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Welcome to this 123nd issue of my newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


Dedication to Don

I am dedicating this issue of the newsletter to the spirit of my son, Don.

As some of you know who listen to my radio show, Don passed away on August 29th. He was 51. Far too young. He had been a very successful dentist in West Los Angeles for 25 years. His faith in the medical system literally led to his death. He had lost his wife, Loren, to lung cancer in November, 2007 for the same reason.

I heard a couple of months ago that Don was having some trouble with a blood clot in his left leg. I tried to describe to him how I had taken care of a similar problem a couple of years ago with DMSO. He didn’t want to listen.

His doctor, of course, did the standard thing — started him on blood thinning medicine — Heparin. Some time in early August, a hemotologist (blood specialist) was called in. She vetoed the dosage his doctor had given him (40mg) and upped it to 240mg. Don within a couple of days began having additional symptoms — clot in his right leg, short of breath, very tired, etc.

When he had to go to the hospital and be placed in ICU for a couple of days, I pleaded with his older brother and sister to try to convince him to read some of the information I had on DMSO and other natural blood-thinning and detoxing substances. They said it was “up to Don.” Things went downhill from there. He came out of ICU but when he tried to return to work, he soon became too tired to stand.

Back in the hospital, they decided to transfer him from Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles to the University of California — San Diego (UCSD) hospital. It seems there they had experience with a procedure where they stop the heart for 45 minutes, drain out all the blood, run it through a “filter” to get all the clots out and then reintroduce it into his body. I was in shock when I heard about that, but felt completely impotent.

When he got to UCSD Hospital around August 24th, they decided to take a more “conservative” approach. They started him on low doses of Coumadin — another blood-thinner drug. He seemed to improve briefly, but on Thursday, August 28th, he became very short of breath and they discovered more clots in his lungs. He was placed on a respirator.

I arrived in Los Angeles on Friday, August 29th early in the afternoon. I rented a car and was en route to the UCSD Hospital in San Diego when he passed away.

There is a lesson here for all of us. I’ve learned during this experience from naturopathic experts that mercury (and other heavy metals) in the liver can cause the blood to become thicker than normal. As a dentist, it was virtually impossible for Don to avoid mercury toxicity. One of the common results is that the spleen “spits out” blood clots. When this occurs, the immediate procedure should be to take DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) — diluted with 50% water — orally to dissolve the clots. As I mentioned, I’ve done it myself, and it worked. I simply drank an ounce of the liquid DMSO/water mixture every 20 minutes for two hours. The next day, everything was pretty much back to normal. I still had some swelling in my ankle, but they could find no blood clot when they did an MRI. For years, we have kept this DMSO/water mixture in our medicine cabinet to use for strokes and other blood clot problems.

Where do you get DMSO? We bought ours in a “Feed Store” in San Antonio. Wherever veterinarians go for their supplies, it will be available. They use it regularly on animals (horses, dogs, etc.) for all kinds of problems — pain, muscle strains, and yes — blood clots.

If you read the chapter in “Politics in Healing” by Daniel Haley on DMSO and the suppression of this wonderful substance, you’ll find that it is quite possible that if Christopher Reeve had been given this substance within a few hours after his fall from the horse, his neck trauma and its resulting paralysis would have disappeared. It is currently approved by the FDA — but only for the treatment of “interstitial cystitis.” Go figure!

Folks, this is the medical system we live with. We have to survive in spite of it. Those of us who trust it to have the answers often do not survive. Rest in peace, Don. We love you.


Beware of Radiation — by Talia Miller, Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

All of you should find this article on the long term effects of radiation very interesting. Talia Miller is a special person. For several years, she has been a “Breast Cancer Recovery Coach.” In fact, she and I shared a teleseminar about four years ago. Some of you may have participated in that call. If there is an authority you can trust, it is Talia. Here’s her advice for you on radiation.

Are you a long-term breast cancer survivor? Do you have a friend or relative who is?

Then congratulations! I too, am a thriver-16 years now. and I recently learned something that I must share so that you or your loved one, can potentially avoid the situation I find myself in.

As a breast cancer recovery coach, I was well aware of the dangers of radiation. But what I did not know, was that the danger starts at the 10 year mark!

