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Low Frequency Magnetic Treatment

I am grateful to Jerry Daniel, a Canadian reader, for the
information on a treatment I had heard about but wasn’t
familiar with. Thanks to Jerry, I’m a lot more familiar
with it now. Please open your mind to this innovative
and very successful treatment. Here’s Jerry’s e-mail:

“Hi Bill, I listened with great interest on Saturday night
when you were interviewed on the Bill Boshears show on WLW.
I have ordered your book and look forward to reading it.


I was diagnosed with prostate and bone cancer in January of
this year but refused to take the traditional treatment
recommended by my Doctor and cancer professionals in London
Ontario Canada. The reason I declined was very simple…
an alternative health clinic in Buffalo New York had success-
fully cured my wife and daughter in the previous two years.


M.S.B. Holistics has a great professional staff headed by Dr.
Randy McCreary and they use low frequency energy delivered
via the Shuman magnetic field to effectively kill the various
forms of cancer cells…so the beauty of what M.S.B. offers
is no matter where you live in the world…the staff can
treat you.


If you need more information, I would strongly recommend you
call Dr. Randy or the owner of the clinic Mr. Ron Charlton at
area code … 1-716-887-9240. They have experienced a tre-
mendous record of success for cancer patients in recent years.


Keep up the good work in informing people about the great
alternatives to surgery, chemo and radiation to defeat the
scourge of cancer.


God Bless.


Jerry Daniel,
89 Charles Street West,
Ingersoll, Ontario Canada. N5C 2L7
my e-mail is as follows

I called Dr. Randy McCreary and we had a very interesting
discussion. They do, in fact, treat people remotely with
their QXCI machine, but close contact with the machine is
more effective. Jerry Daniel, for example, had quite ad-
vanced bone cancer, with visible holes in his flat bones.

Dr. McCreary claims a “90% success rate” with cancer
patients. He wryly points out that the Cancer Therapy
Center down the street from him in Buffalo just had a major
celebration because they reached the “17% success rate.”

The price? Dr. Randy asked me not to publicize it. It
is quite reasonable compared to comparable clinics (about
one-tenth — or a “tithe” as Dr. Randy calls it). He says
they have never turned anyone away because they could not
afford the treatment. They have various sources, apparent-
ly, for humanitarian financial support of this treatment.

The typical treatment, he says, is 1-2 months to bring the
cancer under control and then another 2-4 months to regen-
erate the damaged organs.

The principle, in short, is that all living organisms,
including cancer cells, emit a unique magnetic frequency.
Once this is determined, the cells can be dealt with,
either in close proximity or at a distance. The principle
is similar to short-wave radio. Dr. Randy (I think he
is a Ph.D, not an M.D., but who cares?) claims to have
successfully treated patients all over North America as
well as in South Africa. Each diagnosis is confirmed by
two witnesses.

By the way, the M.S.B. stands for “Mind, Spirit and Body.”
This is a very spiritually-oriented treatment center. If
I were a cancer patient, I would surely explore this option.

I received a follow-up message from Jerry Daniel when I
asked him for more detail on his, his wife’s and his
daughter’s treatments. Here is his second e-mail:

“Hi once again Bill, Many thanks for getting in touch with
Dr. Randy at M.S.B. Holistics in Buffalo this week as our
family has grown to love and respect the staff’s profession-
alism and expertise.


In regards to my prostate and bone cancer …Dr. Randy was
able to halt any further advance of the disease by using the
QXCI machine and that allowed my body sufficient time to
start the healing process.


The situation with my wife Diane was a little different.
During the winter of 2001 we thought she had picked up one
of those pesky viruses because she lost most of her voice.
The condition persisted for two to three months and our
Doctor said it was a stubborn virus and it would probably
go away…but it didn’t. I might point out that Diane had
smoked for about 35 years before she quit in January of 2001.


I had known the owner of M.S.B. for a few years so we decid-
ed to go to Buffalo for an in-depth diagnostic examination in
June of 2001. The results were shocking…Diane’s body was
in the process of shutting down due to a large group of
abnormal cells in the throat area plus she had a very serious
abdominal problem.


Dr. Randy noted that before he could treat the throat area
he must first address the stomach problem so he put Diane on
a very strict diet for four weeks to clean out the toxins in
her body. Because the cancerous growth was detected at such
an early stage…Diane went back in July and by mid-August,
the cancer was gone and Diane had her voice back and still
does to this very day.


Nicole’s problem was in the reproductive area…for several
years…she would come down with severe abdominal pains that
sent her to bed for a day or two and then the situation would
clear up. Our Doctor was baffled and several tests were done
but nothing was uncovered.


After Diane’s success with M.S.B. Nicole started her treatments
about a month later and within a few weeks, Dr. Randy told
Nicole that the cancer was gone and, lo and behold, the severe
abdominal pain has never recurred.


So while some folks may think that the work being done by M.S.B.
is hokey…we have had proven on three different occasions why
Dr. Randy and his staff probably have the highest success rate
for cancer patients in North America.


