Houston Workshop — A Big Success
GetAndStayWell.com Web Site Down


Houston Workshop — A Big Success

Dr. Loretta Lanphier, a Naturopathic Doctor and cancer
survivor, and I enjoyed a great workshop yesterday in Houston.
We hope to do another joint “Beating Cancer – Gently” workshop
again soon. I felt like every person who attended became a
member of my crusade (and my great “extended” family of
readers all over the world).

GetAndStayWell.com Web Site Down

I returned to my computer today to find that my web site
was down. After publishing my August 28th newsletter, I
found that I couldn’t upload it to the newsletter archives
section of my web site, as I usually did. I contacted my
webmaster, who lives in New Zealand, and he told me he was
having problems with the “host.” It had nothing to do with
the content of my web site because other customers of my
webmaster were having similar problems and his own web site
wasn’t working right.

I had started the process of rebuilding the web site using
some “user friendly” software I discovered last week. I’m
no expert in the language called “HTML” used to write web
sites. This software appears to make that process manage-
able for people like me. It looks like it will take me at
least 2-3 weeks, however, to get it “up and running.”

I wanted you to understand what’s going on and why you might
not receive another newsletter from me until I get over this
“bump in the road.” I care about you and I appreciate your
support. I’ll be back soon with another newsletter. In the
meantime, if you need to contact me by e-mail, please use
the e-mail address below. My other e-mail address, the
bhenderson@getandstaywell.com will not be working, at least

Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” book