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Winners’ Roster — I Need Your Name

Almost every day I get a request from someone I’m talking to about their cancer on the phone. They want to contact someone who has recovered from cancer. Ideally they want to talk to someone who has done the “Bill Henderson Protocol” and recovered from their type of cancer. But generally, they just want to talk to anyone to reassure themselves that what they have is healable.

My roster of clients I have talked to on the phone is in the thousands. In the last eleven years, I’ve talked to about 3,500 people in 62 countries on the phone about their cancers. The only record I have of these people is the brief notes I take during the conversation. These notes are filed in my office by the first letter of the last name of the person. In other words, there is no way for me to research this data base of wonderful people by type of cancer, location, healing status or anything else except their last name.

I try to direct these people to my website to search for their type of cancer. There are lots of testimonials and case studies there. But what these people want is to talk to an actual person who has healed themselves.

Are you a cancer survivor? Would you be willing to have someone call you occasionally to discuss your experience? If so, please let me know. Together we can help these people who have just been diagnosed. Invariably, they have a great deal of fear. With information from you, a recovered cancer patient, they would have a much stronger start toward healing.

I’m calling the list I hope to build a “Winners’ Roster.” Can I put your name on it? If so, just send me an e-mail. Please put “Winners’ Roster” in the subject line. Give me whatever contact information you want me to give out — phone number and location or just e-mail address. Tell me briefly the type of cancer you had and how long you have been cancer-free.

My e-mail address is:

Thank you in advance from the many people you can help.


The Dangers of Mammograms

Finally, the official “cancer industry” is recognizing the dangerous nature of mammograms! Ladies, you need to pay attention. Here’s a quote from an article published in the Annals of Internal Medicine by the University of California at San Franscico (UCSF) School of Medicine:

“During a decade of receiving mammograms, more than half of cancer-free women will be among those summoned back for more testing because of false-positive results, and about one in 12 will be referred for a biopsy.

Simply shifting screening to every other year lowers a woman’s probability of having one of these false-positive episodes by about a third – from 61 percent to 42 percent – over the course of a decade.

A new study delving into false-positives in mammography looked at nearly 170,000 women between the ages of 40 and 59 from seven regions around the United States, and almost 4,500 women with invasive breast cancer. Because of the added decade of testing alone, it found, women who start mammograms at 40 instead of 50 are more likely to have false-positive results that lead to more testing.

‘This study provides accurate estimates of the risk of a false-positive mammography and breast biopsy for women undergoing repeat mammography in community practice, and so provides important information about the potential harms of undergoing regular mammography,’ said co-author Karla Kerlikowske, a professor of medicine at the UCSF School of Medicine.

The study will be published in Annals of Internal Medicine. The research was led by Group Health Research Institute of Seattle for the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium. ‘Recalls’ for a second mammogram for what turn out to be non-cancer results, known as false positives, may cause inconvenience and anxiety. Recommendations for fine-needle aspiration or surgical biopsy are less common, but can lead to unnecessary pain and scarring. The additional testing also contributes to rising medical costs.”

If you haven’t already ladies, start looking around for a facility that offers thermograms instead of mammograms. Much safer, more accurate and not painful. For some more information on thermograms, go to Google and enter “Linda Bamber and BRAS.” Linda is an expert on thermography and has several sites in the U.S. who do the thermograms for women (and men).


The “Dangers” of Multi-Vitamin/Minerals

Yeah, right! Vitamins are really dangerous. So says Big Pharma. Maybe you noticed the recent “reports” published about Vitamin E and Vitamin C and multi-vitamin/minerals — how harmful they can be. Well, guess where this information comes from. You got it — Big Pharma. They don’t want the competition that good vitamins will give them. So, every so often they make sure that some negative information about vitamins and minerals gets published. Fortunately there are people monitoring these riduculous stories and publishing the facts. Here’s an example of an article from Life Extension:

“Don’t be surprised if your doctor advises you to discontinue your multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.

As we’ve observed in the past, all it takes is one negative study to alter the perception of a dietary supplement in the minds of busy health care professionals.

In this Life Extension® rebuttal, you’ll read about the serious flaws in this negative study that render its findings meaningless.

These flaws have not stopped this biased report from becoming a headline news story. Instead of objectively reviewing the underlying science, the media chose instead to use this faulty study to proclaim that multi- nutrient supplements may be dangerous.

This kind of tabloid journalism is great news for pharmaceutical companies because it will motivate uninformed Americans to discard nutrients that have proven benefits, which in turn will increase the need for costly medical interventions.

As you’ll read in this rebuttal, nothing in this flawed study applies to the science-based program followed by most Life Extension® members.”

If you want to read more of Life Extension’s polished rebuttal of this silly information about vitamins and minerals, just go here.


The Case Against Detoxing

In the 4th Edition of my Cancer-Free book, which is now at the printers, there is a chapter on “Heavy Metal Cleansing and Detoxing” by Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D. Dr. Garcia has agreed to be the co-author of this most recent update of my book. His chapter on detoxing recounts his experience as an expert on chelation. He cautions against trying to do this type of cleansing without the supervision of a qualified professional.

Here is another article (just an excerpt) by Dr. Nan Kathryn Fuchs, a knowledgeable Ph.D. I trust. She’s warning about the dangers of detoxing:

“You’ve probably heard that detoxing is good for your health. You’ve heard it can remove pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals from your body. You’ve heard that it can bolster your immune system and help support a healthy liver. But here’s something you should know: Detoxing can actually make your body more toxic! That’s right, detoxing can actually make you sicker!

