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Teleseminar Coming With Gene Koonce, VIBE Machine Inventor
Our First Week’s Experience With WNC VIBE Central
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Teleseminar Coming With Gene Koonce, VIBE Machine Inventor

For those of you who were unable to make the teleseminar conference call on September 8th when I interviewed Gene Koonce, inventor of the VIBE Machine, I have good news for you. Gene will join me again on Saturday, October 1st, for a reprise. I was unable to record the September 8th interview due to “technical difficulties” and many of you have told me you were unable to make the call for various reasons. I will attempt to record this one, but no promises. Try to make the call. You will have a whole hour to ask Gene questions.

We will start at 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time; 8:00 PM Central; 7:00 PM Mountain; 6:00 PM Pacific and GMT minus 4 hours for all others. I will interview Gene for the first 30 minutes or so. Then the rest of the 90-minute call will be opened for your questions. We had 65 people on the last call. I expect close to the maximum of 96 on this one.

All you have to do is dial (641) 985-1000 a couple of minutes before the top of the hour. When asked to enter your “code” for this call, enter 393926# (the pound sign (#) at the end is important). It’s very easy and if you want to get information on the VIBE Machine direct from the inventor, this is your chance. Hope to “see” you then.

I’ll try to put out a reminder, but no promises.

Our First Week’s Experience With WNC VIBE Central

Terry, my wife, and I received our VIBE Machine about 4:00 PM on Tuesday, September 13th. We managed to get it set up that evening in our downstairs family room and even had one eager friend come over that night. We named our new enterprise WNC (for Western North Carolina) VIBE Central.

In the first week, 17 people and 2 cats have had VIBE sessions here. Several people and both cats have had multiple sessions. Feedback is all positive. One cancer patient who recently recovered from his third bout with cancer in the last nine years felt a burst of energy after his first treatment. He has had several more sessions (up to 7 minutes a day now) and feels great. Of course, he is also following the diet and supplement regimen in my book “Cancer-Free,” which I feel is the ideal combination for complete recovery and prevention of recurrence.

Terry and I feel a great boost in energy. It has helped us sleep better and has improved digestion and elimination (Terry), concentration (me) and overall elan (both). Our 17-year-old tried it once for 4 minutes. She said it gave her a headache and made her feel tired. This is a typical reaction to the release of toxins, which abound in virtually all teenagers because of their awful diet. Probably she should have started at 1 or 2 minutes. No other negative reactions.

We have lots of people who want to come back for more and lots more signed up for first treatments. Interesting week. We’ll keep you posted.



Last week, Joyce Braun, a faithful reader, sent me an eye-popping article published two weeks ago by It is an interview with Dr. David Graham, the senior drug safety researcher at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He is the person who blew the whistle to a Senate committee on the dangers of the drug Vioxx. Despite it’s being banned temporarily after causing 140,000 heart attacks and 60,000 deaths, Vioxx has been voted back on the market by the FDA with a slightly modified label. Everyone should print out this 10-page interview and read it carefully.

The interview contains jaw-dropping insights about the corruption and crimes that take place every day inside the FDA. This is no outside critic, either; these are the words from a top FDA employee who has worked at the agency for two decades. If you’ve ever wondered how the drug industry could pull off the greatest con of our time — and turn the human body into a profit-generating machine — you’re about to learn the shocking answers in this interview.



Since publishing the article on root canals in the last newsletter, I’ve heard from several of you on the subject of finding a good “biological” dentist to evaluate the condition of your mouth. This is a very good idea, by the way. 98% or so of all dentists are concerned only with the aesthetics and cosmetics of what they do in your mouth. Their motto: “Save the tooth — whatever it takes.” This is a very unhealthy attitude and is likely to change over the next several years because of several lawsuits pending on the mercury amalgam fillings issue.

For you right now, however, the smartest thing you can do is seek out a “biological” dentist. This is the accepted term for “holistic” dentists who are actually more concerned with your overall health than with the condition of your smile. Here are a couple of great resources to help you find such a dentist in your area:

1. Matrix, Inc. (866) 948-4638 (toll-free). Talk to Rachel or Mark. These people are dedicated to training dentists in the regime for dental health described in Dr. Hal Huggins book “It’s All In Your Head – The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness.” This book, by the way, is available from for $3.49 (new and used). It also discusses root canal teeth and their effect on your health. Matrix, Inc. has a locator service to help you find an appropriate dentist in your area.

2. DAMS, Inc. This acronym, which I’m not sure what it stands for, has an obvious reference to the “dam” that is used by the dentist when he/she removes your mercury amalgam fillings. Call them at (800) 311-6265. Leo Cashman at that number was very helpful and is sending me some literature on this subject with a list of “biological” dentists in this area (none right in Asheville, unfortunately). He pointed out that “periodontal” (gum) disease multiplied the harmful effect of the toxins produced by both root canal teeth and mercury amalgam fillings.

I also heard from Bob Davis on this subject. Bob is always helpful in expanding my knowledge. This subject is no exception. Here’s the message I received from Bob:

“In years gone by, it was common to see people with all sorts of dental problems. Now, the people that you meet on the street usually have very healthy looking teeth. This is due to the tremendous progress made in the materials and procedures available to dentistry. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of cosmetics and general dental function, elements have been ignored that are very degrading to our general health. One such practice is the root canal procedure. It is estimated that virtually all root canal treatments result in an incipient infection that cannot be addressed by our immune system. Your dentist may say that the root canal has healed, when what he may actually be seeing on the x-ray is the body’s attempt to encapsulate the infection with calcium. It is also observed that removing root canal treatments results in the elimination of cancer in many patients. A safe alternative can be very expensive, so, if you are not sufficiently endowed, you may have to choose between your smile and your life. – The problem is not what we can put into a root canal that is safe, the problem is that the tooth is dead and consequently full of bacteria. If you read this site, you will find a lot of interesting information.


Your conventional dentist will not support this notion, as this is his training and practice. However, alternative dentists are available who can lead you through the processes that will provide safe dental care.


The following article is an expose of the health problems brought about by a root canal procedure. – Oncologists in Europe and other countries insist upon removing root canal treatments before they will treat a cancer patient.


From: – Dr. Harold Ravin, D.D.S. says that if he had an incurable disease, he would certainly have any questionable teeth removed. The infected tooth that you don’t remove could be the one that is killing the patient.


Many people have beaten cancer by removing root canal therapies. If you are fighting cancer and, especially if you have not been successful, maybe the key to your problem lies in the root canals treatments that you have in your mouth. You can worry about your appearance after you have conquered cancer, can’t you?”

Thanks, Bob, for (as usual) some very helpful information.

Well, enough for now. And don’t forget my bribe. Send me your story about your cancer experience — good, bad or neutral — and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book “Cancer-Free.” Your story may help many other people. Just let me know if you want me to include your name or e-mail address when I publish it in the newsletter. I will certainly respect your privacy.

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Bill Henderson
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