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The book sales have been going well. I’ll have a better fix
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So far, I’ve had six radio interviews (stations in Philadel-
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Have the program chairperson contact me by e-mail at
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CoQ10 CoRrection

Last week, I received an interesting e-mail from a retired
doctor in Canada. Dr. Stan pointed out that the recommended
dose of CoQ10 I gave in Newsletter #42 (10mg per day) was way
too low for cancer patients. He’s absolutely right.

It seems that in a senior moment I stated that the dose was
the same as the “maintenance” dose that both Dr. Gregg and Dr.
Williams include in their daily vitamin/mineral products. In
my defense, Dr. Gregg’s paper on his protocol, which I wrote
about in newsletters #41 and #42 is not very clear on the
recommended dose for CoQ10. However, he does mention that
various researchers have tried doses fom 90mg per day to
390mg per day when treating cancer patients, with better
results from the higher dosages.

Since this supplement is very useful for a number of reasons
other than cancer (heart health, etc.), I suggest you err on
the high side. A dose of 400mg per day sounds reasonable to
me. Sorry about the glitch.

Poly-MVA Miracles

I am grateful to the same Dr. Stan mentioned above for a paper
he sent me on Poly-MVA. This remarkable substance is worth a
look by any cancer patient. As you may recall, the only reason
I don’t include it in my list of recommended “self-treatments”
is it’s cost. It is expensive…$330 for an 8 ounce bottle,
which is 96 “servings.” This is about a twelve day supply at
the dose they recommend for cancer patients (2 teaspoons four
times a day).

The cost is so high because it is a patented product. All the
ingredients are natural, not synthetic, but their combination
is patented by Dr. Merrill Garnett of Islip, New York. He dis-
covered it in 1991 and patented it in 1995. He has a PhD in
Cellular Biology and is also a dentist.

Despite its cost and based on some of the following quotes, both
you and I need to take another look at this product. To get the
full story on it, go to these two web sites:




The latter site has some of the most “jaw-dropping” testimonials
I have ever seen. What is interesting is that many of these
people have recovered taking only Poly-MVA.

I’ll be quoting from an article by Dr. Morton Walker which
appeared in the February/March edition of the Townsend Report.
This is a well-respected medical journal for Naturopathic Medical


“I had this terrible bone pain in my head, spine, ribs, and all
over. Then the doctor told me he had discovered holes in my skull
the size of nickels and dimes. I felt just terrible pain and
needed to sleep all the time to escape it. I took pain pills and
sleeping pills. It turned out – the final diagnosis offered by my
newly acquired oncologist – that I had been struck by multiple
myeloma,” states 67-year-old clergyman Kenneth Walker of Fox
Island, Washington. “On March 19, 2001 he told me the diagnosis
and in June he advised that because my anemia was so severe, ‘The
cancer is ravaging your bone marrow – you have less than three
months to live unless you undergo chemotherapy.”‘ Also referred to
as malignant plasmacytoma or plasma cell myeloma or myelomatosis,
multiple myeloma is a disseminated neoplasm of marrow plasma cells.


The disease infiltrates bone to produce osteolytic lesions throughout
the skeleton (particularly in the flat bones, vertebrae, skull, pelvis,
and ribs). Standard treatment is cytotoxic chemotherapy using
cyclophosphamid or melphalan – both administered with prednisone to
suppress plasma cell growth and control pain. The medical profession
considers this disease incurable. According to a respected reference
source, within three months of diagnosis 52% of patients die, within
two years, 90% die.’


“Today, this same oncologist advises me that if I was visiting him for
the first time, he would not suspect cancer had ever been present. The
treatment I researched and adopted on my own saved me,” affirms Reverend
Walker. “At the doctor’s request I have documented what he describes as
‘such a fantastic result.'”


Illustrative of the “fantastic result” for Ken Walker is that no symptoms
of multiple myeloma remain. He is now retired and enjoying a leisure
life to the fullest. During the late summer of 2001, for example, the
retired clergyman and his wife spent six weeks circumnavigating Canada’s
Vancouver Island in their sailboat. During the week just prior to
Thanksgiving 2002, he flew to Aruba to engage in scuba diving with dive
master and Oriental medicine specialist Carlos Viana, OMD, who practices
holistic medicine in Aruba and throughout the Netherlands Antilles.


Reverend Ken Walker (no relation to the author) is utilizing the newest
concept in nutritional supplements, an organic “metallovitamin” and
amino acid produced under three patents first issued by the US
Government in October 1995 to electro-biochemist and former US Navy
dentist Merrill Garnett, PhD, DDS, of Islip, Long Island, New York.
This metallovitamin [is] derived from a lipoic acid and palladium
complex…and is called Poly-MVA.”


“During February 2002, I discovered a lump in my left breast that seemed
pretty big,” says Sarah J. Jones of Denver, Colorado. “Because I could
not get an evaluation appointment at the Sally Jobe Diagnostic Center in
Greenwood Village, Colorado for several weeks, I researched the holistic
medical literature on my own and took a number of nutritional
supplements,” Sarah says. “When finally I was seen at the Sally Jobe
Center, their multiple Doppler ultrasound films confirmed my breast lump
as potentially cancerous. The radiologist browbeat me to have a biopsy,
which I refused because of what I had learned from my reading about the
spread of cancer from biopsies.