Let me explain…

Most toxins are stored in your fat cells. That’s because most toxic chemicals are fat-soluble, which means they dissolve only in fatty or oily solutions, not in water. And that’s why fat-soluble chemicals are attracted to your fat tissues. In fact, there are about 200 times more toxins stored in your fat cells than in your blood.

When these toxins are trapped in your fat cells, they are contained. But when you begin a detox program, you pull these toxins out of your fat cells and into your bloodstream. And once they enter your bloodstream, they can travel through your body to your vital organs and wreak havoc on your health. These toxins can invade your joints and tissues triggering pain and inflammation.

They can invade your brain, where they can cause headaches, memory loss, and premature brain aging. And they can invade your heart, where they can cause blood pressure problems. They can travel to your endocrine system where they can cause estrogen dominance, reduced libido and sexual dysfunction. They can invade your pancreas where they can cause blood sugar problems. They can invade your eyes causing vision problems. And they can invade your stomach where they can cause nausea or vomiting.

That’s why detoxification programs often cause more health problems than they solve. And it’s why so many people who go on a detox program end up feeling worse afterwards!

You may know people who went on a detox program and had a bad reaction to it. Perhaps you’ve had a bad reaction to one yourself. Many people will tell you that this is a ‘healing crisis’ or a ‘Herxheimer reaction.’ But this is not the case.

Here’s what’s really happening…

Because these toxins do not dissolve in water, your body cannot eliminate them easily. Before it eliminates them, it has to make them water-soluble.

This is where your liver comes into play. Your liver makes the toxins water-soluble so they can be excreted in the urine or via the bile. That’s why your bile is full of toxins. Every day, your liver dumps bile into your intestines so the toxins can be eliminated through your stool.

The problem is that the toxins must first bind with fiber in your intestines. And if you don’t eat enough fiber, the toxins are simply re-absorbed through your intestines, and sent right back into your body!”

Well, as you might have guessed, Dr. Fuchs in this article is promoting something. It is called the Pectasol Chelation Complex (look it up on Google). I’ve tried it. It is a sophisticated form of “modified citrus pectin,” a proven cleansing agent. If you’re concerned about detoxing, I suggest you get some of the Pectasol. I have no financial interest in it. But, at least, it’s safer than most detoxing regimens.

You may also want to try simple chlorella, a great detoxing agent — and safe.




For those of you men who have not taken my word for the fact that the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test for men is worthless, here’s an article from Dr. William Campbell Douglass, M.D., another source I trust:

Government panel says ‘NO!’ to PSA tests

Hear that sound? That’s the death knell for the PSA test — and it’s about time too. This test has caused too many men to suffer too many emasculating and life-ruining side effects, with little to no benefits whatsoever.

My anti-PSA stance caused me to be dismissed as an alt-med kook years ago, but the truth always finds its way to the light sooner or later. Take a look at what just stepped into the light:

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is now urging a clean and permanent break from the PSA test.

The government panel is even giving the screening its lowest possible grade of ‘D,’ which means in medicine exactly what it did back in high school: You’re a dummy if you get one.

Heck, if that PSA test was a student, he’d be the dumbest kid in class — because this screening has flunked every single test you can think of.

In the 17 years since the PSA test became ‘THE’ screening for men, we’ve seen some 2 million Americans treated for prostate cancer… but the disease’s death rate hasn’t budged an inch — not out here in the real world, and not in the multiple trials looked at by the Task Force.

Naturally, oncologists and urologists won’t take this one lying down. They’ve already said they’re committed to PSA-ing everyone they can, with the American Urological Association calling the recommendation ‘a great disservice.’

That just proves they’re not interested in science — only math, particularly the addition of dollars to their bank accounts from all those procedures. You get incontinence, impotence and an infection for a cancer that never needed treatment, while they get new Ferraris and beach homes.

What a deal… for them!

Well, the jig is up: You don’t have to be a radical to say ‘NO’ to the PSA test anymore, and you don’t have to listen to any doc who tells you otherwise.

Listen to Dr. Richard Ablin instead. Last year, he called the PSA test ‘a hugely expensive public health disaster’ and ‘hardly more effective than a coin toss.’

He should know: He invented the PSA test.”

Well, men, hopefully you’ll finally tell your urologist to forget the PSA test. It’s useless.



Brenda Lainof is a neat lady. She is a Certified Practitioner of Dr. Brad Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code. If you’ve talked to me on the phone about your cancer, you know that I consider Dr. Nelson’s work an essential part of healing cancer.

Brenda has offered her services to you FREE (only during 10% of her time so she’ll have to schedule it). She means it. She is committed to helping cancer patients heal. All she asks is that, if her work helps you, you provide her with a testimonial for her website.

Brenda divides her time between Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Scottsdale, Arizona. But since she works with you remotely, her location is unimportant. What she does is help you discover and deal with the “trapped emotions” that frequently block any healing from cancer.

To contact Brenda, e-mail her at

You can also learn more about Brenda at her interesting



Here is an interesting new website. Do you feel the need to schmooz with other cancer patients? Here’s your chance — online. Just go to and explore it.

It is a social networking platform for cancer fighters, survivors and supporters to connect online and share their experiences. The site already has over 3,500 members.

Founder Mailet Lopez created the site after her own personal struggle with breast cancer. She designed to provide a unique support system to all those affected by the disease. Members can create a profile and share their stories; search the community based on location, gender, age, type of cancer and treatment; build a circle of friends; participate in discussions and even send cancer a message via the “Dear Cancer” tab.

Check it out. It looks like an interesting way to exchange information with other cancer patients and caregivers.


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

Bill Henderson
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