Dr. Lubecki and Dr. Garcia — Two Great Healers
Transfer Point vs Our Health Co-op Beta Glucan
A Reader’s Story — Emily Penner


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Welcome to this 133rd issue of my newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


Dr. Lubecki and Dr. Garcia — Two Great Healers

I frequently get asked who I would go to if I had cancer. Today, I want to tell you about the two people I would trust to help me recover and why I believe in them. These are two very special people. They are light years ahead of 99.99% of the medical professionals I have encountered in my (rather long) lifetime. What impresses me most about them is three things: 1) Like me, they get up every morning thanking God for their privilege of helping others heal; 2) They are eager to share what they know with others; and 3) They have an impressive healing history with cancer patients.


We met Dr. John Lubecki for the first time last Monday, October 19th. I first heard him talk of his healing methods at the Doctors’ Symposium at the Cancer Control Society’s Convention in Los Angeles on September 8th this year. My wife, Terry, was there with me. Dr. Lubecki had brought with him two of the cancer patients he had healed recently. Both of these ladies had written books about their experience. After hearing Delores Geisler and Susan Gorkovsky talk about their experiences with Dr. Lubecki, we immediately bought copies of their books. Their dramatic healing stories were “jaw-dropping.” If you’re interested, the books are “Let’s Put An End To Cancer” by D. J. Geisler and “Conquering Disease” by Susan Gorkovsky. Both are available by calling Dr. Lubecki’s office (see below).

Dr. Lubecki is a 79-year-old chiropractor with an office in Fair Oaks, California (near Sacramento). In his 40+ years practice, he has become an expert on homeopathy and energy medicine as well as his basic chiropractic work. He has written 10 books on natural healing. He now dismisses chiropractic as “temporary and often harmful” except for one important technique I’ll describe below.

I interviewed Delores Geisler and Susan Gorkovsky on my web talk radio show later in September. You can hear these interviews now. For the procedure on accessing them, just click here.

Finally, last Monday, October 19th, Terry and I went to visit Dr. Lubecki. We expected to spend a half hour or so talking to him about the “Homeopathic Imprinter” we had bought and some of his experience with cancer patients. We were shocked when he devoted EIGHT HOURS — from noon until 8 PM — to introducing us to his healing methods. This is an exceptional man. Throughout the afternoon, he kept saying “If the world knew what I’m showing you, there would be no more cancer. There is no reason for anyone to be sick.”

What did he show us? Well, it was a complete diagnostic and treatment system. His homeopathic diagnostic methods were able to determine just what our deficiencies were and how much of a particular substance it would take to correct them. He was able to tell if we had inflammation and where it was. He did an x-ray of our neck and upper back which revealed a serious potential problem in my wife’s neck. He taught her several exercise methods to correct it. He measured our arterial blood flow and taught us several ways to improve it. He realigned our heads on our “atlas” vertrabrae (the top bone in the spine on which the head rests). This is the only conventional chiropractic method he uses.

He introduced us to the “soft laser.” This remarkable machine can heal almost any infection in a matter of minutes. It is a large (about six feet tall) machine which costs about $25,000 and can only be used in his office. He also showed us how to use the hand-held version of this type of laser at home to treat pain and virtually any other condition. It has already relieved my prostate inflammation and Terry’s pains and digestive problems. He demonstrated the use of the homeopathic imprinter which rids the body of all “pathogens.” He had me do an “ionic foot bath” and then (can you believe?) spent 20 minutes trimming down the fungus on my toenails using a “router” and clippers. “This blocks your energy flow,” he commented.

He taught us the importance of massaging scars (like my wife’s hysterectomy scars) using a Vitamin A and E oil to “unblock the energy flow.” He feels that energy flow is vital for all body functions. Of course, this is perfectly consistent with Traditional Chinese Medicine energy meridians and the concept of “chi.”

During the afternoon, we met a lady from Germany who was there getting her colon cancer healed. She was truly excited about her progress. Susan Gorkovsky (see above) dropped in and we were delighted to meet her and get to discuss her experience with Dr. Lubecki healing her brain cancer. She convinced us that we needed to buy the hand-held laser. We didn’t need much convincing. We bought one.

We all know how careful healers like Dr. Lubecki must be to avoid persecution by our crazy federal and state government agencies which are protecting the Big Pharma and conventional medicine killers. He cannot ever claim publicly that he is healing cancer, for example. But he is. We’ve seen it and talked to the folks he’s healed.

