Cancer Free Boot Camp — One Last Call

Baby Killers


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Cancer Free Boot Camp — One Last Call


We have a few seats still open for our first Cancer Free Boot Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 10th and 11th. During that weekend, you will get taught about cancer and its healing by one of the finest dentists in the U.S., two great holistic, naturopathic doctors and me. Because it is being held in a fine natural cancer treatment clinic called The American Center for Biological Medicine, you will get an opportunity to examine the clinic and its treatment procedures. I really hope you can join us.

To get the full story on what this seminar is about and how to sign up, please go to There you will find a complete outline of the content of the seminar and complete information on the presenters. As part of the benefits of attending, you will receive a package of supplements worth at least $100, a whole set of handouts to take home and read as well as an opportunity to tour the clinic and explore the various treatments they do for cancer. If you like, you can even arrange to stay for a few days after the seminar for some treatment at the clinic.

Those of you who cannot join us in Scottsdale, Arizona should consider watching the presentations at home on your computer. We call it the “virtual” seminar. You will be able to watch the whole proceeding live. It will be broadcast online. When you sign up at the website above, you will be given instructions on how to access it “in real time.”

I really admire the presenters at this seminar. I’ve been referring people to the wonderfully competent biological dentist, Dr. Michael Margolis, whose office is in Mesa, Arizona, for several years. In addition to being a dentist, he is a Doctor of Integrative Medicine. If you want to read what I think of Dr. Jeoff Drobot, just take a look at the write-up in Chapter 6 of our Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book on his former clinic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This is an exceptionally talented holistic physician. Dr. Dick Thom, the partner in the American Center for Biological Medicien with Dr. Drobot has been a professor at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon for 25 years. Before that, he was a dentist for about 12 years.

I hope you see why I think you will gain so much by attending this seminar. To get signed up for a seat in Scottsdale or an online “virtual” attendance, just sign up at the website. To arrange a place to stay nearby, as well as transportation from the airport, etc., just call Amanda Carns at (480) 614-5820 (Pacific Time). Amanda will fix you up. Hope to see you there!!



Baby Killers


I am currently working with two sets of parents both of whom are trying to help their child recover from cancer. One child is 13 and the other one is 8. In both cases, the judicial and “child support” systems are forcing the child to undergo chemotherapy and other conventional treatment over the objections of the parents and the children. Can you believe this? It simply makes my blood boil, but it is the reality all parents must live with in this near-fascist country called U.S.A.

It is hard to believe until you’ve experienced it that the “system” would place a guard outside the hospital room of your child so you could not “abscond” with him or her to some more healing environment. In both cases, the child has been forced to do 40 plus days of chemotherapy. In both cases, the result has been near-death. In one case, the child got pneumonia and in the other case an e.coli bacterial infection. Both, of course, were due to the destruction of their immune system by the chemo. Both will probably die from the effects of it because more chemo is planned when and if they recover from the pneumonia and the e.coli infection.

My friend, Ian Jacklin, is an actor and producer of documentary films. He has already completed one documentary called “I Cure Cancer.” It is available at

Ian is trying to put together a second documentary he is calling “Baby Killers.” It is exactly on the subject I described above.

You can help Ian get this word out and, hopefully, change this barbaric legal system. Ian needs some financial help. You can donate to help him finish this documentary. Here is his message on how to do it and the perks you get with each amount [By the way, I’ve donated $1,000 and Dr. Judy Seeger has donated as well]:

“Please go to to be a part of helping to get this film finished!

Only 9 days left. We have $1525 raised so far which is far from the $25,000 we need to finish this right. It is we the people, right? Well I need you now!

If you would like to help us finish this film there are some new perks to doing so:

$30 donation: A copy of ‘ part I’ and a list of the links for cancer info sites.

$100 donation: 1 copy of ‘ part I’ & a copy of Part II when finished. Invitation to the Premiere in Los Angeles and after party. (Sorry we can’t pay for travel or accommodations) and list of the links for cancer info sites.

$1000 donation: Producers credit in the film, 3 copies of ‘ part I’ and a copy of part II when it’s done and an Invite to the Premiere in Los Angeles and after party. (Sorry we can’t pay for travel or accommodations) and a list of the links for cancer info sites.

Donate here:


Ian Jacklin, Producer”






Please take the time to watch this totally engaging, humorous, and information-packed presentation by a medical doctor on the awesome benefits of a plant-based diet. You’ll be glad you did – even if you are already a vegan!–disabilityin-the-developed-world.html



If you’re wondering if you are one of the 20% of us who do not thrive on a vegan diet, here’s your answer. At this website, you can determine your “Metabolic Type” to see if you are one of the 20% who need animal protein to thrive?

Take a look at It is endorsed by Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Dr. Mercola.



Somehow in the October 15th newsletter, I got the name of the person in “The Reader’s Story” wrong. You can read the story at The person whose story appears there is actually Karen Frejlach, not Julie. Julie has recovered from an ovarian cancer, but the survivor from the pancreatic cancer in this story is Karen. Here is her e-mail address:

Karen has indicated she’d be happy to correspond with you about her experience. Here’s an e-mail I got from Karen the other day:

“Yes, Bill, please include name and e-mail address. Bill, your book is what saved my life. I can’t thank

you enough. I mentor several PC patients and the first thing I recommend to them is getting your book.

Definite life saver!




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