Need A Good Water Filter?
Vote To End Amalgam Fillings In The EU
We Have A Facebook Page — Thanks to Cortney Campbell
A Reader’s Story — Paul Brown, Ph.D.
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**** “#3 Cause of Death in America” by Lissa Rankin, M.D.
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Need A Good Water Filter

Every chance I get, I try to remind my clients about the importance of healthy water.  It is one of the most important health issues.  My frustration has been a lack of knowledge of the options available in reasonably priced water filters.  My wife and I use a Kangen water filter.  It’s great.  it ionizes and alkalinizes the water while it is filtering it.  But….it cost us about $5,000.

Finally, my friend Mike Adams of Natural News has come up with an answer for you.  He has tested thoroughly 12 of the inexpensive and popular gravity water filters in his lab.  He has graded them for you as to their effectiveness in getting you purer water from your tap water.

To get a look at his results, just go to:

When you click on “More Info” you’ll get a complete description of this comparative test — its features and its limitations.  It is the first such comparative test of these types of inexpensive water filters I’ve known about.  I hope it helps you get better water quality without breaking the bank.

Vote To End Amalgam Fillings In The EU

Hey, folks.  If you live in an EU country, listen up.  You have a little over two weeks to vote to eliminate mercury amalgam dental fillings throughout the EU.  Yes, you can make your voice heard to stop completely this abuse of our bodies.

Here’s a copy of the e-mail I got on this from Drs. Graeme and Lillian Munro-Hall, a wonderful dentist couple in the UK who I refer my clients to for getting their jaws and teeth cleaned up:

URGENT: Deadline is 16th November 2014.


“We are sending you this e-mail as a real opportunity has arisen to finally stop the use of Mercury Amalgam Fillings in dentistry within the EU.


We have been involved since the beginning in the negotiations of the Minimata Treaty by the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, promoting a worldwide ban on mercury in all its uses. Dental Amalgam has been specifically included in this treaty to be phased down.


The EU has asked its citizens to vote on whether they want a phase down or a phase out of dental amalgam.


“Phase down” means that individual countries can decide to phase down the use of amalgam over any time period they choose. This could be anything up to 50 years from now.


“Phase out” means a strict timetable is set in place to end the use of amalgam, which is likely to be between 2 and 5 years.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to put pressure on the EU to ban this dangerous material and stop the damage mercury can cause to future generations and to the environment.


Please send this message to all your contacts soon. The deadline for the voting is 16th of November.


How to vote to phase out amalgam in the E.U. 


1-Go to   At the top where it says “Pages”, click “P4. Questionnaire”. 


2-Fill in your name, email, country, and responding as an individual or otherwise. 


3-Go directly to Question 6.   (Skip 1 to 5.)  Choose one box, either phase down or phase out.  We hope you choose phase OUT!:  


… phased down in line with the relevant Minamata provisions




… subject to a phase out (maybe with certain justified exemptions) 


4- Next question is “why.”   You may skip that (or you may answer).  Dentists should say they are dentists, and that they don’t use amalgam. 


5. Scroll down to bottom; see “Type the text”.  Type in the numbers shown in the photograph. (Yes, it is a security measure to make sure you are a real human being.) 


6. Click the blue button that says “Submit” to cast your vote for phasing out amalgam use!  


Thank you,

Graeme & Lilian Munro-Hall BDS


Munro-Hall Clinic

4 Rushey Ford Business Park

West End Road, Kempston Rural

Bedford MK43 8RU”

We Have A Facebook Page — Thanks To Cortney Campbell

I’m sure many of you will remember seeing Cortney Campbell tell her story of cancer recovery using the “Bill Henderson Protocol” on one of Ty Bollinger’s recent videos.  Cortney has been recovered for six years and has had two children in that time. Number 3 is on the way, due in February.  Cortney has an inspiring story but she is also a remarkably dedicated young lady in getting the information about cancer healing out to others.

Cortney has just established a Facebook page for those who have succeeded using the “Bill Henderson Protocol” or who are using it or just want to learn about it.  Thank you Cortney for doing something I haven’t been able to do — get a good exchange medium on the social networks for my “fans” to use to exchange information.

To join up in this group and learn from it, please go to this website:

A Reader’s Story — Paul Brown, Ph.D.

If you’re of the male persuasion and you haven’t yet explored Crila for Prostate, you are missing out on a great opportunity, in my opinion.  I have no financial interest in Crila at all.  However, I’ve been using it for about six months and have found it the best of the many prostate treatment compounds I’ve tested over the years.  It has definitely improved my BPH symptoms at a price far less than several of the other products I’ve tried.

For an article on Crila for Prostate, take a look at my July 2014 newsletter.  You’ll find it at

Paul Brown is uniquely qualified as you’ll see to evaluate this product. Here is his description of his success using it:

“Dear Bill,


As you asked for feedback from men taking Crila following your July piece, I thought it might be appropriate to let you have a single case report on the effects upon myself of taking Crila for Prostate, having both a personal and concomitant professional interest in its use.


