Pain Management by Suzanne Clegg
Pain Reduction by Dr. Judy Seeger, N.D.
More On Power Strips and Their Relief Of Pain
Free E-Book For You From Jonathan Chamberlain
A Reader’s Story — Diana Chatham
**** Dr. Huggins Latest Book — “Patient Empowerment” — A Must Read
**** Wondering About Vaccinations For Your Kids?  Me, Too.
**** Deb Nelson Needs Your Story
**** Cancer Treatment With Hydrogen Peroxide
**** Australian Source For Transfer Point Beta Glucan
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Welcome to this 181st issue of my newsletter.  About 24 months of past issues are available at this website.  Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen.  The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or re-read some of them at your leisure.


After our vacation month in September, I have a pile of great information built up to pass on to you.  I have been hearing so much lately about pain from my clients with cancer, I decided to devote this issue of the newsletter to the subject of pain relief.  Hope it helps you.

Pain Management by Suzanne Clegg

I admire Suzanne Clegg.  She has spent 30 years of her life helping people heal of pain and other issues using acupuncture and energy medicine .  Her website ( has lots of information for you on her experience helping cancer patients heal their pain and their cancers.  Take a look at it, particularly the Frequently Asked Questions about cancer.

Suzanne has put together a 10 minute video for you where she describes 10 different approaches to healing pain.  You’ll do well to watch all of this video.  Be sure to turn up your speaker volume.  Here is the video:

Pain Reduction by Dr. Judy Seeger, N.D.

Most of you know about my admiration for Dr. Judy Seeger.  Her experience in operating clinics as a Naturopatic Doctor for 34 years has led her to pass on her knowledge to you in the form of seminars, webinars, discussion groups, radio interviews, etc.

Here is a short 15-minute video she did recently on treating pain from cancer and other conditions.  I like Dr. Judy’s practical  approaches.  She has had lots of experience healing real people with real diseases in her clinics.  Check out the simple techniques for pain relief in this video:

Power Strips Relieve Pain

Some of you will remember the article on Power Strips in my August newsletter [Wow, is that already two months ago??]  Jennifer Hawthorne has talked to several of you about them and helped you apply these strips correctly.  Here are some testimonials from some of you readers that she sent me.  It seems these things work, as they did for me, in relieving almost any kind of pain.


“My friend John had a super-stiff (virtually frozen) neck for 11 days in all directions, with a dull aching pain that had migrated from upper shoulder area to lower shoulder blade. Within 15 minutes of application of 2 power strips covering the entire area of present and past pain, he said the dull aching pain was diminished somewhat but still had zero mobility. He left the strips on overnight and the next morning he had 90% improvement in his neck mobility with no pain.”


“I was driving and about 5 minutes from home I started to notice a shimmering/vibration in the lower left quadrant of my left eye. I wasn’t sure what was happening and as I drove home I started to panic thinking I might be having a stroke of some kind. By the time I got home the distorted vision had intensified. When I told my wife what was going on and that I might have to go to the hospital she said to put a Power Strip right next to my left eye. I did not think there was a chance it would help but did it anyway. Within 10 seconds my vision was normal.”


“Today I had to get up at 6 AM to attend a workshop. I was only able to sleep about 3 hours last night and knew this was going to be a long and tiring day physically and emotionally, because the workshop required total focus and some physical activity. 


Before I left the house I placed 1/2 Power Strip on the stomach 36 meridian on my right leg below the kneecap as I was advised to do for maximum benefit from an acupuncturist I saw yesterday.  Again being skeptical, I still expected to be wiped out at the end of the workshop despite the Power Strip because even with a perfect night’s sleep I am definitely tired after these workshops.  Well, I had perfect energy all day physically and emotionally with laser focus. There is also something different about the way I felt today which I can’t put a label on.  All I really know is that it feels GOOD and I like it.”


