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Annie Appleseed — Your Lobbyist

You’ve all heard about the millions of dollars the gigantic
pharmaceutical companies pay their lobbyists? Well, now you
have a lobbyist working for you, the cancer patient. And
she’s free!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Ann
Fonfa. She directed me to her web site. To put it mildly,
I was in awe of what I found.

This beautiful soul has been lobbying the National Institutes
of Health, the Food and Drug Administration and numerous other
government agencies for the last seven years. She advocates
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), particularly for
treatment of cancer. She offers living, breathing proof that
it works.

She attends meetings of organizations such as: American
Association for Cancer Research; Chemotherapy Foundation;
Strang International Cancer Prevention Conference; American
Society of Clinical Oncology. She not only buttonholes the
doctors at these gatherings, she gives speeches to many of
the meetings, both in the U.S. and abroad…All with her own
money (she’s not wealthy, just dedicated).

Ann has been interviewed on NBC. She is a member of the
National Action Plan on Breast Cancer, Etiology Working Group,
which is a pulic/private (government/advocate) group formed by
President Clinton to work on issues. She was chosen as one of
MAMM Magazine’s “50 Who Make A Difference.” In February, 1999,
she was honored by the National Organization for Women with the
Susan B. Anthony Award. Ann’s story has been told in “Women
Confront Cancer,” edited by Margaret J. Wooddell and David J.
Hess. A front page article in “Natural Healing & Alternative
Medicine,” a newsletter, also discussed her experiences.

Ann’s web site (see link below) has a mind-boggling array of
information for you. For example, one link is to the Cancer
Control Society. This non-profit organization has been
around since 1973. Currently at their web site, you will
find data bases of 93 “alternative” cancer clinics and 117
cured cancer patients, complete with names, addresses and
telephone numbers. You can call both the clinics and the
cured patients. The data base shows what type of cancer
each patient had and what treatment he/she used to cure it.

Every year, over the Labor Day weekend, this organization
sponsors a symposium on CAM with 50 speakers and many sem-
inars during the 3 days. It is held in Anaheim, California.
This year’s “proceedings” are not yet up on their web site
but those for 1999 and 2000 are there. Check it out at:


At Ann’s web site (below), you can read her personal two-
week diary of her treatment at the Gerson Clinic in Tijuana,
Mexico where her breast cancer was cured. If you are a
cancer patient or an advocate for one, you MUST get
familiar with Annie Appleseed and her web site. It is:


National Foundation for Alternative Medicine

One of the resources I discovered through Ann Fonfa’s web
site (see above) is called the National Foundation for
Alternative Medicine. As you might suspect from the name,
their web site has lots of useful information for you. This
is another non-profit organization. All their information
is free.

I think the best way for you to get a flavor of this organ-
ization is for me to quote from the introductory message
from the founder.



Welcome from NFAM’s Founder and Chairman of the Board,
former U.S. Congressman Berkley Bedell


Dear Friends,


Over 1,500 Americans will die TODAY from cancer. That’s over
553,400 individuals in a year! Will someone you know or love
be next?


Most people have no options for treatment other than conven-
tional medicine. I am a cancer survivor. I was one of the
fortunate few who learned about other innovative, safe, and
effective treatments that are often only available outside
this country.


Because of my experience and the dedication of others like
me, The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine (NFAM)
was created to scientifically study, validate, and publicize
information about alternative and complementary treatments
and to make the findings available to the public free of
charge. Most of NFAM’s research to date has been in cancer
treatment. But as soon as we are able to raise the necessary
funds, we will move forward in studying other chronic
illnesses such as heart disease, AIDS, Lyme disease, Alz-
heimers, and diabetes.”

Check out their web site and their 70 reports on investiga-
tive visits to cancer clinics all over the world at:


The Vocal Majority

If you are a confirmed Complementary and Alternative Medi-
cine (CAM) junkie like me, you will be glad to know that we
are no longer a minority. Here are some interesting statis-
tics from two different sources, which should give you some
reassurance in your quest for a permanent cure for your

First, researchers from Harvard Medical School studied
trends in 20 different alternative therapies from acupunc-
ture to yoga. They found that most of the therapies studied
have increased in popularity since the 1960s. Information
from more than 2,000 interviews conducted show CAM is preva-
lent among the younger generation. Researchers say, by age
33, 7 out of 10 people who were born between 1965 and 1979
had used some form of CAM. That was compared to just 3 out
of 10 CAM users who were born before 1945. [Us geezers need
to get with the program!]

Ronald Kessler, a professor from Harvard and lead author of
the study, says, “The findings really dispel two ideas,
namely that complementary and alternative medicine is just
a passing fad, and that it is used by one particular segment
of society.” Researchers conclude CAM therapy will likely
continue and grow in popularity in the future.

Second, here are some statistics compiled by the Foundation
for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine (FAIM). This
organization was founded by Dr. Atkins (the diet guru).

– 80 percent of medical students want training in CAM therapies.

