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Heart-Warming Testimonials

Here are a couple of testimonials that should interest
all of you I have been talking to about MGN-3 and other
natural substances in recent weeks.

“Hi Bill,


Just wanted to share some good news with you. If you
remember, I told you my daughter had to start chemo
again because she relapsed. Well, I started her on the
MGN-3 in addition to the chemo. While on the chemo, I
gave her the MGN-3 and she did not get sick once. In
addition to this, she is completely off chemo and the
doctor says there’s no cancer found! I attribute this
to the MGN-3 and, of course, many, many prayers. Thank
you so much for this valuable information. I will con-
tinue to give her the MGN-3. Please keep up the good
work and MAY GOD BLESS YOU.”


“Hi Bill,


Just tho’t that I would let you know what the doctor
in San Antonio said about my ‘condition’. He said
I was ‘confounding the experts’. He would not admit
what I was doing was helping…. ‘it must just be a
slow growing cancer’… ha ha He would not advise
starting any treatments at this time. He wants to see
me in 3 months.


I know the ‘expert’ and it isn’t him. The Lord is
using the ‘simple to confound the wise’.. so I plan
to just keep on with the natural and vitamins. I
think by Dec that all the tumors should be gone. I
have lost around 30 lbs now and that is one of the
things that I have to do is gain weight but I am
feeling fine. The tests made me sick again and I
don’t intend to take some of them again. Anyway
just tho’t you might like to hear some of the good


God Bless

Patty Jones”

CancerDecisions.com & The Moss Reports

If you have read my “Cure Your Cancer” book, you know how
highly I regard Dr. Ralph Moss. As I try to help cancer
patients think through their options, I continually ask
myself “What would I do if I were in your shoes?”

One of the first things I would do is get familiar with
CancerDecisions.com. This is the web site of Dr. Moss, the
author of ten books on cancer, with titles like “The Cancer
Industry,” “Antioxidants Against Cancer,” and “Questioning

To save yourself money and time, I strongly recommend you
take advantage of Dr. Moss’ services. He will help you
focus your research. He will quickly increase your under-
standing of your particular type of cancer and which treat-
ments are most effective for it.

If I were suffering from cancer, I would immediately buy
the Moss Reprt on my type of cancer. It would save me money
but, most important, it would gird me with specific know-
ledge about how best to integrate conventional and
complementary/alternative treatment.

Yes, I would even buy his report before I bought any of the
substances (MGN-3, beta glucan, amygdalin, etc.) which I
recommend for your treatment in my book.

Why am I so high on him? It’s not because I’m an “affiliate”
of his who makes some kind of commission on your purchase.
As those of you who know me well can attest, I never endorse
or recommend anything which has any monetary benefit to me.
I value your trust and my own integrity much more than what-
ever $$$ might result from that. I’ve been asked to take
ads in this newsletter. I don’t do that for the same reason.

No, Dr. Ralph Moss is a unique person in your battle against
cancer. He has 25 years of intense research behind him. All
of it is a search for the most effective combination of treat-
ments for specific cancers. If you want to get on the same
page with me, why don’t you click on his web site right now.
It is:


At his home page, click on the link on the left side labeled
“How to Choose Treatments.” Read all of it. It is quite long,
(several screens) but will give you a good understanding of
his value to you.

Dr. Moss is angry, as I am, at the medical/drug company system
in this country. His anger, to your benefit, has fueled his
25-year search for optimal treatment methods and resources.
You need to pick his brain. The best way to do that is to buy
one of his “Reports.”

Each “Report” covers a certain type of cancer. At last count,
he had done 209 of them. They are each 100 plus 8 1/2″ x 11″
pages in a binder. When you order it (online or by phone), it
is printed, bound and shipped to you by Federal Express. He
is updating these reports continually.

Dr. Moss has helped thousands of cancer patients, including U.S.
Congressmen, corporate CEO’s and Hollywood stars, as well as
average working people like you and me.