During our discussions and in follow-up phone conversations, I’ve urged Dr. Lubecki to follow the lead of Dr. Carlos Garcia (see below) and me and become adopted by the Nemenhah Band of Missouri and become an “Indian Medicine Man.” This protection completely “bullet-proofs” a true healer like Dr. Lubecki from persecution by the FDA, FTC, AMA, State Medical Boards, etc. He is pursuing it.

Believe me, folks — if you are looking for a true healer who can help you overcome your cancer (or any other degenerative condition), you need to get acquainted with this wonderful gentleman. Here’s how to contact him: Dr. John Lubecki, D.C., 7405 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, California 95628. Office phone: (916) 966-7395. E-mail:


Dr. Garcia has become a close friend over the last six months or so since I first interviewed him on my web talk radio show. I was alerted to this great healer by Dr. Judy Rosenberg Ben-Israel, a chiropractor from Toronto. She had spent 12 weeks in Clearwater, Florida where Dr. Garcia had helped her heal herself of her cancer. You can take a look at Dr. Judy’s video testimonial (and lots of others) at Dr. Garcia’s website, which is

Dr. Garcia is an M.D. Like all M.D.’s, he was trained in conventional medicine, with all of its “blinders.” He has broken out of that M.D. “box” to educate himself on natural healing methods. He combines psychological counselling with his holistic healing. Here is his description of what he does for his cancer patients:

“Alkalinity; address dietary changes; improve the immune system; treat the underlying disease; increase cellular oxygenation; identify the source of hopelessness from which all chronic illness is derived.”

Does that sound very similar to the “Bill Henderson Protocol?” It is. In fact, Dr. Garcia treats all his cancer patients to cottage cheese and flaxseed oil at his Utopia Wellness Center clinic every morning. That’s part of the “increase cellular oxygenation” treatment. Of course, he uses intravenous agents, chelation and other techniques that require a doctor’s supervision. He tests his patients’ progress using the AMAS blood test (see pp. 77-78 in my “Cancer-Free” book). Like me, he feels that dental toxins and unresolved emotional issues are among the most common causes of cancer and blocks to its healing. He works with a good biological dentist in Clearwater, Dr. Ray Behm.

Just before our last interview on my web talk radio show in the last week of September, Dr. Garcia called me. He was excited, saying “I’ve found the combination of treatments that work.” He had just released eight Stage IV cancer patients — each of whom he had helped to heal themselves after stays of up to 12 weeks in the Clearwater area. His clinic is an outpatient one so his patients, who come from all over the world, stay in a local motel. What he was referring to was his improvement in his ability to help his patients address their “hopelessness” syndrome. He is a true artisan at psychological counselling.

Dr. Garcia told me last week he is writing a book on his experience with cancer patients. Like a true healer, he wants to make his methods known to as many people as possible. I really admire this guy.

During our relationship, Dr. Garcia has educated me about a method for protecting natural practitioners like himself from persecution. I mentioned the Nemenhah Band above. If you (or your physician friends) are interested, it is easy to find complete information about this wonderful “cover” for people like Dr. Garcia and Dr. Lubecki. The head of the Nemenhah Band is a Native American Indian who is also a naturopathic doctor. He has made a dedicated effort to protect as many natural healers like Dr. Garcia as possible from harassment by government agencies. You can explore this further at

If you want to contact Dr. Garcia, here is his contact information: Dr. Carlos Garcia, Utopia Wellness Center, 2454 N. McMullen Booth Road, Bldg B, Suite 404, Clearwater, Florida 33759 (there is a map at the website). E-mail:; Website: Office phone: (727) 799-9060. Be sure to tell him I sent you. You won’t get any better treatment or a discount, but at least he’ll know that you are already aware of how to heal cancer. You just need some help.


Transfer Point vs Our Health Co-op Beta Glucan

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve heard from about eight of you about the new product introduced by Our Health Co-op. I admire these people. They try to bring you the best and least expensive supplements they can. They’ve done it ever since I first discovered them about eight years ago.

Their latest product is an attempt to produce a carbon copy of the Transfer Point Beta 1,3D Glucan product I have been recommending for boosting your immune system (see pp. 84-88 in my “Cancer-Free (Third Edition)” book). Our Health Co-op has used the same source, the cell wall of the Baker’s Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), used by Transfer Point for their product. Instaed of the $64.95 charged by Better Way Health (the Transfer Point distributor) for their 60 capsules, Our Health Co-op charges $19.95 for their 60 capsules. Obviously, if the products are identical, you would want to buy the Our Health Co-op product.

