Introducing Dr. R.M. Santry


My loyal readers,

I would like to introduce you to Dr. Robert Santry.
He will be working with me in issuing the Cancer-Free Newsletter and will be taking over the coaching that Bill was doing. Although nobody can replace my dear husband, Bill Henderson, I feel that Dr. Santry has the qualifications and ability to continue the legacy that Bill created. I’m sure that Bill would have agreed with my decision to partner with Dr. Santry and I hope that you will also after reading the attached letter.

Bill Henderson will always be with us and guiding us in his work.


Bill & Terry

Bill & Terry Henderson, Cancer Coach
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
(210) 697-0488

4 October 2016

1. Welcome gentle readers to the latest publication of BEATING CANCER GENTLY. This issue establishes why Mrs. Terry P. Henderson, widow of Bill Henderson, and I continue the work of a distinguished gentleman, introduces myself to the BCG Team, provides resources for cancer treatment, and offers you cancer coaching services for a modest fee.


2. TAPS for Colonel William M. (Bill) Henderson, US Air Force (Retired). Most of you know that Bill Henderson died on 04 July 2016. This day officially ended his work on cancer research, informative writing, and cancer coaching. The day of profound sadness for brother and sister Veterans, spouse, family members, friends, and acquaintances marked a transitional opportunity—continue his legacy and work or dissolve his organization and lay the legacy to rest. Mrs. Henderson and I elected to continue his legacy, cancer research, informative writing, holistic health networking, and cancer coaching. The story unfolds in paragraph 3.


3. Introduction to the newest member of the team. My name is Dr. Robert M. Santry. I hold doctorates in medicine, theology, and psychology. I served 34 years in the military (17 Navy and 17 Army) and participated in three conflict theaters (Vietnam, Persian Gulf (I and II), and Bosnia). I believe Veterans should look out for and support Veterans as well as Veteran family members. Hence, my decision to join the BCG Team and serve alongside Terry Henderson.
Bill Henderson shared his story of why he joined the cancer treatment and cancer coaching mission. You can read his story in both of his books.

I share my story. I first visited the reality of cancer in 1952. My Grandfather Smith, of happy memory, was dying of cheek/jaw cancer. I was lying beside him listening to his pocket watch when he “went to sleep.” My mother said, “Grandpa needs to take a nap.” Actually my grandfather died. Shortly after his death, my Grandmother Smith gave me his medical bag and said, “Continue his work.” Grandpa was a midwife as well as a farmer. This initiated my vocation or calling to become a physician.

Cancer knocked on my door three times between 1975 and 2012. My first wife Renee were looking forward to pregnancy. She had a medical checkup in preparation. The primary physician recommended she see a GI because he found suspicious activity in her liver. She and I drove down to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) hospital for exploratory surgery. This was December 1995. After the surgery, the surgeon put his hand on my left shoulder and said, “She has liver cancer. She has only six months to live.” I accompanied her to chemotherapy sessions. My then mother-in-law Suzanne LaBoiteaux and I sat with her in the hospital for a week before her death on Good Friday, April, 1976. Renee was 31; I was 28.

Cancer knocked on my door the second time in 1997. My second wife, the late Lieutenant Colonel Christina Marie Addison Santry, Nurse Corps, US Army (Retired), was diagnosed with breast cancer and Parkinson’s disease. The children and I observed her tormenting treatments and transformation into a human begin we no longer knew. How did she contract breast cancer and Parkinson’s disease at age 50? Simple answer: She nobly served in Vietnam (1968-1969) and cared for Soldiers and Marines contaminated by Agent Orange. Little did she know she and sister nurses would face the consequences many years down the road. Many Vietnam Veterans (primarily males) died on the consequences of Agent Orange in the years to come. Several military nurses serving in field or ship hospitals contracted breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, or both.

Cancer knocked on my door the third time in 2012. I wanted to apply for a larger Life Insurance coverage (over $300,000) to take care of my family. A life insurance nurse visited my home in Makawao, Hawaii, and collected blood and urine samples. The results were available in mid-January: I had a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) level of 9.54. My primary physician referred me to a urologist. The urologist did a biopsy confirming I had prostate cancer (9.54 PSA and 6 Gleason score).

