An Open Letter From Terry Henderson


Dear Friends and Loyal Readers of Bill Henderson,

As you know, my husband, Bill Henderson, passed away on July 4, 2016 in Cancun, Mexico. Since then I have received several questions about the details of his passing. I have even heard of rumors that Bill passed away from Cancer after unsuccessfully following the Protocols described in his books and Newsletters. Bill Henderson did NOT die from cancer and any rumors saying otherwise are simply NOT true! In order to answer any questions and put a stop to any unfounded rumors I will try to relate the details leading up to the death of my beloved husband. I feel that this is a story that needs to be told, and I am the only one that can tell it. I have not yet shared this, possibly because I am afraid of realizing what the implications, or truth, may really be. I am still so traumatized by what happened that I have asked my nephew, David Henderson, to help me write this chronicle of events.

Bill Henderson turned 84 this last January 2016. For a man of his age he was very healthy and clear-minded. After a series of medical tests in February, we were informed that he had tested positive for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in his bone marrow. He would need to undergo regular blood transfusions, although he refused any Chemo Therapy.

For the next 6 months Bill followed his own Protocol religiously and we traveled quite a bit to test various “Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing” practices, many of which are illegal in this country, yet perfectly legal and available overseas. Bill was already showing signs of remission. His regularly scheduled blood transfusions were now on an as-needed basis. His strength was improving and he was more alert and hopeful than he had been for a long time. When we left for Cancun on June 28, 2016, Bill was truly ‘beating-cancer-gently’, and doing it in his own terms by following his own protocol as described in his books. ( )

Bill had arranged for a series of treatments at Holy Grail Health**, a clandestine private cancer clinic near Cancun, consisting of Natural Chemo (Formula M) and UBI (Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation, also known as Photoluminescence). After 5 days in Cancun Bill’s hemoglobin count was low indicating it was time for another transfusion. On July 2, we went to the ER of the AMERIMED Hospital Cancun, and there began the nightmare.

By all appearances it was a quiet evening in the ER; there was hardly anybody in the waiting room and those that did arrive were treated immediately. The admitting nurse was very rude and short with us. We were told to wait for an available room and were kept waiting for several hours. Finally we were admitted and the attending physician prepped Bill and started the process for the transfusion. Bill was administered two bags of blood. Shortly after the procedure began the attending physician disappeared and left the RN to finish. Before the second bag was empty Bill was already becoming visibly feverish and his skin was turning red and blotchy, a classic reaction from being administered ‘bad’ blood during a transfusion. I asked the attending nurse who replied she was just following the Doctor’s orders. The doctor could not be found and nobody else could help me. I felt, and was treated, like a crazy person as they tried to placate me. Throughout the night Bill continued to run a very high temperature, which I estimated to be 103º-104ºF. Despite my pleas, nobody came to check on him.

On the morning of July 3, the Doctor arrived to check on his ‘patient’. He tried to explain that the blood had been thoroughly cleansed and processed before being administered, but otherwise ignored my concerns and protests. As he left the room he remarked that the ‘patient’ was a ‘little feverish’ although afterward no one came to even check his temperature or give him anything to bring the fever down. Bill was in and out of consciousness, occasionally complaining loudly or speaking feverishly. It had become very obvious to me that he had been administered ‘bad’ blood and his body was going through a physical reaction. Whether the ‘bad’ blood was administered by accident or on purpose(?), I will probably never know. I did realize though, that either way, they had no intention of doing anything about it. It seemed that they had decided to just let him pass away and blame it on his age and weakened condition. I decided that I was going to get him out of there as soon as possible before these people killed him.

I called a couple of friends we had met at the clinic and asked them if they could come and help me. When they arrived we dressed him, put him in a wheelchair and proceeded towards the exit. Hospital staff blocked the exit while someone from Accounting demanded that I pay the hospital charges in full before leaving. She had prepared an itemized invoice for just under $5000.00 USD. I became very upset, asking why should I pay anything after they just tried to kill my husband! We were only there for one night and most of that had been spent in the waiting room. She including many items in the invoice we never received, such as the special platelets Bill required in his new blood, etc. It was utter chaos with everybody yelling at each other and Bill, looking flushed and frail in his wheelchair, complaining loudly about his legs, which had visibly swelled up since the night before. Apparently someone had called the Police and suddenly there arrived (a bit too suddenly I felt) about a dozen Mexican Policemen complete with machine guns threateningly blocking our exit. So I paid the exorbitant charges and we got out of there as fast as we could. We went back to the idyllic setting of the clinic and after giving Bill a UBI treatment his fever seemed to subside a bit and he calmed down enough to take him to our room where he quickly fell asleep.

At 8:15am on July 4, I tried to waken Bill but, although his eyes were open and he seemed to be looking at me, he didn’t respond. We called an ambulance to take him to the other hospital in the area, Galenia Hospital Cancun, which albeit a bit further away, was obviously a much better and more modern hospital with a courteous, helpful and professional staff. Upon arrival, Bill was attended to immediately, but apparently during the night, his Phlebitis had gotten out of control and had developed a complication known as DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis. The blood clots formed by the DVT caused him to have a Stroke that night in his sleep followed by a Heart Attack, which left him in the condition I found him earlier that morning.

I took his hand in mine and pressed it against my heart while he serenely watched me. I talked to him saying how much I loved him and I wished him a good trip. At 11:30am on July 4, 2016, Bill Henderson stopped breathing. He passed away peacefully as I gently closed his eyes and gave him a final kiss..

Bill was Laid to Rest with Full Military Honors on July 15, 2016, at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas surrounded by many members of his loving family and close friends. Although Bill died while undergoing treatment for his cancer, it was NOT the cancer that was the cause of his death. If they had not ‘mistakenly’ given him ‘bad’ blood, I know in my heart that Bill would still be with us today. Bill was a fighter, a warrior to the end.

After returning from Mexico I was, of course, completely devastated. What was considered a normal procedure in any other hospital had turned into such a fiasco that I am still traumatized every time I even think of it. Since then I have been numbly going through the confusing and frustrating preparations & paperwork with the funeral directors (in Mexico and the U.S.), the American Consulate, the U.S. Air Force, Insurance, Expenses, Banking and Probate Courts. I awake every morning hoping to find Bill asleep comfortably beside me and realize all this has been a very bad nightmare. Then reality sets in. I have been so overwhelmed that I feel I have not had the chance to properly mourn his passing or even pause long enough to fully assimilate the implications of the events I just described. I will soon be taking a break for a few weeks to spend some much needed personal time to re-group, etc. Upon returning I plan to continue Bill’s legacy, as best I can.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude, especially to those I have not been able to respond to personally, for all the outpouring of love and support that I have received these last few weeks. It is great to know how much Bill’s work has been appreciated by people he has helped from all over the world! Thank you!

– Maria Teresa de Rossello (Terry) Henderson


** For those of you that are interested, the best way to reach Holy Grail Health is through the Camelot Cancer Care web site at They offer an arsenal of amazingly effective treatments customized to fit the individual patient in a truly beautiful tropical resort-type setting located near Cancun. In order to get a referral you will need to fill out a case evaluation and submit the medical history form found on the above web site. I’m sure that if Bill were here today, he would recommend Holy Grail Health as one of the best Out-Patient, Non-Toxic, Cancer Healing Clinics practicing outside of the United States (only because present laws in our country prohibit our own medicinal choices).