When they heard of the competition, the folks at Transfer Point bought a bottle of the Our Health Co-op product and sent it along with theirs to one of the independent labs they use to test their product against other competing products. I trust the Transfer Point people and the independence of the study done. The results were interesting. You can look at a graph of the results by clicking on the link below [Note that “Glucan #300” refers to the Transfer Point product]:

Click here to see the comparison graph.

The primary defining benefit of the Beta 1,3D Glucan is its ability to activate a receptor on the neutrophil cells of the immune system to make them recognize cancer cells. These cells normally recognize only fungi. Since these neutrophils are about 60% of your 20 trillion or so immune system cells, this is quite important. This test measured the percentage of these cells affected by a certain dose of the products. This is a pretty good measure of efficacy.

As you can see in the graph, the lab found that at the 25 microgram dose (the equivalent of 1 milligram of the product per kilo of body weight) the Transfer Point product produces a higher response (44.1%) than the Our Health Co-op product produces at a dose 32 times higher, 800 micrograms. The Our Health Co-op percentage at 800 micrograms was 37.9%. The comparable response for Transfer Point at the 800 microgram dose was 61.5%.

Throughout the various doses, the Our Health Co-op product was only a few percentage points above [or below] the 31.1% of the “Control,” which was defined as the “Normal Immune Response.”

My conclusion: If you are really strapped for cash, you might want to buy the Our Health Co-op product. It is much less powerful, but, obviously, better than nothing and much less expensive than the Transfer Point product. If you want real efficacy for your money, however, you’d be smart to stick to the Transfer Point product.


A Reader’s Story — Emily Penner

I want to share with you a story from a reader about mercury poisoning, especially as it affects the fetus. I have had experience with autism with one of my children. It is a serious problem and difficult both for the child and the parents to cope with. Emily and I both feel, after our experience, that autism, a wildly growing problem with children, can be avoided by eliminating the mercury. This requires that the prospective mother remove her mercury amalgam fillings and that the child avoid vaccinations which contain thimerosol — a mercury compound. This issue is important enough that I want you all to be aware of it — even though it may not be directly connected to cancer. Here is Emily’s message to me — somewhat edited for length:


Hi Mr. Bill,

My name is Emily. I am from Louisiana. My husband, Franz, is from Germany, where we are living at present. God has blessed us with six beautiful children.

I was excited to read your August newsletter because you mention the Munro-Halls in England. I also ‘stumbled’ across their website as I was searching for how to deal with my root canal. They were so kind as to mail me two insightful little booklets.

Our second son, Lian, started first grade last year. His teacher became very concerned about him and urged us to ‘get him checked.’ Checked? For what? we wondered. She thought he had ‘ADHD.’ I was also concerned about his behavior at home. He was displaying some autistic-style behavior! But why? He hadn’t had any shots in a long time. What was going on?

In the Munro-Hall’s booklets, I read that during pregnancy the placenta does not block mercury. I was stunned. All six of my babies have been exposed to mercury via my dental fillings both during the nine months of pregnancy and afterwards during the ten months or so of breast feeding!

I wanted to get Lian tested immediately for chemical sensitivity. We found a biological dentist here in Germany. He did a saliva test on Lian. The results showed that Lian is a ‘non-detoxifier.’ This just means that the toxins are stored in his brain and throughout his body in the tissues.

He recommended several supplements to use for detoxing Lian: thuja (an herb); DHA; chlorella vulgaris; and GSH. He said he would need to take these for about six months.

It has been about that long and we are very pleased with the results! No more autistic behavior! Still some ADHD symptoms but these are gradually clearing up, too! We have also added some other supplements to his diet which we learned about in a book called ‘Healing The New Childhood Epidemic (Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies)’ by Kenneth Bock, M.D. and Cameron Stauth. Great book! Very helpful!

Take care,

Emily Penner”

Thanks, Emily. I am certain that the autism “epidemic” is caused by two things: 1) The prevalence of mercury amalgam fillings in mothers; and 2) The use of thimerisol (mercury) as a form of preservative in the many vaccinations given to babies these days. Be wise and advise your daughters and granddaughters about this problem.

Would you believe that the FDA has just issued a final regulation classifying dental mercury amalgam safe, without calling for stringent precautions for pregnant women and children. This was in spite of a court settlement last June of a suit brought by the Consumers for Dental Choice which required the FDA to withdraw claims of mercury amalgam’s safety from its website and issue an advisory indicating:

“Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses.”

FDA continues its role as caterer to big business — in this case, the dental business. Disgusting!!