The Moss Reports cost $297 each. You only need the one on your
particular type of cancer. For the $297, you also get monthly
updates indefinitely. Here is his summary of what is in each
of these reports:

1) How to find out if chemotherapy will work for you BEFORE
you put it in your body. Also, how to have chemotherapy
custom-tailored to you, and often cut the dosage in half with
better results!

2) How to choose the best alternative therapies available in
the U.S.

3) How to legally import “illegal” drugs and order medicines
from abroad.

4) Learn about which Mexican clinics to seek out and the ones
to avoid.

5) How to talk to your doctor about complementary and alterna-
tive medicine.

6) What one thing you must ask about clinical trials.

7) How to enhance your immune system with breakthrough nutri-
tional supplements.

8) How to avoid scams in the alternative field.

9) Learn which herbs and herbal brands are best.

10) How to control cancer-related pain, nausea, vomiting, gas-
tric problems, stomatitis, mouth sores, rashes, cachexia and

11) How to use the best resources on the Internet.

12) Learn about the most successful European clinics – and the
ones that are more hype than results.

13) How to detoxify your home, workplace and body.

14) How to guard against infection.

15) How to find and get the most from support groups.

16) Learn what to do when your doctors disagree.

17) Find out how to create a power-packed (and delicious) anti-
oxidant rich food plan.

18) How to successfully obtain ALL of your medical records.

19) How to deal with HMOs and get reimbursement.

20) Learn about getting financial aid for cancer-related

21) How to avoid medical errors.

22) When to get a second and even third opinion.

23) How to know when it is appropriate to seek alternatives.

24) Learn when and if to have your dental amalgams and tonsils

25) How to find the most open-minded oncologists in the U.S.

26) Why the timing of your surgery may make a big difference.

Dr. Moss can do for you what I cannot. He can give you detailed
information on your particular type of cancer. He can give you
the benefit of 25 years of research and helping cancer patients.
If I were you, I would go to his web site right now and order
one of his reports on my particular type of cancer.


Lancet Exposes FDA Fraud

My friend and fellow crusader, George Freaner, sent me an
interesting article. Dr. William Campbell Douglass also
publishes a newsletter. His is called “Real Health.” In
his October, 2001 edition, he has an interesting story. I
will try to capsulize it for you.

The Lancet is a monthly medical journal. Of all such journals,
it is the only one not in the pockets of the pharmaceutical
companies and all their advertising money.

This month, they published an editorial entitled: “Lotronex
and the FDA: A Fatal Erosion of Integrity.” In the scathing
report, Lancet editor Richard Horton relates the case of
Lotronex — which has been prescribed extensively for
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS is an inconvenient,
uncomfortable disease but it is not life threatening.

After the deaths of five patients using the drug, the manu-
facturer, GlaxoSmithKline, voluntarily withdrew Lotronex from
the market in November 2000. Now senior FDA officials are
seeking to reintroduce it. Why would they do such a thing,
in the face of the five deaths from the drug? Horton says
it’s because the FDA has become a “servant of the drug in-

He goes on to accuse FDA officials of excluding scientists
within the FDA who raised safety concerns from any further
involvement with the drug, its safety and its future.

Besides the five deaths, there were other horrific reports –
including 49 cases of ischemic colitis and 21 cases of severe
constipation that involved instances of obstructed and rup-
tured bowels. These are serious life-threatening complica-
tions. Thirty-four patients required admission to the
hospital and 10 of those required surgery.

When patient records first confirmed “substantial and poten-
tially life-threatening risks,” the FDA didn’t bother pulling
Lotronex off the market. No, it merely issued a “medication
guide.” Seven patients had serious, life-threatening com-
plications, and the FDA reacted as though the patients had
developed a benign skin rash.

The “medication guide” was a sick joke. FDA scientists, not
the FDA politicians, knew that advising patients to stop
taking Lotronex if they felt “increasing abdominal discom-
fort” was dangerous and irresponsible, since abdominal pain
is also a primary symptom of IBS — the disease Lotronex
was supposed to treat. How is the patient (or the doctor?)
to know whether to stop the drug because of side effects
or to increase the dose to treat the disease? It’s a case
of the blind leading the blind. This is junk medicine,
bordering on quackery.

