These Two Guys Are Incredible!!!!
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Welcome to this 144th issue of my newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.

I apologize for passing up a “normal” newsletter in September and sending you an “abbreviated” version, which is not on this website. My plate got overloaded in September and I simply could not find the time to do a newsletter. This October 31st edition is a couple of days late because I wanted to bring you the information in this first article. I consider it one of the most important articles I’ve ever written in this newsletter and I think you’ll see why. Anyway, we just got back from the visit to Calgary on Halloween night (late). It took me a couple of days to get this newsletter together. Enjoy!!


These Two Guys Are Incredible!!!

My beautiful wife, Terry, and I just returned on Halloween night from a four-day visit to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We went there to check out a clinic for you that we felt was worth the trip. We were more than right. Both of us were stunned at the competence and knowledge of the two young naturopathic doctors we met who are the principals of this clinic.

Terry and I agreed that they were the most competent medical professionals we had ever met — and we’ve met a lot of them. Terry was a Registered Nurse in Spain for 24 years. She knows good docs when she sees ’em.

In this article, I want to summarize for you our experience last Friday and Saturday and urge you to consider this clinic for your cancer treatment — if you have any idea of using a clinic.

Dr. Jeoff Drobot, ND, was an interview subject on my Web Talk Radio show on the first week in June, 2010. One of you fine, loyal readers introduced me to him and told me that we had a lot in common. That’s putting it mildly. That interview was an “encore performance” on my radio show last week. You can listen to it here:


After meeting Dr. Jeoff and his partner, Dr. Shaun Riddle, ND, I’m convinced that every medical professional should use one or both of these two fine young men as a model. At one point during dinner with them after we arrived on Thursday night, they complained that “We have no model for what we’re doing.” Well, after seeing what they’re doing the next day and Saturday, Terry and I shared our view that they ARE the model.

Dr. Jeoff is 36 and Dr. Shaun is about 40. Both are graduates of a four-year Naturopathic medical school. They chose this over the allopathic medical field because they believed in treating the cause of imbalances in the body rather than symptoms. They got together 8 years ago and founded the Calgary Centre for Naturopathic Medicine.

These two young men have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars pursuing the knowledge that they now pass on to their patients. They have traveled the world to study the procedures and equipment of successful medical professionals. They have improved on all the diagnostic and treatment routines they have observed. They traveled for a week several years ago to the Paracelsus Cancer Klinik in Switzerland. Since then, they have met with the staff each year in Massachusetts to exchange experience.

They have traveled to Johns Hopkins in Panama City, which, of course, is much more liberal than the Johns Hopkins in the U.S. They have traveled to clinics in Germany where they have paid to have the medical staff “stand down” in their treatment of patients for three days so they could “pick their brains” and study their equipment. They traveled to the Baltic Sea to spend time with the inventor of a particular electro-medicine device they were interested in. They have spent three days with Dr. John Lubecki in Sacramento, California. I wrote about John Lubecki and his unique healing methods in my October, 2009 newsletter. They have a trip planned to several Mexican cancer clinics.

In every case that we observed the diagnostic and treatment work they do is a step ahead of others. They do a form of thermography I had never heard of before as their first comprehensive diagnosis technique. It uses an infrared probe to examine 112 particular spots on the upper body — twice. It includes computerized measurements on every one of the 32 teeth positions in the jaw, as well as every organ in the body. The second scan is done after the body is stressed in a cold room to show the body’s response to the stress. It is, by far, much more sophisticated than the thermogram scan images I had seen.

Then, they do a Live Blood Cell Analysis, a Biological System Flow Analysis, a Biological Impedance Analysis, a Heart Rate Variability Test and ElectroDermal Testing. They do specialized urinalysis testing for bowel toxicity, calcium levels and body oxidation status. They do specialized tests, as necessary, for food allergies, salivary hormone testing and heavy metal analysis. They get a true picture of the body’s imbalanance status and what is causing it. They call it the “Health Optimization Assessment” or HOA.

Once they have the complete picture, which doesn’t take long (2-3 hours), they can devise treatments for the individual. The treatments include IV’s, injections, blood cleansing, lasers (better than Lubecki’s), tailored homeopathic remedies, several types of electromedicine (including a frequency generator that is superior to the GB-4000 Rife-type machine, including the M.O.P.A. “add-on” they have explored), supplements and medications (mostly natural) of all kinds.

My Live Blood Cell Analysis showed cell membranes which were lit up and “glowing with health.” Dr. Jeoff attributed this positive indication to the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil mixture I’ve been eating every day for the last eight years. He devised a tailored homeopathic substance to help my prostate inflammation, which has gotten worse since my dental “revision” in July of this year. Both he and Dr. Shaun attributed that change to the amount of mercury in my system, which is quite high. They gave me several things to help with the excretion of the mercury and shrinkage of my prostate.

