africa, comes from the sale of his book.

Finally, there is at least one additional source for the MMS that I need to give you. I’ve ordered from him and he is a fine gentleman. In fact, you can call him at (702) 353-0566 at his home in Las Vegas and he will send you the MMS the next day and wait for you to send him a check in return (the Honor System — I love it!). His name is Dennis Richard. You can e-mail him at: He also has a web site: where you can read most of a book he wrote called “Your Health Is Your Choice” free. By the way, he also has copies of Jim Humble’s book in Spanish.

Our MMS Experience

Terry and I started on the MMS on September 21st. We started slowly (2 drops) and used fresh lemon juice (1/4 teaspoon) as the “activator.” After about the eighth day, we had worked our way up to 15 drops a day. On the third day taking the 15 drops, I had a bout of diarrhea. It was unlike any other diarrhea experience I have ever had. Instead of feeling sick and tired, I felt perfectly fine and normal during the cleansing process. When it was done, everything returned to normal the next day and I felt wonderful.

A couple of days later, Terry had a similar experience. We are both now taking 6 drops a day as a maintenance dose. Neither of us experienced any nausea. If you have cancer, don’t assume you will have a similar experience. Nausea is common with cancer. As soon as you feel it, drop back to a lower dose the next time and build back up. If you can go to a higher dose each time before the nausea, it is proof that the cancer cells are being killed faster than they are multiplying. Jim suggests that, if you have cancer, you try two small doses a day and build up by adding one drop to each of them.

Terry and I are using 3 or 4 ounces of apple juice with the chlorine dioxide we drink every day. Jim Humble says apple juice, grape juice and pineapple juice are OK. All other juices virtually erase the effect of the chlorine dioxide and “you might as well not bother drinking it,” he says. Your choices are water or one of the three juices. Be sure the juice does not have added Vitamin C.

Jim told me he does not like the aftertaste of the chlorine even when taken with juice. He experimented and found a way to completely disguise the aftertaste. He mixes three teaspoons of citric acid (lemon or lime juice will work equally well) with two heaping teaspoons of fructose. He then adds this to the water and the chlorine dioxide and drinks it down. Fructose is readily available in most health food stores. He says it’s like eating an apple or other whole fruit as far as the effect on the pancreas. In other words, it’s not harmful like the “high fructose corn syrup” that is in most processed foods.

We also are using the MMS (mixed with water) to brush our teeth. We use six drops. Jim has some interesting comments about its effect on your teeth and jaw (and any abcesses) on my interview with him.

Jim says they have tested the blood of several people who have just taken the MMS. They look at it using a “dark field” microscope. This is also called “live blood cell analysis.” In every case, they saw increased activity in the white blood cells (immune system) as soon as the person took the MMS. This is an immediate effect and continues for the entire two hours that the chorine dioxide is active in the body. The “residue” of the chlorine dioxide, which is called “hypochlorous acid,” continues to strengthen the immune system. It is a natural substance in the body.

Interesting Comments From Dr. Navarro

Dr. Ron N. is one of the cancer patients who has read my book and talked to me about his cancer. I thought you’d be interested in this e-mail from him. As most of you know, Dr. Efren Navarro runs the Navarro Clinic in Manila, The Philippines, where the HCG Urine Test I recommend in my book is done. Here is Dr. N’s e-mail to me and then his exchange with Dr. Navarro.

“Hello Bill,


You and I have spoken relative to my 52 score on Dr Navarro’s test. I wrote him in this regard and thought you might enjoy reading his reply. Thank-you as always for your continued efforts on behalf of so many.


Ron N.





Hello Dr Navarro,


Thank-you for kindly e-mailing me these results. Naturally I am somewhat alarmed because this score of 52.2 is in a range of having cancer. What would you do if you received these results?


Thank-you for your recommendations.







Hi Ron,


Your situation is similar to mine. I don’t have malignancy and am asymptomatic for any condition but my initial reading in 1996 was 54 Int. Units. My clinical condition then was one who was overweight with a strong family history of malignancy — 4 uncles, an aunt with ovarian cancer and a cousin with uterine cancer. It is possible that I carry some cancer genes with me and if not careful, it may become full blown in the future.


It was a turning point for me in the sense that I had to do some changes, like eating more nutritious foods, exercise, drinking more water, taking supplements etc. Repeat results showed a lowering of the HCG reading and it has now been 11 years since my first reading. It is now 41 IU, in the doubtful level which is essentially negative.


I did have an x-ray, an abdominal ultrasound, laboratory determinations like a complete blood count and biochemical profile (PSA included).This is something that I do now on a yearly basis just to monitor. I hope this will help guide you.


Best regards,


EFNavarro, MD”

Very interesting. Just for the record, my last reading on Dr. Navarro’s HCG Urine Test was 42.5 IU.

A Reader’s Story — Bob H.

Bob H. from Cleveland, Mississippi sent me this e-mail which I thought you’d find interesting:

“MMS is a doozie. Ordered some. Noted the cautions. Had Cancer. Think it’s in remission due to your wonderful ‘kiss’ [I think he means Keep It Simple, Stupid] book that can’t be replaced with MMS because nothing replaces the essentials for good health. You can knock out a disease or cancer and still die of malnutrition. Your protocol does most of the life essentials but your next book should include:


1) The essential nature of hydrochloric acid for the digestion and its decline with age for most people (see Dr. Jonathan V. Wright’s – ‘Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You’). Daily Advantage has some (20mg), but not near enough for most older people (always exceptions) of 600-1000mg or more. Your body can tell you, or you can test. The decrease pretty much follows the mortuary tables with the same scatter type diagram. Cancer as well as other maladies always follow this decrease.


2) New research shows Vitamin D3 supplementation produced an astonishing 77% reduction in all cancers in women (B. Livingston, September ’07 letter via by Mike Adams – ‘Canadian Cancer Society Announces National Program to Prevent Cancer Using Vitamin D’). Dr. Robert J. Rowen and others recommend 5000 IU daily. Your absorption depends on age, race, whether you live above Mason-Dixon line, etc. Bob H.”

Thanks, Bob. I’ve read the same information you have about these two essentials. Terry takes Betaine Hydrochloride every day for number 1). I would if I felt the need (lots of belching, for example). We both take 3-4,000 IU of Vitamin D3 every day.

By the way, I use this newsletter to update my books. So, by all means, don’t wait for me to add Bob’s suggestions to the regimen in my next book. Just do it — now!



Many of you know Dave Perkins of Better Way Health in Atlanta. Dave’s company is the source I recommend for the Beta 1,3D Glucan as an immune system stimulant as well as the water ionizing filter.

Dave passed away from a pulmonory embolism on September 27th. Dave had recovered from years of cancer and lots of conventional “therapy” in 1999. He was dedicated to helping as many people as possible recover as he did — preferably without having to endure the horrors of the chemo, etc. that he did before he discovered the Transfer Point Beta Glucan and the water filter he sold. Dave joked when we first met last February that he was “on my third set of hair.”

Dave’s two employees, Phyllis Pipkin and Michael Phillips, have vowed to continue the great service that Better Way Health has been providing to their customers (many of them you folks) all over the world. If you need to contact Phyllis, you can call her at (800) 746-7640. Her e-mail address is

Dave’s family has asked that contributions in his memory be made to

OK, enough for this time. I’ll be back soon with another newsletter.

And don’t forget my bribe. Send me your story about your cancer experience — good, bad or neutral — and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book “Cancer -Free (Second Edition).” Your story may help many other people. Just let me know if you want me to include your name or e-mail address when I publish it in the newsletter. I will certainly respect your privacy.

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Be well!


Bill Henderson
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