“This story reveals,” said Horton, “not only dangerous fail-
ings in a single drug’s approval and review process but also
the extent to which the FDA, its Center for Drug Evaluation
and Research (CDER) in particular, has become the servant
of industry.” He added that the FDA receives hundreds of
millions of dollars of funding from the pharmaceutical

In order to break the “tightening grip of big pharma,” as
Horton dubs it, certain restrictions must be placed on the
illegitimate marriage uniting the FDA, the drug industry,
and the medical journals. One of Horton’s primary demands
is the covert private communications between FDA officials
and industry stop immediately. And, he says, the FDA should
welcome, not censure, differences of opinion within the or-

Horton’s editorial stresses he sins of the FDA without
addressing the issue of the compromised medical journals,
which I have reported here before. They are equally guilty
of deceit in the publication of research reports.

The Washington Post published a report in early August that
is basically an admission by the world’s best medical journals
that they have indeed been sinning against their physician
readers and blatantly trashing their Hippocratic oath.

Standing in the medical police lineup, hats in hand, are the
creme de la creme of scientific medical publishing: the New
England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, the Annals of In-
ternal Medicine, and the Journal of the American Medical
Association. In a highly unusual phenomenon, and probably
a scientific publishing first, it was announced that these
and other lesser journals would publish “a joint editorial”
in September explaining how the medical publishing commun-
ity is going to mend its ways.

Again, don’t hold your breath. Our medical system has been
corrupted by “big pharma” money, folks. It will stay that
way until you and I do something about it.

Want To Get Into Politics?

If you are so inclined, a huge political groundswell is
awaiting your leadership. Thanks largely to the Internet,
egregious cases of political fraud and financial greed in
our conventional medicine system are getting more publicity.

As George Freaner suggested recently, the time may be right
to coalesce the many vocal authorities into a powerful
political counter-weight to the “big pharma” lobby.

I wish I were 40 years younger. I’d try it myself. My
personal crusade is to help each of you, one by one, grasp
onto the life-saving resources available to you.

But that doesn’t stop me from wishing with all my heart that
someone would marshal all the voices now speaking out against
the combination of ignorance, fraud and greed which limits
your choices and endangers your life.

These competent people (many of whom would probably be happy
to contribute their voices, time and money to such a cause)
include medical professionals like: Dr. David Williams; Dr.
Joseph Mercola; Dr. Hulda Clark; Dr. Julian Whitaker; Dr.
Ralph Moss; Dr. Stephen Strum of the Life Extension Founda-
tion; Dr. Michael Roizen; Dr. Robert Atkins; Dr. Lorraine
Day; Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski; Dr. Joseph Gold; Dr. Emanual
Revici and his disciples, such as Dr. Seymour Brenner; Dr.
Mamdooh Ghoneum (discoverer of MGN-3); Dr. William Campbell
Douglass; Dr. Andrew Weil; Dr. Jonathan Wright; Dr. Bruce
West and many, many more.

The political party would certainly include organizations
such as the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine;
the Cancer Control Society; Health Sciences Institute; Life
Extension Foundation; National Cancer Research Foundation;
The Cancer Cure Foundation; People Against Cancer; Founda-
tion for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine; the Cancer
Treatment Centers of America and many, many more.

There are authors and advocates like Richard Walters, W.
Edward Griffin, James Carter, Gary Null, Barry Lynes, John
Diamond, Lee Cowden, Burton Goldberg, John Fink, Esther
Sternberg, Ann Fonfa and many, many more.

Finally, there are the hundreds of thousands of cancer
survivors who took their cancer treatment into their own
hands and managed their recovery using one or more of the
cures advocated by the folks above and others.

It’s a strong and outspoken minority. If someone asks you
to contribute to a movement like I have described above,
please do so generously.

Until my wish comes true, it is your and my responsibility,
knowing what we know, to work our way around the medical
system and get well in spite of it and to help our loved
ones and friends do the same.

I can and will help you do that! Count on it!


Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” e-book
141 pages – $14.95 – instant PDF download

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.