According to radiation technicians and a surgeon I talked with, the information I am about to share is not unusual. They know about it. Colleagues in their field might even have mentioned it to me – sixteen years ago. I didn’t remember hearing it and, if I did, it’s so long ago I’d forgotten.

If radiation was used to treat a breast cancer in the early to late 90’s, that radiation is likely to cause lung cancer after 10–20 years. That’s right. We know radiation is dangerous, but did you know it is this dangerous? (I was not able to ascertain other years. My breast cancer was 1993.)

I discovered that I have metastasized lung cancer, a new primary, not from the breast cancer. It metastasized to the lymph nodes on the neck areas, which is how I discovered something was wrong. My neck was swollen. The lung cancer had probably been growing for years.

So, how does this help you? Be aware, be proactive. Take whatever actions feel right to you to monitor your lung on the side of the body that received the radiation originally. Consider getting chest x-rays beginning the tenth year after having radiation for breast cancer.

I know it seems strange to recommend x-rays, more radiation – maybe you know another way to monitor the lung. Even though I worked with a medical intuitive from time-to time, there was no evidence of the cancer until my neck was swollen.

The surgeon I spoke with said he usually doesn’t see the lung cancer ‘until 20 years after radiation.’ The oncologist said he is seeing ‘a lot of these cases lately.’ Apparently they typically stopped using this ‘dangerous’ form of radiation around 1996. It could have been used longer in some areas of the country. But since all radiation carries with it a danger, be alert. The only symptom I had over the last several years was needing a lot of sleep. However, that was not atypical for me, and I had no other symptoms. You are in charge of your body. Be alert to changes in breathing, shortness of breath even if very mild, and get yourself checked.

What do I recommend? Stay on or restart a non-toxic treatment after 10 years. Muscle tests for substances such as protocel, would be very sells a kit with 12 cancer-fighting agents to test to see which, if any, your body would use effectively. Stay on, or restart, a healthy anti-cancer, sugar-free, gluten-free, eating plan. Get checked for fungus. I use live blood cell analysis and it showed a lot of fungus suddenly — after, but not before, my diagnosis. Usually dark field scope analysis (another name for it) by an expert, spots illnesses long before we see their outward manifestation.

In summary, ten years after receiving radiation treatment on a breast, begin a very proactive anti-cancer regime. Immerse yourself in emotional release work get to the core issues and heal them, clean up old relationships, do what feels right to you to develop an even closer connection with God or your Higher Power, follow a spiritual practice (I love “A Course in Miracles”). Use all the principles of body-mind-spirit healing to stay healthy.

Good luck and blessings to all.


Dr. Talia Miller, M.Ed.,D.S.S.
Breast Cancer Recovery Coach
Director, Breast Cancer Support Center”

Thank you, Talia, for this valuable information. And God Bless You in your recovery.

Folks, Talia has just proven what I advise everyone I talk to who has cancer. You must consider the changes you make in your lifestyle as permanent “lifetime” commitments. Once you have had cancer, you have proven that your body is susceptible to it and you must treat it as a chronic potential problem. It you relax your regimen that got you healed, it will almost certainly come back. This is no cause for fear. It just should convince you that changing your eating and supplement habits permanently is absolutely necessary to prevent recurrence.


New Test For Breast Cancer — No False Negatives or Positives

Here is an interesting article from “Women’s Health Alert” by Dr. Nan Fuchs. You can subscribe to this free e-mail letter at:

This new test for breast cancer promises no false positives or negatives

Don’t be surprised if some day in the near future your dentist suggests he tests you for breast cancer.

Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center (Houston, TX), along with scientists at several cancer research centers, recently made a huge discovery. They found that women with breast cancer carry different proteins than women who have no malignancy. In fact, they found that women who are healthy, have breast cancer, or have a benign tumor all carry different proteins.

What’s more, these researchers found a very easy, non-invasive way to figure out which proteins you carry. That’s because we carry these proteins in our saliva. This means that a simple saliva test could show whether or not you have breast cancer. And the test is so simple your dentist could do it the next time you get your teeth cleaned.

How accurate is the test? It’s so accurate that this new test could completely eliminate false positive and false negative results.

This group of researchers, headed by Dr. Charles Streckfus, an expert on human saliva and molecular epidemiology, recently compared the saliva from each of the three groups of people. They found 130 proteins — 49 of which were different between healthy patients and people with tumors. Some of these proteins were unique to benign breast tumors.