The first will become apparent in what I write below.  The second arises from a long-standing interest as a clinical psychologist in the treatment of sexual difficulties.  By way of history, I founded the Association for Sexual and Marital Therapy in the UK some forty years ago and was its first Chairman (it became the Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy and is now the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists); and was the founder and first joint editor of its Journal called the ‘Journal of Sexual and Marital Therapy’ (now the ‘Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy’).  I maintained a specialist clinical practice in London from 1974 to 2012 that included sexual and marital therapy; from 1973 – 7 researched treatment methods or sexual difficulties under the only government research grant given for the subject (in collaboration with the then National Marriage Guidance Council, now Relate), being awarded my PhD for that work; and established the treatment of sexual difficulties as part of the services that Relate offered.  I published the best-seller ‘Treat Yourself to Sex’ (Penguin), co-authored with Carolyn Faulder, in 1979.  Subsequently I have been the first Visiting Professor in Organisational Neuroscience at a UK university as well as Visiting Professor in Individual and Organisational Psychology at a postgraduate law school in the UK.  I moved to live and work in S E Asia in early 2012.


From March of 2014 I started taking Crila on the basis of its claims to improve prostate functioning.  Without having a clinical diagnosis of any prostate disorder I had become conscious, at the age of 74, of quite frequent nocturnal urination, a general loss of spontaneous and demand-related erectile function, and the appearance of a mild Peyronie’s curvature.  I am otherwise healthy and fit, take no regular medication, continue to work internationally, and am publishing at the rate of one book a year for the last two years and committed to the same for the next three years.


I took Crila regularly throughout April and May 2014 at the weight-related rate of 4 capsules twice a day and now two months later (at the end of July 2014) am taking and will continue to take a maintenance dose of two tablets a day, usually first thing in the morning.


What I have observed is: 


(1)  a substantial reduction in the demand for nocturnal urination.  It occurs perhaps once a week instead of once or twice nightly.  I do not restrict evening fluid or alcohol intake in any way at all, though neither are excessive, and regularly take about one third of a litre of a warm drink immediately before sleep.


(2)  a recovery of spontaneous and demand-related erectile function.  Neither are frequent, but there is a noticeable shift from the period before taking Crilla, with no concomitant change in any relationship or other matters that might be causal in the change.  Erectile function is also harder than was the case for about two years prior to taking Crila.


(3) and most surprisingly and unexpectedly, an improvement in the Peyronie curvature.  Although erectile function is still not fully straight, the curvature is perhaps half of what it was.


These effects all became gradually apparent during the first two months of taking Crila.  They have been maintained during the succeeding two months of maintenance dosage.  I await further time-related observations.


With many thanks for Crila.


Paul Brown

P T Brown PhD


07966 435 763 (UK) /  00 856 20 5644 1552 (Laos) / 00 84 (0) 164 805 4817 (Vietnam)



I love to share with you cogent advice about health from M.D.’s who have broken out of that mold and become admirable holistic physicians.  Here’s a great article on heart disease causes by a very competent and experienced doctor.  His nutrition advice applies to cancer, too.  Just click here to read it:



Here’s another reformed physician.  Dr. Lissa Rankin, M.D. abandoned her OB/GYN practice to become a great “integrative” physician.  You’ll like her explanation of why she did it in this short 8-minute video of her presentation at the recent Women’s Wellness Conference.  Here’s the link: [By the way, you can thank my friend, Ron Strauss, for this.]



Here’s a wonderful, inspiring talk about a breakthrough in cancer detection.  The mantra is always that “…if we’d just discovered it sooner.”  Well, here’s an electrical engineer who has been part of discovering exactly how to do that.  Please watch this and don’t be turned off by his appearance or his accent.  He has a wonderfully inspirational message about the future of detecting cancer early. When I looked at it, this short 11-minute video had already been viewed by 436,000 people:



Marilyn Becker, the owner of the Transfer Point company that makes the Beta Glucan immune booster we recommend in our Cancer-Free book, has just told me that there is now a Canadian distributor of her product.  Most of you are probably taking it, so if you live in Canada, please look up this distributor and get it much simpler and quicker.  No customs.  Here’s Marilyn’s message about it:

“Dear Bill,


We now have a distributor in Canada that has obtained official approval for our products from Health Canada.   Canadians will benefit from lower shipping rates, faster shipping times without the delay of customs. The distributor has a private label; however, it is the same product, our Glucan 300® powder, in the capsule.


Della Hirsch is the owner of the Beta Glucan Company of Canada, Inc. She is quite friendly and knowledgeable about the products.


Toll free number:  1-844-216-6770




Please pass this information along to your clients, it will be quite a benefit to have this product available in Canada.


All the best,




If you’ve heard of Bruce Lipton, you probably know that he is the discoverer of what has become a new science called “Epigenetics.”  It is the proof that our fate and our health is not pre-determined by our genes.  If you want to hear Bruce Lipton explain this in lay person terms, take a look at this short 7-minute video: [This one also comes from Ron Strauss — thank you, Ron.]

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

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