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Important Seminar In S. San Francisco, Sat, Sept. 14

I just learned on the “CancerCured” forum of a seminar in
South San Francisco tomorrow. It sounds very interesting
and it’s free. Here’s the notice. I hope you can make it
and give us some feedback, if you’re in the area.

“Dear friends and associates,


I am really pleased to let you know that humanity has made
a quantum leap in the field of health. Cancer’s license to
kill has been revoked by the research of a team directed by
Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, PhD. Dr. Niedzwiecki has been
director of research for two Nobel Prize winners, including
Linus Pauling. She will explain her groundbreaking work
this Saturday morning at 10 am at the Crowne Plaza Hotel-Mid
Peninsula, 1221 Chess Drive, Foster City (5 miles south of
SF airport (directions at the end of this email). The
lecture is free, and I wish to encourage you to bring anyone
whose life has been touched by cancer.


Aleksandra Niedzwiecki has achieved 100% containment (no
metastasis) in several different types of cancer, including
breast cancer, melanoma (skin cancer) and 91% in colon cancer
(lung and ovarian cancers have also gone into remission). Her
work was presented at the 19th Annual Miami Breast Cancer
Conference, Feb 27, 2002, in Miami, FL. This work began at
Linus Pauling Institute, in Palo Alto. I am proud that
Northern California is the site of this profound scientific


90% of the deaths caused by cancer come from metastasis
(spreading of tumors to new sites in the body). Dr.
Niedzwiecki’s team finally learned the way that cancer cells
are able to escape from the tumor site (metastasize), and the
SIMPLE, (non-drug) natural way to stop metastasis. This
health discovery is profound because its implications also
extend to stopping viral and bacterial infections, inflammation,
cardio-vascular disease, in fact, to most of our degenerative
diseases. This solution is actually problematic because it
does NOT involve a drug (or even any exotic and expensive
natural herbs or botanicals). This Saturday is the VERY
beginning of a fresh conversation you are invited to participate
in. We will spread the word of this discovery from person to
person. Come and view the data that shows conclusively what
we have all been hoping for, . . . the reassurance that a
diagnosis of cancer is no longer a death sentence.


Unfortunately you won’t see much coverage of this by the media
since the media’s biggest advertisers are the pharmaceutical
companies, and it is not in their best financial interests to
promote cancer solutions that are not pharmaceutical in nature.


Program: How to STOP Cancer Naturally, by Dr. Aleksandra
Niedzwiecki, PhD 10 to noon, Saturday, Sept 14 (doors open
at 9:30 am.).


Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1221 Chess Drive, Foster City, CA 94404
(650-570-5700) free parking.”

I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be
well and send your friends to my website:



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