The other point I would like to make is that although M.S.B.
has a fee schedule…I know for a fact that if someone who is
facing a cancer death sentence but can’t afford the monthly
fee…the folks at M.S.B. will provide treatments at a greatly
reduced figure because they are in business to help people and
not to make scads of money. That seems to be their mission and
it’s working, thank God.


I hope these few sentences will help you in getting a better
picture of the tireless work being done at M.S.B.


Many thanks for all your help and may you and your loved ones
have a wonderful week-end.


May God Bless.



There you have it, folks. Another option to explore. This
is not a new technology. It grows out of Royal Rife’s work
in the 1930’s. With modern technology, that work has been
brought into the 21st century. I’m here to present you with
options. I suggest you explore this one. Their web site is:


but you’ll have to be patient to explore it. I found it very
difficult to navigate. Don’t let that put you off. This
treatment is for real.

A Reader’s Story

Ted Camamo asked me to pass on his story to you. I found it
interesting, as much for its account of a heroic tale of
“advocacy” as for the details about the treatment. I hope
you, too, will find it interesting.

“I think a lot of us would like to put our being hit by a
truck over and over again behind us and put our experiences
with cancer under the carpet and forget about it.


My name is Ted and my Mom was diagnosed with GBM-glioblastoma
(the bad boy of brain cancer) on March 6th, 2003. My mom had
a MRI on Feb 28th because she insisted to her doctor that she
get one. She thought finding her words on demand wasn’t quite
right. Her doctor dismissed it for depression because my Dad
passed away 2 years earlier of lung cancer.


The story goes on, MRI read on the 3rd and surgery on the 6th.
We did things that quickly because she just wanted to get the
thing out of there. The doc only resected 10% because the good
cells mixed with the bad. The doc gave us the news in the
waiting room, 2 to 3 months to live because this one moves


Radiation was an option that could extend her life to 4 to 6
months and chemo doesn’t help. We thought we had her on a
clinical trial for Iressa. We signed all the paper work but
the night before we were going to start the pills and then 2
weeks later start radiation, we got a phone call that the last
slot was filled. Our hopes were dashed. But I am normally a
positive person, so I thought this had to be a good thing to
give us a week to 10 days to decide where we were going with


By the way, I think the clinical trial results are a lot of
B.S. They use them to publish positive results. My mom was
70 years old and they only resected 10%. I think they knew
she would not be a good candidate. Yes, a lawsuit did cross
our minds. Clinical trials are giving you best-case stat-
istics under ideal circumstances.


At this point, I didn’t know there was much in the natural
methods available. I had heard about Coral Calcium while
watching TV in the recovery room. Dr. Barefoot’s Coral
Calcium didn’t do anything to slow it down. Did I have my
Mom taking enough, 20,000 milligrams a day? Who knows?


We got home 14 days later from the hospital and I started
putting 15 hours a day into research on the Internet. I
was calling brain tumor centers and hospitals throughout
the country and even talking to patients on clinical trials.
Duke University was the top of the list even though we live
in the Midwest. They said even with aggressive treatment,
average life span was about 20 months. That would’ve
involved another surgery as they thought they could have
resected at least 90%.


Choices included chemo wafers or radioactive iodine with
radiation and rounds of chemo pills. Of course, I had to
pry out of the surgeon the 20 months figure.


We decided on the non-conventional Burzynski treatment. I
talked to half a dozen people or more that gave 2 or 3
names each that were survivors out as much as 10 years or
more. No conventional treatment in the country had survivors
or success stories like the Burzynski clinic. Of course 99%
of all cancer patients can’t afford their treatment.


We managed to go and try it. We had an MRI in Houston at a
hospital not affiliated with Burzynski. The tumor already
almost doubled in size from March 6th to the March 23rd MRI.
Dr. Barefoot’s Coral Calcium had zero effect on the tumor
before we started Burzynski so I wouldn’t put too much faith
in its claims, at least with a GBM.


Started the infusion pump with the Burzynski peptides on the
26th. We had to get a sub-clavion catheter inserted in the
artery in the chest. The Burzynski treatment isn’t painful,
but it is tough and more physical than any treatment I’ve
heard of. You need a 24-hour care person 7 days a week to
do it. That was me with the understanding of my wife and 3


I’ve seen it first hand and there should be statistics of
success based on age. My mom was 70 and looked upper 50’s.
In the hospital all the doctors and nurses had to verify her
age on her charts. But when I talked to a half dozen or so
success stories, I believe all started the treatment under
the age of 50. I didn’t think of asking them ‘Let me talk
to someone in their 60’s or 70’s.’ Maybe there wasn’t
anyone. We probably would have done it anyway. The clock
was ticking and ticking fast.


Even so, the Burzynski treatment should be approved without
question for brain tumors, anyway. They aren’t up front
with the cost. $16,000 the first month and $8,000 approxi-
mately the second month and after, but that didn’t include
the catheter for an extra grand or so. Also, the $16,000
covered only while you were there in Houston. So, if you
calculate it out for the full first month, it is more like
$20.000 plus hotel and other expenses. I also think with
the major growth from the first MRI they should have said
this probably won’t be another miracle of ours and you
might want to try something else.