– 70 percent of family physicians want training in CAM.

– 69 percent of Americans use unconventional medical therapies.

– 67 percent of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) offer
at least one form of complementary/alternative care.

– 64 percent of US medical schools offer courses in CAM.

– 60 percent of physicians have referred patients to CAM prac-

– 56 percent of Americans surveys believe their health plans
should cover alternative therapies.

– 50 percent of physicians surveyed expect to begin or increase
usage of homeopathic and holistic recommendations over the next
year (survey of 3,200 physicians published on August 11, 2000).

– 29 health insurers and HMOs cover CAM therapies, including
Blue Cross of Washington and Alaska, Blue Cross of California,
California Pacific, Catholic HealthCare West, HealthNet, Kaiser
Permanente, Mutual of Omaha, Oxford Health Plans, and Prudential.

[Isn’t it ironic that California, the state whose government,
along with the FDA, has hounded hundreds of CAM practitioners
out of their state, has several insurers which recognize their

– The CAM marketplace is currently valued at $24 billion or
more, with a growth rate of close to 15 percent per year.

For more details on these statistics, go to:


Guest Article — An All-Natural Cure For Cancer

by George Freaner

When the Creator put together the human body, he certainly did
a magnificent job, much more than most of us know. Albert
Einstein, considered one of the most intelligent human beings
ever, marveled at the human body, stating that the design and
structure was only possible by some superior being, and was one
of the building blocks of his faith in God.

Did you know that all of us have cancer cells in our body? As
long as our immune system remains strong, they remain dormant,
but when the immune system becomes weak, the cancer cells can
begin to multiply and do damage. Why God put cancer cells in
our bodies we will never know, but medical science has found
out that He also designed and built in prevention (the immune
system) and what appears to be a built-in cancer cure. The
body has many subsets of white blood cells, which protect the
body against bacteria and other invaders; about 15% of these
cells are NK (Natural Killer) cells, which are able to attack
and kill cancer cells. However, cancer cell are covered with
a protective protein sheath, which protects them from the NK

The pancreas manufactures digestive enzymes to help us digest
our food. Enzymes are absolutely critical to the digestive
and nutritional processes in the body. The source of enzymes
is fresh, unprocessed food. Examples are fresh vegetables,
nuts, berries, grain, fruit and meat. As long as these foods
are fresh, the enzymes in them help us to digest them and con-
vert them into fuel for the body.

Two key enzymes are Trypsin and Chymotrypsin. They are used
to digest animal protein foods. They also have another very
important duty; they are able to identify cancer cells,
probably because cancer cells are covered by the protein
sheath, which protects the cancer cell from the NK cells.
Because these trypsin enzymes are produced to break down
and digest protein, they recognize the cancer cell’s protein
sheath. They are able to digest and break it down, exposing
the cancer cells to the white NK cells, which then attack and
kill the cancer.

Meat requires the enzyme trypsin to digest. The body can
only produce so much trypsin. If all the trypsin is being
used to digest animal protein, little or none is left to
break down the protein lining on cancer cells. Therefore
a vegetarian-type diet, with very little meat, is desirable
for cancer patients. This allows the trypsin enzymes to do
their work exposing the cancer cells. Scientists have termed
this natural immune system process ENZYME THERAPY (see
References #1 through #4 below).

Cooking foods, even the healthy vegetables, fruits, berries,
grains and nuts at a temperature of 137 degrees or higher
kills most of the enzymes. Therefore, we need to eat some
of our food uncooked, as in raw vegetables, fruits, etc. So,
try to build a diet that includes fresh, uncooked vegetables,
as in salads, and fresh, uncooked fruits, berries, grains and
nuts. As a protective measure, when eating all, or mostly
all cooked foods, take digestive enzyme supplements to help
in digesting your food, and in exposing cancer cells.

About thirty years ago, the writer developed colon cancer.
The cancerous tissue was removed via surgery, but I did not
elect to follow up with chemotherapy. Instead, I went on a
near-vegetarian diet, and took loads of Vitamin C. Annual
colonoscopies have not detected any recurrence of the cancer,
so it appears that enzyme therapy worked for me. I am now on
a maintenance program using the anti-cancer supplement MGN-3.

When we get cancer, that’s a sign that the immune system is
weak. To fight the cancer, it may need some help. There are
at least two supplements that multiply the killing power of
the NK cells many times over; they are MGN-3 and AHCC (product
name for AHCC in the U.S. is ImmPower). Both contain natural
substances like rice and various Asian medicinal mushrooms.
They have an excellent record in Japan of fighting cancer,
especially MGN-3. Cancer in Japan has been virtually eradic-
ated. These products are now distributed in the U.S. Accord-
ing to available literature, they have been used by cancer
patients with considerable success (see references #5 through


#1. Alternative Cancer Treatments – Food

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#9 Alternative Newsletter Bulletin “For Every Illness, There
Is A Country Where It Simply Doesn’t Exist.”


Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” e-book
141 pages – $14.95 – instant PDF download

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.