Here are some excerpts from their clinic’s brochure which will give you an idea of their philosophy and approach:

– With stability, or balance, your body has all of the inherent ability (when provided the right fuel and environment) to maximize health and ensure survival.

– It may take years of poor functioning in the body before some standard lab tests will identify abnormalities. In these years the imbalances have gone unchecked and we are left in shock when we finally get the troubling news that we have a chronic condition that needs immediate attention.

– The HOA is designed to show you the adaptations in FUNCTION your body is making long before they amount to lesional changes that are so much more difficult to treat.

– You will be astonished to see the amount of health information you will receive and it will act as your guide to what changes you can make to attain optimal health.

– At CCNM our mission with every patient is to both OPTIMIZE and BALANCE their health on all levels, thereby increasing their ANTI-AGING quotient and quality of life.

– We understand however, that people coming through the CCNM Health Optimization Assessment may be in serious states of imbalance that warrant specific types of immediate intervention.

– Our wellness approach at CCNM focuses on:

1. Why the symptom has arisen [they fully understand the prevalance of “dental toxins.”]

2. What the body is trying to accomplish with the symptom[Remember: a cancer tumor is just a symptom.]

3. And what specific changes need to be made to bring the balance back and thereby optimize the whole body.


Dr. Jeoff and Dr. Shaun have given a lot of thought to how to deliver their services to more people. They are very conscious of the power of the Internet. They have devised a “Virtual Naturopath” approach which they say is working well. Here’s where to find out how it works:

Take a look at this approach. It uses online forms you fill out and fax to them. One of them then phones you (using Skype) for a consultation. Then, together you determine what the next step should be. In short, it may be possible for you to take advantage of these experts and their knowledge without having to travel to the clinic.

Even if you do have to travel there, they point out that, unlike clinics in foreign countries, here in North America you are dealing with a language, currency and time zone similar to what you’re used to. Their prices are quite reasonable [a fraction of what you’ll pay at the Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland, for example].

So, if you are considering cancer treatment at a clinic, please explore this one thoroughly, including their “virtual clinic.” Here is their primary website where you can meet these two wonderful doctors, as well as the other three doctors on the clinic’s staff who specialize in things like acupuncture, Chinese medicine and thermography:

[By the way, I have no financial interest in this clinic. I just feel that it is one of your best options if you are seeking cancer treatment at a clinic.]


Why I Like Univera — Part Two

Some of you will remember the article in my July newsletter about the Univera products. Terry and I have become more impressed with them every day. The research behind these products has no match in the natural healing world. This company has spent over $150 million on research over the last 20 years. They have over 260 patents on their unique healing products. This is more patents than the rest of the natural healing universe COMBINED. Of course, like all natural healing product producers, they can’t make any claims about what their products do for healing without getting in serious trouble with the FDA, FTC, etc.

Here are some impressions Terry and I have had in trying some of the newer products and talking to people about their personal healing experiences:

GoVera. A new product designed to replace the caffeine jolt in coffee and sugary energy drinks with something healthy that will give you a natural energy boost. Terry and I are in the process of breaking our coffee habit by taking GoVera in the morning. It’s working. We don’t drink the sodas or “energy drinks” that most people drink during the day. If you do, or just want to cut down on the coffee, this is a great substitute, folks.

ReginiCARE. We’ve heard from several people that this great tasting drink erased their arthritis pain.

Level G. At the session we attended in Reno on September 30th, several diabetics told us that this product got them completely off insulin and regulated their glucose levels in two weeks or less.

Aloe Gold. Terry continues to enjoy a dramatically improved digestive tract from using this product every day. We’ve heard similar stories from other people who have begun using it. We wouldn’t be without it.

Remember Univera’s “trial period” policy. Recognizing that people don’t necessarily feel the effects of these products immediately and that everyone is different, Univera allows you to return the empty containers for up to 90 days after you buy the product if it disappoints you in any way. This company has integrity, folks. That and the incredible amount of research behind their products is why we recommend them.

To find out more about the products and order some, just click here.


HCG Test Kit — Good Feedback

In the abbreviated e-mail I sent you on October 2nd, I told you about a wonderful kit put together by one of my readers. I’m going to quote the item from that e-mail here to make it a part of my permanent newsletter archive:


One of my loyal readers, Dave Karlovich, has done a wonderful service for you. He has prepared a “kit” which makes preparing your Navarro HCG Urine Tests a simple process. I prepared one using this kit in September and it was so simple, it blew me away. In the kit is the acetone, the alcohol, the measuring cups, the covered jar to put the sample in the fridge, the filters (beige colored so you can see the sample after it dries) and the addressed envelope to use to send the sample.