The bad thing with a GBM is you normally only have one chance
to get it right. If you’re lucky, maybe two. My Mom said
‘No more’ on June 6th.


We stopped Burzynski and started Protocel. The guy with
Protocel said it would take 2 weeks for the Burzynski treat-
ment to get flushed out before the Protocel would start
working. The lysing process started 2 weeks after we started
Protocol, just as the man said it would. But we ran out of
time as she died July 3rd, 2003.


I really think a lot of things out there have the potential
to work. I think if I had my GBM I would consider decent
resection from the best surgeon that does it while you’re
awake. With radioactive iodine or chemo wafers and radiation
treatments. Then go on the Protocel and stay on the Protocel
for at least 6 to 12 months or forever. I would also take the
Paw Paw, Graviola and one of the pro-enzymes that is recom-
mended in your book in conjunction with Protocel. If I got
off Protocel I would get off the Paw Paw and Graviola as
well because it is my understanding they all reduce the
voltage of the cell. I would then take MGN-3, Cesium, Pro-
enzymes, vitamin C, and even the Poly-MVA, Ambrotose and


It may sound like overkill but you either lower voltage of
the cell or blast your body with oxygen and the proper
nutrients to kill the cancer and hopefully all cancers.


I hope my experience can help others. I was optimistic that
we would beat the odds until a week before she passed. If
the tumor was a size where I had a little time on my side
I would forget the surgery and radiation initially and hope
that it wouldn’t be needed.




E-mail: big3market@aol.com

Short shots…..


Once again, I would like to offer you a bribe to get you to
send me your story of your cancer treatment. If you send me
your story — positive, negative or neutral, I’ll send you a
free copy of my “Cure Your Cancer” e-book by return e-mail.



I’ve had some interesting reactions to the article on Poly-
MVA in the last newsletter. Here’s one from a lady who
swears by it after it helped her son:

“Hi Bill, this Kelly Barnes, Daniel’s mom. I just got your
new e-mail and I am so happy and excited that you wrote
about the Poly-MVA. Daniel has been using this product for
almost 15 months and at first his tumor had shrunk and now
it remains stable. The most important thing is that the tumor
is turning darker shades of gray which means there is
evidence of necrosis. We go to see the poly people at the end
of October after Daniel’s MRI on Oct. 16. I have wanted to let
people know about this forever. I am so elated that you have
done so. Thank you so much. If anyone has questions, please
have them call me at 775-883-1507. Kelly”



I’m almost positive I’ve mentioned this gentleman in a
previous newsletter. For those of you in the NorthEast,
I want to give you his contact information again and quote
his latest e-mail to me.

“Good morning, Bill –> Some time ago I received an E-mail
from you. You said you had come across my website and found
it very interesting. You mentioned that you would give me a
‘plug’ in a future newsletter. I replied with a hearty thank
you and at that time, told you about my use of Poly-MVA with
cancer patients. If you go to polymvasurvivors.com and click
on NH you will find me. Also, NJ.


I have purchased two of your books, Cure Your Cancer, and find
them outstanding publications. There are no other books, or
help, on the subject of cancer out there to match, or even
come close to yours. I truly hope you find a major publisher
to help you.


While Poly-MVA is expensive, it is, in my view, the best hope
a Cancer patient has. I have been practicing Naturopathy for
51 years and will continue to do so for as many as God wants
me to. So far, and I have known about most of what is in your
book for many years, I have found Poly-MVA to offer the best
chance of recovery from this devastating disease.


Poly-MVA is not all I do for a cancer patient but it is the
major part. I really enjoy your newsletters and have forwarded
them to many, many people.


God bless you.


J.M. Larmer, N.D.
Ph: New Jersey: (201) 385-7106
Voice mail: (888) 273-3316
Fax: (201) 385-7054
e-mail: jmlarmernd@aol.com
Web Site: http://users.aol.com/jmlarmernd/Naturopathic-Doctor-index.html

Thanks, Dr. Larmer, for an inspiring testimonial. Don’t miss
the next item on this subject.



Just last week, I received the following from Dr. Sanchez.
Remember him? He is the primary source for Poly-MVA. See
my last newsletter for more information on this fine
gentleman. Here’s his offer to my readers:

“To: Bill Henderson,
Just to let you know that there is a sale on Poly-MVA going
on now, $100 off each bottle.


Price: $280.00 – $100.00 = $180.00 for physician.
$330.00 – $100.00 = $230.00 for patient.


From: Dr. Albert Sanchez”

Again, here is the contact information for Dr. Sanchez:

Primary commercial source in North America, AMARC Enterprises,
Inc., Albert Sanchez, Jr., President; 866-Poly-MVA i.e. 866-
765-9682; Email: info@polymva.com.

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Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” book

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