After about 10 months of effort, my friend Kevin Plumley in Vigo, Spain, who owns Justice Publications, has finished his translation of my “Cancer-Free (Third Edition)” book into Spanish. My wife, who is from Barcelona, has reviewed his translation and given him some suggestions. Several other native Spaniards (which Kevin is not) have also read it. It is called “Libre de Cancer.” It is now available as an e-book download at Kevin’s website, which is:

There are more Spanish speakers than English speakers in the world — a lot more. Tell any of your friends who may be interested about this new Spanish version. Once Kevin gets a couple more months of feedback from native Spanish speakers on his translation, he plans to offer it as a paperback (print on demand) like the English language version.



The recipe book many of you have been waiting for is almost “ready for prime time.” This is a book of about 60 recipes which are consistent with the diet I recommend in “Cancer-Free.” It has been put together by Cheryl Uphoff, one of my readers who helped her Dad heal his lung cancer last year. Cheryl prepared a lot of food for her Dad and found some great recipes he liked. Cheryl has worked with Peter Cosmoglos, a famous chef from Miami Beach on the recipes in this book. About half of them will be raw food recipes.

Both Cheryl and Peter are experiencing the publishing and selling of a book for the first time. They have had the normal obstacles to overcome with getting the book formatted and getting a website set up to use for sales. The first time is the hardest. I know. I’ve been there.

They now have a realistic “time line” and plan to make the book available for download in late November. I’ll hopefully be able to tell you how to get it in next month’s newsletter. Thanks for your patience. From what I’ve seen of it, it will be well worth the wait.



I just received Suzanne Somers’ new book “Knockout” in the mail today. I’ve read enough of it to know it is a very valuable book for anyone interested in cancer. I suggest every one of you buy a copy and tell your friends and relatives about it. We need to make this a popular best seller and get its message to our lawmakers. I am rather cynical about us being able to “fix” our “sick care” system in any of our lifetimes. There is too much money involved. However, with the type of information in Suzanne’s book and mine, people can make more intelligent decisions. That is what’s important. As Suzanne says several times “Information is power.”

In the interest of full disclosure, I have no financial interest in Suzanne’s book. I just think it would be well worth your money to read it.

By the way, if you saw her appearance on Larry King Live last Friday night, I think you’ll agree with me that the whole thing was ridiculous. In about 40 minutes (not including commercials), Larry tried to cover the whole conventional/alternative cancer treatment debate. This would be a good topic for a week-long debate but not for a few short “sound bites.”



Here’s a very good suggestion from Deneen Fowler, a reader. She calls it “Two ‘berry’ good solutions to cancer:”

“( Raspberry Gold is a great resource for raspberry seed extract. I have been taking three capsules three times a day for a year with metastatic breast cancer, and my tumor marker scores have dropped from 998 to 112 since January, 09. I also follow the rest of Bill Henderson’s protocol.”

I do cover raspberry seed extract in my “Cancer-Free” book (p. 161). This looks like a good source. Thanks, Deneen.



Ray George, who has healed his cancer, wants to sell his Novalite (much like the VIBE Machine/Quantum Pulse) for what looks like a reasonable price. I told him I’d run his “For Sale” ad in my newsletter. So, here it is:

“Novalite 3000, Tesla Star, Vibe Machine $4200 Novalite 3000 is a combination Tesla / Lakhovsky / Rife technology that employs three powerful high-voltage Tesla coils and a series of Noble Gas glass tubes filled with various mixtures including: Nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, helium, water vapor, CO2, krypton, xenon, mercury, argon, neon and deuterium. These are the same elements that comprise the bulk of the human body. When the body enters the electromagnetic field of these elements, there is a resonating vibration in the cells, similar to the sympathetic vibration of 1 tuning fork inducing vibration in another. These vibrations raise the electrical and frequency aspects of the cells back into an optimal, healthy state of vibration where they can resist attacks by identified or unidentified microbes, bacteria, virus, fungi, etc. Novalite is more powerful than the VIBE Machine and costs $10,000.00 LESS! Gas tubes are interchangeable. The new unit lists for $8500, and an “open demo” model is selling for $6995. I am asking $4200 obo. The unit is as new, and only used a handful of times. Feel free to call (707) 833-6040 (Pacific time) with any questions. You can go to the website below for more information.”



Here’s an even better deal. Want an alkalinizing water filter free? This is a Royal Water Microlite filter designed to sit on the counter next to the sink. Heidi Hotchkiss is giving it away. All you need to do is call her at (828) 298-9248. If you’re first, you’ll have it. Heidi lives in Asheville, North Carolina (Eastern time).


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
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