“I’m waking up happy every day, which is huge for me because I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember and have always had to make a lot of effort to feel better mentally and emotionally.  My mind is chomping at the bit to get going, but my body is slower to come around than I would like. 


I still can’t be on my feet for more than an hour at a time, but today I was at least able to do a few things around the house and that felt wonderful—all the things I used to complain about and now realize that I was actually blessed to be able to do them. 


Illness does tend to put everything in one’s life into a whole new perspective, as I’m sure you have found.”

Well, there it is folks….pretty impressive evidence that these Power Strips really work.  If you want to re-read that article from my August newsletter, it’s at  You can explore them further and buy some to try at:

I have no financial interest in this company or its products.

Free E-book For You From Jonathan Chamberlain

Many of you are familiar with Jonathan Chamberlain from the UK and his wonderful book about cancer he calls “The Cancer Survivor’s Bible.”  If you haven’t read it, you should.  You’ll find it at  There, you’ll also find a free e-book he’s put together called “Cancer Survivors’ Stories.”  Read it there or download it.

Well now, Jonathan has put together another e-book for you which he is giving to you free.  He calls it “Cancer?  Don’t Panic!”  In this wonderful 81-page book, he gives you a complete description of what he feels about cancer and why.  He is basically trying, as I do, to get you to think about cancer completely differently from what you’ve heard from the cancer doctors, the media and your friends, family and acquaintances.

If there is one thing I’ve learned that I’m absolutely sure about over the last 15 years, it’s that one’s attitude about cancer is about 80% of their healing.  The proper attitude almost guarantees that you’ll do what you need to do to reverse the cancer permanently.

I know Jonathan so well over the years, even though we’ve never met, that I immediately read this book when he sent it to me.  He and I both lost our wives to cancer in the early 1990’s before we knew anything about it.  It has led us both to try to get as much information as possible about cancer to people like you.

This book will walk you through what Jonathan has learned about how to think positively and helpfully about cancer over the last 20 years.  It will reinforce your beliefs about natural healing, but it will also give you lots of ammunition to fend off the well-meaning attempts of your relatives and friends to influence you.

To get to this e-book and read it, simply go to:

A Reader’s Story – Diana Chatham

Here is Diana’s story about healing herself.  It inspired me.  I hope it does you, too:

“SEVEN YEARS AGO I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH A STAGE FOUR GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORME (highly malignant brain tumor) and was told my chances of surviving more than 17 months were 1 in 10,000. I had an emergency craneotomy at Texas Tech in Lubbock, where I was living.


My son’s cousin-in-law teaches medicine at Harvard, and she practically flipped out about where I’d had my surgery, so I was transferred to MD Anderson in Houston for radiation and chemo. While I was there my son gave me a Mac Book, and since I’m more comfortable with natural healing than putting caustic chemicals into my body, I began searching the web for an anti-cancer diet.


Simultaneously, at her vet’s office, my sister met a woman  who had cured her dog’s cancer with the Budwig diet. In searching for information about the Budwig diet, I found Bill’s book, ‘How To Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home For $5.15 a Day’ and found it easy to follow… with one exception.  I’m very allergic to cow’s milk.  So I couldn’t eat one of the main ingredients, but instead of emulsifying flax oil into cottage cheese (protein) I chose a food in which omega 3s occur naturally bound together with protein (wild salmon) and ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three years.


I beat the ‘dead in 17 months’ prognosis’ but when I went back home for a month-long visit, I went off the diet too soon.  Not to mention that I ate lots of  Christmas cookies and candy, (Google “Cancer loves sugar”).  My next MRI showed the tumor starting to regrow.  My oncologist was devastated, but I patted him on the shoulder said ‘I know what I did wrong, and I can fix it.’


With my heart pounding (Budwig said if you went off the diet too soon and it returned, it was very difficult to beat a second time), I went back on the Henderson protocol and one month later had a perfect, ‘spotless’ MRI. AND that’s why I know it was the Henderson protocol and not surgery, radiation and chemo that saved my life.