Mammograms can find tumors, but they can’t tell you whether or not these tumors are malignant. This test can.

The researchers are hopeful that they can develop a diagnostic test that can detect a cancer even before a tumor is formed.

Dr. Catherine M Flaitz, dean of the UT Dental Branch at Houston, is hopeful. ‘Dentistry has entered an exciting new era. On every front, our researchers are exploring links between oral health and the overall health of patients, often with astonishing findings. We’re working to bring those discoveries out of the lab and into the real world of dentists’ and physicians’ offices.'”

Ask your dentist, ladies. Here’s the reference to this study:

Charles F. Streckfus; et al, “Breast Cancer Related Proteins Are Present in Saliva and Are Modulated Secondary to Ductal Carcinoma In Situ of the Breast.” Cancer Investigation, Published online on 10 January 2008.


A Reader’s Story…Kathleen Hofman

I know you’ll enjoy Kathleen Hofman’s story as much as I did. Note the time frame and the area of recurrence and how it corresponds to Talia Miller’s experience (see above).

“Words can not express how very grateful I am to you Mr. Henderson for your wonderful book ‘Cancer -Free.’ I was told in February that the breast cancer I had in 1997 had returned in both lungs and in the lymph nodes above my lungs.

I started a macrobiotic diet immediately and started researching for alternative methods of treating cancer. (I now just follow your recommendations eliminating all the sugar, dairy, animal protein, processed food, etc.) I am so happy that I found your book as it is written so that it is easily understood.

I started the five things to do on March 16th. The doctor only prescribed Femara, an estrogen blocker. My tumor markers at the beginning were 90.2. My first test with Dr. Navarro’s Clinic was 57. The next tests at my local doctor’s clinic were 77.2, two months later 47.1 and on July 30th, 36.1. The CT Scan I had on July 30th showed a sufficient reduction in cancer.

I had told my doctor what I was doing and he said it couldn’t hurt anything. On my last visit he said ‘I don’t care if you are standing on your head every morning! Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.’ I stopped taking the Femara on July 1st, as I don’t like all of the side effects, but I didn’t tell the doctor. Thank God for you, Bill Henderson, and all of the other wonderful people who are wise enough to look for answers in curing or controlling cancer. Of course, I am spreading the word about your book, but some people are so, so, hardheaded. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Well, thank you, Kathleen, for your great story and your kind words. Again, ladies (and gentlemen) if you’ve had radiation in the 90’s, it’s time to get a check on your lungs.




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Despite my tragic family disaster on August 29th, I was able to hear a few of the presentations at the Cancer Control Society Convention in Los Angeles on Labor Day weekend. There are casette tapes and CD’s available of all 41 of the presentations. There are two, in particular, which I heard that I would like to recommend to you. Each tape or CD is $8 and the shipping for 1, 2 or 3 of them is just $1.50. My first recommendation is Tom Lodi, M.D. His presentation was called “Healing Cancer From Inside Out.” The number of the recording is 08A035. The second one was, I believe, the most popular presentation of all 41. It was given by Christopher Hussar, D.D.S., D.O. The title was “Thermography Detection and Breast Cancer.” He showed dramatic pictures of what “cavitations” in your jaw and the surgery to fix them looked like. Of course, he also stressed the connection between cancer and problems in your jaw (one of my favorite topics). His booth was mobbed with people three deep around it for over an hour after his presentation. The number of the recording is 08A036. To order the tapes or CD’s, please call Tapeco, Inc. in Lowell, Arkansas (Central Time). Their number is (479) 770-6027.



Three of you sent me notes on videos at “Brasscheck” (an interesting video promoter) about suppression of alternative treatments. I suggest you look at both of these. The first one is a short video on Bill C-51, the Canadian government’s attempt to implement something like the Codex Alimentarius which has restricted access to natural substances in the EU, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Here is the link:

The second one is longer. It is the story of Harry Hoxsey and the AMA’s suppression of him. Very interesting, but settle down. This one is almost 90 minutes. It’s at:



Folks, I need a break. Between my weekly radio show and this newsletter and putting together a new, updated “Third Edition” of my “Cancer-Free” book, I’m burned out. I will take the month of October off to play a little golf and enjoy my family. I’ll see you in November.


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Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
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