The First Month With The VIBE Machine
Workshop In San Antonio – October 20, 2005
**** Mike Adams Talks About Hospital Food — Priceless
**** Published Research is “Worthless” Says Epidemiologist


Welcome to this 86th issue of my newsletter. I apologize for the delay between newsletters. My old computer died and it took me some time to get the new one up and running including transferring all my old “stuff” to it. Back in business now, though. We’ve had a lot of folks visiting for VIBE machine sessions, so it’s been a busy month.

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The First Month With The VIBE Machine

Terry and I have completed our first month as VIBE Machine “practitioners.” We’ve met some very interesting people. Of the 25 people who have come by for “sessions,” 15 of them have come for repeated sessions. The two cats are much better after 12 sessions each. You may recall, one of the cats is 16 years old (Jeremy) and one is 13 years old (Abagail). The owner says they haven’t been this frisky for years and the quality of their coats has improved dramatically. The animal sessions are just one and a half or two minutes. The changes are more dramatic because of their relatively small size.

What about the humans? Well, everyone reports positive results. More energy, better sleeping patterns, less pain. Several of these people have long-term health problems which are going to require more than a few sessions. At least four of them are seriously considering buying one for their own use and to invite others in as we are doing. Several of the people coming regularly drive over an hour to get here.

Terry and I have done 8 minutes a day for about four weeks now and we feel great! 8 minutes a day seems to be the maximum necessary to get the full effect. Last Sunday, we took our 17-year-old daughter for her first excursion to Chimney Rock, which is about 30 miles south of Asheville. It is a beautiful view, but you have to climb the equivalent of 18 floors of stairs to get there. Both Terry and I did it with only one stop along the way to catch our breath. The teenager had trouble keeping up with us. Talk about energy!!

Some of you caught the teleseminar Gene Koonce, the VIBE Machine inventor, did with me on October 1st. If you missed it, the audio tape of that interesting interview and question period is on my web site. Just go to:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll be able to listen to the whole 90 minutes, if you like. I think you’ll find it interesting.

To find a VIBE Machine near you, just call Gene Koonce’s office in Greeley, Colorado. The number in the U.S. is (800) 356-9594. Outside the U.S. (they’re in 13 other countries now), the number is (970) 356-9594.

Workshop In San Antonio — October 20, 2005

This Thursday, October 20th, I will be presenting a workshop on Beating Cancer-Gently in San Antonio. It will start at 7:00 PM at San Antonio’s Wellness Center at 3309 San Pedro. It is on the corner of San Pedro and Hildebrand immediately behind the Jack-in-the-Box. I hope to see some of you there.

We are visiting friends and family in San Antonio for about 5 days. We are driving a truck back to North Carolina with the rest of our household goods which overflowed the truck in June. I’ll be back in the office in Asheville on Tuesday, October 25th. While we are gone, our calls will be transferred to our cell phone.



Several of you have discovered the great natural health articles on Thanks to Lynn, one of my helpful readers, I read a classic article by Mike Adams, The “Health Ranger,” about the type of food served in hospitals. It you’re a cancer patient or know one, you need to read this article. It’s ridicule of the “healthy” food served in hospitals sure tracks with my experience. If you want to escape after a hospital stay, all I can suggest is “BYOF” (Bring Your Own Food). You’ll get a kick out of Mike’s article at:



Conventional cancer doctors (oncologists and radiologists) generally ridicule “alternative” cancer treatment substances as lacking clinical studies. You might be interested in a contrary view. This Greek doctor says “For most research designs and settings, it is more likely that a research result will be false than true.” Find out why he thinks that in an interesting article from “The Moss Reports,” Dr. Ralph Moss’ educational newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed to his newsletter, I suggest you do. You can read this interesting article by going to:

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