(910) 399-5805″

Thanks so much, Diana, for that inspirational account of your recovery.  Diana is in the Eastern Time Zone, so keep that in mind and be considerate if you elect to call her.

As most of you know (possibly because you’ve read my longer Cancer-Free book), people with lactose intolerances like Diana’s find they can still do the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil mixture with no adverse reactions at all.  Of course, this is because the cottage cheese, when mixed properly with the flaxseed oil, loses all its dairy properties (lactose and casein).



Two weeks ago, I gave a talk to the annual convention of the International Academy of Biological Dentists and Medicine (IABDM) in Houston.  I was able to meet several of the dentists I’ve been recommending for years.  One of those I was able to renew my acquaintance with was Dr. Hal Huggins, probably the world’s expert on dental toxins.

He gave me a copy of his latest book.  I read it literally the next day and found it a wonderful summary of Dr. Huggins’ 44-year experience with helping people heal their disease problems by getting their jaws “cleaned up.”  Hal has done a ton of blood analysis on many of these people before, during and after their dental “revision.”  He has spent the full 44 years doing research on dental issues and their effects on health.  Talk about “unique experience!”  Here it is.

Please get a copy of this nice, short concise book.  It’s called “Patient Empowerment — How To Slay Dental Dragons.”  You’ll find it at Barnes and Noble online —  It is not on Amazon — at least not yet.



Many parents (and great-grandparents like me) are wondering these days if the many vaccinations their kids get do more harm than good.  I think they do.  In many locations, of course, you have to claim a religious excuse for avoiding the vaccinations in order to get the kids into day-care or school.

Recently, Mike Adams in his Natural News e-mail has published a good article on “facts about vaccines you’re not supposed to know.”  If I were a parent with kids being subjected to lots of vaccines, I’d sure read this carefully and consider how to avoid the drastic effects of some vaccinations.  You can read this article at



After two years of research, Deb Nelson is writing a book highlighting people who have changed their diet and lifestyle following a cancer diagnosis. Here’s how Deb got involved with this project:

Like all of us, Deb has lots of friends and relatives who were diagnosed with cancer – while many have survived, many others did not make it through their treatment.

She began to notice that doctors weren’t including any type of diet or lifestyle changes as part of their cancer treatment.

So…she began reading and reading and reading. Of course, Deb discovered many ways that people can change their lifestyle to prevent or heal their cancer – either alone or alongside conventional treatment.

Book Vision

This is all about hope and inspiration – too many people walk into a doctor’s office and receive a cancer diagnosis.  Then they walk out petrified instead of hopeful.

The book will include people with different types of cancer from different parts of the country.  A photo of each person sharing their story will be included – showing strong, powerful cancer survivors; and each person will also be able to include contact info – website, email – if that’s something they’d like to do.

The book will also include a section for resources – places people can go to get answers and learn more about cancer treatment and life after cancer.

If you’d like to be a part of this project and share your story in Deb’s book, please contact her directly at her e-mail, which is:



Ron Strauss has sent me another reference to an article in Natural News I think you’ll find interesting.  It describes how to use 35% hydrogen peroxide to treat cancer.  Here’s the link:



Jenny Dugdell in Australia has been furnishing some of you readers there the Transfer Point Beta Glucan we recommend without you having to wait out the delay of ordering it from the States.  Here’s what Jenny said:

“I would really appreciate you letting your newsletter recipients in Australia and New Zealand know that I sell this wonderful product on my website to Australians and New Zealanders and anyone else who wants to buy it. My website is” 



Have you had trouble figuring out which foods are healthy?  Are the labels “organic,” “non-GMO,” “Kosher,” “Natural,” etc. driving you up the wall?  You are not alone.  Mike Adams has a good article on this subject that will help clear it up.  Here’s the link:

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
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“How to Live Cancer-Free”
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