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Can You Afford It?

Almost every day, I talk to someone who is spending hundreds
of dollars a month on supplements. Many cannot afford these
expensive supplements, so they don’t take them. Others of
you would like to go to a particular clinic but can’t afford
the fee. How many of the treatments I discuss are covered
by insurance? Somewhere between few and none.

It seems criminal to me that your survival depends on how
much you can afford to spend on the proper treatment. There
are many civilized countries where this is not true, but it
certainly is in the United States.

With this situation in mind, I continue to look for ways to
help you cope with it. If you read my September 6th news-
letter, you will recall me suggesting you take a look at
Cash Evolution. If you missed it, it’s the article “$$$ For
Your Treatments” at:


Starting September 9th, 19 people have signed up for Cash
Evolution, so far. I have been able to give “spillover”
people to several of you on my Cash Evolution team. There
is still time to get into this before Mark Joyner’s large
promotion program kicks off in the coming weeks, along with
that of several other well-known marketers on the Internet.

In short, 4 people under me, along with me, are already in
“profit” mode. I know of at least 20 “warm” prospects that
are considering it now. So, my hunch that this could be a
good source of income for you is proving correct.

If you would like to take a look at this program, just go to:


I don’t want to insult your intelligence and suggest that
this is “free” money. If you can spend 10-15 hours a week
on it, however, I think a goal of $1,500 a month within a
year is quite conservative. The risk? A $25 “sign-up” fee,
which is refundable in the first 30 days and then a $25 a
month “subscription” fee. No more, no less. The first five
people under you are worth $8 per month to you. In other
words, when you have signed up 3 people, you are at the
“break even” point. I’ve never seen anything any easier.

Check it out.

A “Bombshell” Is About To Explode

God is generous! Just a few days ago, I learned about
another opportunity for you to make money. This one is
so new that, until October 15th, you can get in on the

How much does it cost? Would you believe $3.95, which is
fully refundable. You get your first month’s subscription
free, so you have 30 days after the “launch” on October
15th to decide if you want to continue.

By getting in now, you get a position in the “matrix” which
almost guarantees you will get massive “spillover” once it
is launched. Usually, this type of opportunity is given only
to those willing to invest a large sum of money in the project.
For less than $4, you have this opportunity now. Don’t blow

Too good to be true? Listen, if you are a cancer patient or
a caregiver, you deserve this. So, take a look, please.
You have nothing to lose, not even the $4.

It is called “Guerrilla Marketing Bombshells.” The brainchild
of Mark Joyner and Jay Conrad Levinson, it will be promoted
by two of the “best in the business.” Check it out at:


Dr. Rath’s San Francisco Seminar Follow-up

My sister-in-law has sent me a stack of literature and an
audio tape she picked up at the Dr. Rath seminar in San
Francisco on September 14th. As soon as I can digest it,
I’ll give you a summary.

Barbara Johnson, RN

Last night, I had a 90-minute telephone conversation with
Barbara Johnson, RN, from Baltimore, Maryland. This lady
has an awesome amount of experience treating cancer patients,
including her own father. She is sending me more detailed
information on “T-plus” and cesium chloride. She is an
expert on both sources and treatment with both. If you
would like a preview, please read pp. 424-430 of Daniel
Haley’s book “Politics In Healing.” Barbara is also an
expert on bovine colustrum and magnetic sleep pads, among
other cancer treatments.

As soon as I get back from a trip to Michigan next week
for my youngest grandson’s wedding, I’ll get out a news-
letter on Barbara and her immense store of knowledge.

Until then, the best of everything to all of you and please
take a look with an open mind at the opportunities to make
some money at home.


Be well and send your friends to my website:



Bill Henderson
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As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.