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A Reader’s Story — Julie


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Cancer Free Book Camp — Better Hurry


The Cancer Free Boot Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona on the weekend of November 10th and 11th is filling up rapidly. When I last checked, there were a few seats left. If you’re interested, I suggest you call Amanda at The American Center for Biological Medicine and reserve your seat. Her number is (480) 614-5820.

Just hearing about this for the first time? I suggest you take a look at the article in my September 30th newsletter. That was a pretty complete description of what you’ll experience on that weekend, so instead of repeating it here, I’ll just ask you to click on this link and look at that article.

One lady from Nigeria is coming, so we are truly international in this one. Try to come. You will be very glad you did. Not only will you get two complete days of education about the latest and most successful ways to treat cancer, but you’ll get to interact with the other attendees and sample the healing and diagnostic methods done at this great clinic.

The whole two days will also be available “live” online. If you can’t come, look into the “virtual” attendance option. We’ll be doing this again in February, 2013 and, hopefully, if it works every three months or so thereafter. Most people with cancer need to get useful information as soon as possible, I’ve found. So, if you can possibly make it, please join us in Scottsdale in November. For complete information on this event, take a look at

Hope to see you there!



A Reader’s Story — Julie


Here’s an interesting e-mail I got from Julie about her healing of her pancreatic cancer, where the 2-year survival rate with conventional treatment is about 1%.


I loved your book, Cancer-Free! It is my second Bible. It is very useful and full of wonderful information.

I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on October 23rd, 2008. I was not given a very good prognosis. I did 1 1/2 years of chemo because the doctor said it would be the only thing that would keep me alive. During this period of time I got your book and dug in. I changed my eating habits and started the essential steps that you recommended.

The rest is history! My local oncologist and a leading Pancreatic doctor at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle are blown away with the results that I have obtained. My cancer was in my lymph nodes and also the tissue in the area surrounding my stomach. I had a tumor in my liver and five tumors in my left lung.

My last CT scan done in March, 2012 still showed clear. My tumor markers are right where they are supposed to be. Dr. Pacozzi in Seattle said this is unheard of. I have had NO recurrences since first diagnosed and after the first surgery. It has been three years and ten months and three weeks! I count each day as a blessing and God has blessed me greatly.

Thank you for this wonderful book and the time you and Carlos have put into it. I mentor several Pancreatic cancer patients and the first thing I suggest is that they get your book.”

Julie has agreed to exchange e-mails with you, if you like. While giving me permission to publish her name and e-mail address, she qualified it as follows:

“Hi Bill,

You can publish my first name and e-mail address if you want. I didn’t do anything special, though, other than know that the medical ‘industry’ wouldn’t do anything for me except cut and poison me. I won’t give advice… My path was my own, and I wouldn’t give advice to anyone. We all have the power to heal ourselves, but if our mindset isn’t there, it can’t happen. I am non-religious, but very ‘spiritual’. I also believe that we do create our own reality with our thoughts–(not quite that simple, but hopefully you get my point). What we put into our physical bodies is important.

You are doing a great service. More than you know I think.


Her e-mail address:






Most of you know who Ty Bollinger is, the author of “Cancer-Step Outside The Box.” Ty also had a Cancer Truth Chronicles online radio show this summer. One of his most interesting interviews was with A. J. Lanigan, the person who formulates the immune boosting supplements offered by Transfer Point. Both Ty and I recommend this product, the 1, 3D Beta Glucan, as the most effective immune boosting product available. Both of us take it every day, as you should.

A. J. Lanigan is the most highly qualified expert on the immune system I have ever met. Some of you, in fact, may have heard the interviews I did with A. J. on my web talk radio show “How to Live Cancer-Free.”

[Unfortunately, the link to Ty’s interview with A.J. is no longer available. However, A.J. is scheduled to join me and Drs. Drobot, Thom and Garcia at our Cancer Free Boot Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona in March, 2013. More on that later.]



I’ve mentioned Brenda Lainof frequently in this newsletter as a very competent practitioner of Dr. Nelson’s Emotion Code. As most of you know, I recommend everyone, particularly cancer patients, get this book and try to easily resolve their “trapped emotions” in their subconscious which might be blocking their healing.

Brenda has helped lots of folks. I’ve been sent at least 15 testimonials on the effectiveness of her work.These came from cancer patients who had signed up for my coaching service. They tell me about the fabulous help she’s given them remotely (over the phone). Here’s a recent video Brenda did about her treatment.

Included at the end of this two-minute video is Brenda’s website and e-mail address. She used to donate 10% of her time to helping cancer patients for free. She has found that she can’t continue this and now she charges a very reasonable $75 for a complete hour of help over the phone.



It’s easy to forget the vital importance of good, restful sleep to your healing. Would you believe that about one in four Americans (about 70 million of us) have sleep problems. If this sounds like you, I want to offer you some help that has worked for me and my wife. It is a simple device that works at a very basic level on the mechanisms in your body that promote deep, restful sleep.

The article on this is quite long, but it will be well worth your while to read, if you have this problem. Please take a look at this link:



Here’s an e-mail I got from Bob Russo giving you a better source for the Crinium Latifolium I mentioned in my September 30th newsletter in the item entitled “A Less Expensive Prostabel Competitor?”

“Hi Bill, Just read your newsletter regarding a source of Crinum Latifolium. Here is another source listed below that contains no fillers, magnesium stearates, etc. and in the right price range. I suggest you check it out and pass the word if you’re so inclined.

Be Well,

Bob Russo

Thanks, Bob. I’m going to try some myself.


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Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

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