A complete set of instructions, with photos of each step is included. The best part is that this kit has enough supplies for you to prepare several of the samples. Instructions about how to pay using PayPal or where to send your money order are included. It’s all there.

It was the slickest, by far, of the three tests of this type I have done over the years. I have enough materials to prepare several more of the tests in the future. All of this for $39.99. Wow, what a bargain!!

To get this kit just go to: Joe Ball is Dave Karlovich’s son. He has helped his Dad design the kit and he has set up the website to sell it to you. Get one of these, folks. You won’t be sorry.

[By the way, I have no financial interest in this product. Dave and his son, Joe, deserve all the profit they can muster to pay for their efforts in putting this magnificent resource together for you. Believe me, the profit margin is very low.]”

Well, in the four weeks since I published that article, the feedback on this kit has been tremendously positive. My readers are really pleased with it. If you want a simple, no hassle way to prepare the HCG Urine Test, you need this kit.


Dr. David Holt Can Help You

My friend, Dr. David Holt, D.O., H.M.D., a really competent holistic physician who practices in Reno, Nevada, has made you an interesting offer. At no charge, he has offered to help two or three of you using Tong Ren and other techniques he has been using successfully in treating cancer. He will work with you two times a week for a month using e-mail and telephone. All he asks is as follows:

“Naturally they would need to be comfortable or at least open-minded with the concept of ‘remote healing’ and able to communicate through e-mail.”

If you’re interested, just contact me by e-mail at I will pass your contact information on to Dr. Holt and he will contact you. If you don’t hear from me after you make your request, it means we have filled his quota and I am keeping your request on file for the next time he makes such an offer.




On October 20th, Terry and I traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to put on a workshop for the Freedom of Choice Club. This is a very interesting organization. They believe intensely in a person’s right to choose any medical treatment or substance they feel is right for them. They have been meeting every month for 36 years in a suburb of Pittsburgh. They invite holistic healing oriented speakers from all over North America. About 130 people attended my workshop. I really enjoyed meeting these folks. After my presentation, we had a question period for over an hour. It was obvious that these folks had done their homework. We sold all of my books we brought and took orders for a couple dozen more.

It was particularly great to see Florence and Jim Biros, owners of Green Supreme, Inc. in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, which is about 45 miles north of Pittsburgh. I hadn’t seen them for about six years since I gave a similar workshop at their facility. They told me about a new format for the Barley Power. It will be available soon (possibly right now) in a veggie capsule. This will help folks who have trouble swallowing the little green pills. You may want to call Green Supreme at (800) 358-0777 (Eastern Time) if you’re interested.

We also met Phyllis Pipkin, owner of Better Way Health, the distributors of Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan. She came up from Atlanta just to meet us and attend the workshop. She is a very well-informed healer and a delightful person.

All in all, a great trip.



One of my “coachees” was searching for a clinic. She looked up “Paracelsus” on the Internet and found one with that name in Pasadena, California (suburb of Los Angeles). It looks like a good naturopatic clinic that treats cancer, but there is no indication on the website that they are associated with the Paracelsus Klinik (see above) in Switzerland. If you want to explore it, here is their website:



If you haven’t listened in to the question and answer session Dr. Carlos Carcia, M.D. and I do for an hour every other Thursday, you need to mark your calendar. We have been doing this since February this year and we have gotten lots of positive feedback on it. It’s free and you can ask us any question you like. Dr. Garcia has helped many Stage IV cancer patients heal using a wide variety of treatment and diagnostic modalities in his Utopia Wellness Center in Clearwater, Florida.

If you want to listen to any of the past sessions, they’re available at this web site:


When you get there, just scroll down until you see the list of “Past Episodes.” Pick one and listen (or download it).

We hope to “see” you this Thursday, November 4th at 1 PM Eastern Time (Noon Central Time; 11 AM Mountain Time; 10 AM Pacific Time; and 6 PM GMT). The procedure for tuning in to us is at the above website.



Thanks to Arlette Salgado for informing me of a great tooth chart. You can literally click on the tooth you’re interested in and it will show you which organs are affected by it and it’s many other properties. Really interesting. Check it out at:




In all the information I’ve read about Essiac Tea, I’ve never seen anything about who should not take it — until I read an interesting article by Shelley Penney, a retired RN who has a website rich in information. If you’re taking Essiac Tea or just interested in it, you need to read Shelley’s article about contra-indications (who should not take it). You’ll find it here:

Essiac Tea Contra-Indications


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
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