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Shameless Plug

The book sales have been going well. I’ll have a better fix
on it next month when I get the first complete quarterly
report from the publisher. Clearly, a lot of promotion will
be needed to sell a book by a newbie with no more “credentials”
than I have. One prominent literary agent I talked to last
week said he liked the book and was impressed by the number
of people I’ve been able to help all over the world. He
said to call him after I have lined up 40 or so speaking
engagements. He could then have some success pitching me
to a publisher as an “expert.”

Obviously, it’s going to take a while to fulfill my dream
of landing a major publisher to print and promote this book
in the bookstores. But you can help me, as you have in the
past. What I need now is speaking gigs. I will talk to any
group of 5 or more people anywhere in the U.S. Whether or
not it leads to publication by a large publisher, we can at
least help some of your friends and associates. All you need
to do is convince your group to pay for my transportation. I
have friends in lots of cities I can stay with to hold down
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Have the program chairperson contact me by e-mail at
bhenderson@getandstaywell.com or by phone at (800) 551-6209.
I have been a teacher much of my adult life and have given
many talks to groups of up to 600 people. Believe me, I will
not embarrass you.

I’ve done three radio interviews of one to two hours each in
the last three weeks. All have been very successful in that
I’ve seen spikes in both web site traffic and book sales
immediately after the interview.

My publisher just sent out 500 news releases last week to
media in five cities. I am lining up some book signings at
local book stores. And, of course, I’m continuing to adver-
tise in health oriented e-zines like this one which accept
ads [which I don’t].

Thanks to all of you who have posted “reviews” on amazon.com.
There are some really touching stories there.

Be sure to tell your friends where to buy the printed book.
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There is no doubt that megadoses of antioxidants (Vitamin A,
Vitamin C, Vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid, selenium and many
others) are very effective in both fighting and preventing
cancer and fending off the side effects of chemotherapy.

Yet, if you have been through the standard cancer “establish-
ment” treatment mill, you have probably heard something from
your oncologist like “Avoid large doses of antioxidants. They
interfere with the chemotherapy.”

There are literally thousands of studies that have proven this
opinion is just not true. But what can I tell you? Our conven-
tional medical folks often seem to be locked in a “time capsule”
through which no new knowledge can penetrate.

One of the best sources on this subject is Dr. Ralph Moss’ book
“Antioxidants Against Cancer” (2000), Equinox Press, Inc. It
is available on amazon.com.

The major goal of my book “Cure Your Cancer” and these news-
letters is to make you “smarter than your oncologist.” So,
let’s continue that process.

Recently, one of my alert readers pointed out that the Protocel
web site advises against taking megadoses of antioxidants while
using Protocel. I looked into it and, sure enough, they specify
limits on Vitamin C (100mg per day) and mention limits on other
antioxidants and other substances. Check this out if you like at:


At the “Usage” link at this web site, you will find that they
recommend, in addition to the Vitamin C limit, limiting Vitamin
E to 32 IU, Coenzyme Q10 to 60mg, Selenium to 60mg and avoiding
Essiac Tea and Burdock Root.

Their reasoning seems to be based on solid science. The unique
action of Protocel is to attack the mitochondria, or energy
molecules, in the cell. Since cancer cells have far fewer of
these than healthy cells and the healthy cells have an over-
abundance, this treatment is very effective in killing the
cancer cells.

It seems, however, that some substances reduce this effect. They
essentially neutralize the Protocel before it can complete its
work. You won’t get sick with the combination. In fact, you
probably won’t even notice any effect except that you will not
get the desired effect from the Protocel.

In practical terms, then, this just means that while using
Protocel, you should avoid treatments which rely on megadoses
of antioxidants. Examples would be: Dr. David Gregg’s protocol
(see my newsletters #41 and #42); Dr. Rath’s anti-metastasis
formula, sold as “Heart Plus” by OurHealthCoop.com; Dr. David
Williams’ Daily Advantage; and Dr. Gregg’s Sparx formula, which
I am taking right now.