The rest of the story. Dr. H. Glenn Haines, urologist, recommended “wait and see,” radiology, or surgery. I elected “wait and see” and started my quest to look for alternative and complementary options. Why? I did an oncology rotation during my internship at Letterman Army Medical Center (1978-1979). I observed the ravages of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy on both the adult side of the ward and the children’s side. To be fair, I also observed some lucky throw of the dice and children and adults walking out of the ward with victories.

The rest of the story leads me to November 2015 and to July 2016. I did my research and discovered a cancer clinic in Germany. Klinik Marinus am Stein is located in beautiful Bavaria (Bayren in German) in the town of Brannenburg. Dr. med. Axel Weber is the medical director. Frau Doktor Weber, his wife, serves as an anesthesiologist. The clinic is staffed with the most wonderful, caring people I have met on the face of the earth. During my week stay and treatments I was introduced to some alternative and complementary treatments to include hyperthermia (oncothermia). The extreme heat eradicates cancer cells.

My PSA level dove from 18.0 to 9.0 and subsequently to 7.0 over a period of six months. I experienced a rise to 8.0 in June and elected to return to the clinic in July for a follow-on treatment. Dr. Weber applied higher temperature this time. He also inserted a depot under the skin of my abdomen and provided me with 8 weeks of Buserelin (Profact) to lower testosterone levels. Soon I will do another PSA test and MRI to determine the drop in PSA level and the state of my prostate according to MRI analysis.

The rest of the story finished. During my stay at the clinic in July, a table mate recommended a book to me. He showed me the book: “Cure Your Cancer,” by Bill Henderson. Yves D. said, “Take to your room and look at this.” I did. I read the opening chapters and elected to contact Bill Henderson when I made my religious retreat to Schoenstatt (Vallendar, Germany) the week following. I called Bill Henderson’s number from my private room at the Priesteliga Berg Moriah. I called hoping Bill Henderson could provide me cancer coaching. Instead of Colonel Henderson’s voice, I heard the voice of Terry P. Henderson. She told me her husband Bill died two weeks earlier (04 July). My heart sank. During our conversation I asked her, “What do you want to do now?” She answered, “I want to continue Bill’s work.” I asked her if I could team with her. I told her I would write a proposal and mail it to her immediately. She and I formed a team two weeks later after I returned to Hawaii. This is the beginning of the story of BCG continued with two new team members.


4. Resources for cancer treatment. This newsletter will arrive in your inbox twice a month. Mrs. Henderson and I want to send them on the 1st and on the 15th of the month. This month I highly recommend Klinik Marinus am Stein (Brannenburg, Germany) under the direction of Dr. med. Axel Weber. If this excites you, send me an email or text. I will get you connected to the clinic. Please see my contact information at the end of this newsletter.


5. Cancer coaching offered. Mrs. Henderson (Terry P.) and I offer cancer coaching to you for a modest, affordable fee. The late and distinguished Bill Henderson required a fee of $195 (payment upfront) for six months of coaching. Why? Colonel Henderson initially offered free services (after the death of his wife Marjorie) and calls arrived seeking help. The callers sought a free lunch, received valued guidance, and often did not take action. So Bill Henderson elected to charge for his services and results changed.
Terry Henderson will focus on administration of BCG, review of what is written here, and do Spanish speaking translations. I will provide the cancer research (newest and updated resources), engage in formal writing and reports, and cancer coaching.

Let me offer you why my coaching will be different from Colonel Henderson’s coaching. Different does not mean better or best. It means a service from a different perspective. The late Colonel Bill Henderson, of happy memory, contributed 19 years of his life to this industry and made contacts with people in 68 countries. His book, Cancer Free, is already in it’s 4th Edition and has been published in 9 different languages. The entire was recently translated and published in Spanish and is now available in the United States as well as all spanish-speaking countries around the world! For more information visit the web site

How am I different? I am a physician (specialty psychiatry), clergyman (priest in the Catholic Church), psychologist (learned in human behaviors), and adult educator (knowledgeable on how adults learn and process information). This means I enjoy a scientific background, operate from a pastoral orientation (the person and the soul are my focus), and I can communicate with adults sharing information that appears complex and can make the complex simple for the reader or listener.

That’s it for this newsletter.
Thank you for taking your precious time to read it.


R.M. Santry, M.D., D.Min. {doctor of ministry}, Ph.D.
Cancer researcher, writer, and coach
Beating Cancer Gently
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Terry P.Henderson
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