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1) Alan G. Lawrenson’s new book on prostate cancer
2) Update on Brenda Lainof (Abundance Strategist, Speaker, Energy Practitioner)
3) American Anti-Cancer Institute (The International Wellness & Research Center) and Robert A. Wright, Director
4) Katherine Wales: American BioSciences Natural Therapies
5) Personal testimony from Mr. Oahu on Prostate Cancer Survival and Victory
6) News from Terry Henderson


Aloha-e Gentle Readers.


1. One of our subscribers, Alan G. Lawrenson of Australia, recently published his second edition of “An ABC of Prostate Cancer Today”, 2016 (available from Amazon @ 12.95 USD). Mr. Lawrenson sent me a courtesy copy. I could not put it down because it is excellent scientifically based material written in simple English. Men, and loving supporters of prostate cancer patients, buy this book now and read it from cover to cover.


2. I spoke with Brenda Lainof (Abundance Strategist, Speaker, and Energy Practitioner of Canada) last week. Terry Henderson and I fully support her work and endorse her services. The late Bill Henderson was a friend of hers and often appeared on her radio shows (Talkshoe) as a subject matter expert on cancer. Look her up @ www.whisperingenergetic.ca Her fees are very reasonable.


3. American Anti-Cancer Institute (The International Wellness & Research Center)

Shortly after I joined the Beating Cancer Gently Team, I interviewed Mr. Robert G. Wright, Director of the Institute. The guy knows his research and knows how to help people with overcoming cancer. His book “Killing Cancer—Not People”, 3rd edition, 2014, is a must read. I like one of the quotes in the back of his book (“Cancer is a word, not a sentence”—John Diamond)


4. Katherine Wales

American BioSciences Natural Therapies. I recently heard from Katherine Wales regarding her super products:

“I recall that both Individuals and Health Care Practitioners subscribe to your newsletter and were in contact with Bill. I have attached our Health Care Practitioner wholesale price list. My company always encourages individuals faced with a cancer diagnosis to seek help from professionals and I refer patients from all over North America to doctors I know have experience treating cancer naturally. Our website for Professionals is www.abs-rx.com I am the Sales Manager for our medical division. We also have another division that specializes in Direct Retail Sales to Consumers – www.theharmonycompany.com We have a trained staff there that advises patients and, again, if they would like to contact an Integrative Oncologist, I find them one.”

The late Bill Henderson endorsed her company and products. Check her out!


5. Personal testimony from Mr. Oahu

After my first Newsletter was published, I received a phone call from a gentleman on the island of Oahu. He wishes to remain anonymous. This is what Mr. Oahu shared with me:
Twenty years ago he received his prostate cancer diagnosis (Gleason score of 8…aggressive range). Mr. Oahu elected to go the alternative route, engaged in copious research, and approached his challenge as a problem solver. He won! At age 78, he says he has no symptoms or issues with his prostate. He doesn’t even have to get up at night to visit the bathroom as so many men of his age do. He shared with me this thought.

“I believe that cancer can be a wake-up call that you have some problems which have created a deficient immune system, allowing the cancer to form and grow. Resolve those problems, such as inflammation from emotional stress, environmental toxins, poor nutrition, etc., and you won’t need the cancer anymore.” He is now cancer free for 20 years. He also shared with me this thought: “Cancer comes with a purpose. Discover the purpose, address it, and the cancer goes away.”


6) News from Terry Henderson:

I would like to thank everybody for your response to our recent reminder of The Truth About Cancer’s ‘Ultimate Live Symposium’ taking place right NOW! (October 14 – 16). It has been described as a “Once In A Lifetime Event”. It’s LIVE, It’s FREE and It’s ON-LINE! Follow this link for your free registration – https://go.thetruthaboutcancer.com/uls/?ref=16897cf7-617b-4ee4-9236-a401e319112a – If you can’t watch it Live, don’t worry, you can still register now and it will be available for you to watch at a later, more convenient time. I cannot express how important it is for everybody to watch this life-changing event! I’m sure people will be talking about this for a long time to come!

Again, I also want to remind everybody that our book ‘CANCER-FREE, Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing, 4th Edition’ is now also published in Spanish and available in the U.S. wherever the English version is sold. Although we are presently working on making it available in Spanish speaking countries throughout the world, if anyone is interested in purchasing a copy you can visit our website, http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/ , where we can offer overseas shipping. It is difficult though, to make it locally available in all Spanish-speaking countries (there are so many!) and overseas shipping prices for books is prohibitive for most people. But there are so many people that can use the information in Bill’s book that I plan to concentrate my efforts in finding local vendors in many of these countries to help distribute the book. I would appreciate any suggestions or referrals that any of our readers could provide to make this enormous undertaking a bit easier. Thank you!

Until next time Cancer Warriors!



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