Although there are no published “guidelines” like those for
Protocel, I would have the same caution in using substances like
artemesinin, which works as an “oxidant” by producing a chain of
iron molecules, which are attracted by the excess iron in cancer
cells. For the most effective use of this substance, I would cut
back on the antioxidants during its use.

Hydrogen peroxide, which at least one of my readers advocates
for cancer treatment, works by releasing an oxygen molecule,
otherwise known as a “free radical” to attack the cancer cell.
Since this is exactly the “beast” that antioxidants attempt to
slay, a similar caution would apply to the use of hydrogen
peroxide. Don’t load up on the Vitamin C, etc. during its use.

Every day in every way, we all get smarter and smarter about
dealing effectively with cancer. All it takes is an open mind
and an open heart.

CANHELP – Pat McGrady

Last week, I discovered a resource that you all should be
aware of. He is Pat McGrady and he runs a company called
CANHELP. He provides consultations to cancer patients on
both conventional and alternative treatments and selection
of a medical professional. You will find lots of testimonials
and good advice at his web site:


Pat began his work with cancer patients 20 years ago. He had
been disgusted by his Father’s experience. Pat’s Dad had been
a science writer for the American Cancer Society (ACS) for 25
years when he developed metastatic bowel cancer in 1979. Neither
the ACS nor the National Cancer Institute (NCI) were able to
help him.

I heard an interview with Pat on the Laura Lee radio show and
I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of cancer treatment
and his empathy for cancer patients.

For a very reasonable fee [$400 plus a little if you are out of
the U.S. or want a speedy response], he provides a complete set
of recommended treatments and practitioner resources plus one
year free telephone consultations for follow-up. He has helped
many cancer patients recover all over the world for the past
20 years. If I had cancer, I would definitely consider getting
Pat’s recommendations. You can reach him at (800) 565-1732. It
won’t get you any discount, but tell him I sent you.

David, Mom & Princess

This has been a summer of loss and gain for the Hendersons. In
June, I lost my Mom. She was 98 and mercifully went without
any pain. Her life was a model for the “emancipated” woman of
any century.

Last week, I lost my beloved schnauzer, Princess. She had shared
all her 13-year life with me, including a 7,000 mile cross-
country odyssey in 1995 and a three-month trip to Spain the
same year. Her departure was relatively quick and pain-free also.

Just four days ago, my second great-grandson arrived. David
is a beautiful creature. I have 12 photos in an e-mail from
his dad to prove it. He lives in Michigan and I’m hoping to
see him “live and in living color” soon.

Short shots…..


Some of you may have read Barry Lynes’ previous work on cancer.
His expertise shines through his books. His “The Cancer Cure
That Worked” and “The Healing of Cancer” were both excellent
accounts of the corruption in our medical system.

Get his latest book “Cancer Conspiracy: Betrayal, Collusion and
the Suppression of Alternative Cancer Treatments.” If you want
to learn the truth about the Royal Rife Electro Therapy, now
getting widespread attention again after 70 years of suppression,
as well as the straight scoop on mammograms and the drug tamox-
ifen, this book is for you. Only $16.95 at amazon.com.



Once again, I would like to offer you a bribe to get you to
send me your story of your cancer treatment. If you send me
your story — positive, negative or neutral, I’ll send you a
free copy of my “Cure Your Cancer” e-book by return e-mail.



An alert reader has sent me a fine source for beta glucan.
Less expensive than the Immutol I recommend in my book, this
comes from a source I know and trust. It is Swanson Vitamins.
I regularly buy flaxseed oil from them and I have been delighted
with the quality, price and service.

They call their beta glucan Beta Precise. 60 capsules of 250mg
strength costs just $11.39 (plus shipping, of course). Check
it out at:




A reader has asked me to ask you to contact her if you or
anyone you know has survived rectal cancer. As you know, if
you’ve been reading me for awhile, I feel that cancer needs
to be treated as a systemic condition. When you do that, where
and how it manifests is only a minor consideration.

Nevertheless, it is quite helpful for a cancer patient to talk
to someone who has recovered from the same symptoms they have.
If you can help, please contact Kathleen Lewis. Her e-mail is:

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
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I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be
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Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” book

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
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