‘With hands on hips and challenge in her voice, the head nurse at Sally
Jobe Center announced to me, “From their star shape, I guarantee that
the cells in your breast lump are cancerous.” “If that be true,” I
wondered, “why do I need a biopsy?”


Sarah is married to cancer researcher Bob Jones, inventor of the
CavitatTM, a sonogram diagnostic device for detecting neuralgia inducing
cavitational osteonecrosis (NICO) arising from implanted root canal
teeth. The Cavitat is renowned for its diagnostic endodontic excellence
among holistic, biological, mercury-free dentists such as those who are
members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology,
the Environmental Dental Association, the American Academy of Biological
Dentistry, and the Holistic Dental Association. The enlightened
dentists who are members of these professional organizations consider
Sarah and Bob Jones holistic dental visionaries.


“Not then or now do I receive physician-administered cancer treatment.
The physician who is supervising my Doppler-ultrasound evaluations,
Ob-Gyn specialist Asela C. Russell, MD, keeps insisting that I must
undergo biopsy, chemotherapy, and radiation,” Sarah Jones says. “The
radiologist at the Sally Jobe Center’s Invision Department, Virgini
Stefanoudakis, MD, notes about me: ‘Due to her strong beliefs in
holistic medicine, she [the patient] may or may not agree to biopsy.’
“I have never undergone biopsy. Near the end of May. 2002, after
speaking on the phone about my breast cancer to Emmy McAllister, the
director of Health Solutions Now!, Bob learned from her about the same
anticancer substance containing minerals, vitamins, and amino acids used
successfully by Reverend Ken Walker. Then my husband did his own
literature search on the substance, Poly-MVA. Consequently, I added
this liquid amino acid metallovitamin to my nutritional supplementation,
two teaspoonfuls four times a day taken in purified water,” confirms
Sarah. “I’ve continued this supplementation on my own without help from
any oncologist, except that Sally Jobe Center Ob-Gyn Associate Asela C.
Russell, MD, monitors the size of my tumor.”


Sarah Jones concludes, ‘After she performed an examination of me on
November 8, 2002, Dr. Russell wrote on her prescription pad: ‘Sarah
Jones’ left breast mass is significantly smaller. [Now reduced to]
approximately 1.5 by 1.4 centimeters [2.1 cm3] maximum dimensions.”‘


Within six months of beginning her program of nutritional supplemen-
tation with Poly-MVA, this most recent oncological measurement
of Sarah’s cancerous breast lump shows a reduction from her original
March 15, 2002 tumor measurement of 5.382 cm3. The malignant breast
tumor of Sarah Jones had shrunk by 67 percent.


Both Sarah and Ken Walker are experiencing dramatic results from their
use of the inventor’s Poly-MVA anticancer concept. The Poly-MVA name
comes from the combined terms Poly meaning “many, much, more than one”;
M indicating “minerals”; V signifying “vitamins’; and A symbolizing
“amino acids.”


If money is no object, take a look at the web sites above where you
can order this substance. If it is, [as it is with most of us] don’t
give up. Albert Sanchez, Phd, EdS, who is the President of the primary
Poly-MVA distribution company, assured me in a phone conversation last
month that he has given away about $2 million worth of Poly-MVA to cancer
patients who couldn’t afford it. I will give you his contact informa-
tion, along with that for Rev. Ken Walker and Sarah Jones below. Check
it out.

1. Primary commercial source in North America, AMARC Enterprises, Inc.,
Albert Sanchez, Jr., President; 866-Poly-MVA i.e. 866-765-9682; Email:

2. For further information about his multiple myeloma remission
experience, contact Reverend Ken Walker, 221 Bella Vista Drive, Fox
Island, Washington 98333; 253-549-7676; Email: kwalk@centurytel.net.

3. For further information about her breast cancer reduction experi-
ence, contact Sarah Jones, Cavitat Medical Tech Inc., 10691 East
Bethany Drive, Suite 900, Aurora, Colorado 303-755-2688.

If and when you check it out, I’ll be interested in your comments.

A Reader’s Story

Even though she lost her fight to help her Mom, I found Carol’s
comments very interesting. In hopes that you will, too, I’ll
share them with you, as she asked me to:

“Bill –


I stepped in front of the cancer train this summer, and it ran me


Reading your revised book is extremely sad. Why didn’t I try the
dried green barley leaves? Why didn’t I look for another doctor who
might have been willing to monitor Mom’s potassium level while she
took cesium chloride? What about these other 99 approaches, all
shown to have worked in at least some cases?


Do you ever have ‘What if?’ thoughts about your wife?


I know I should be grateful for the circumstances of Mom’s death.
She was not in pain – a huge thing from what I read of cancer. She
was able to stay at home with us – another huge thing. Her medical
expenses were modest and all covered by Medicare – still another
huge thing.


But, she died. Despite everything I tried to do.


Can I give myself excuses? Of course. There wasn’t enough time. I
didn’t find the right doctor to support alternative approaches. I
didn’t double or triple up on therapies – I picked one and put all
my hopes on that one. I didn’t take the extraordinary measures
mentioned for that therapy – spraying oil on her skin, flaxseed
oil enemas. Was I just fooling myself? At least it gave me something
to do and the illusion I was doing something to help.


I can say, It’s not about me. It’s about her, and her quality of life
was preserved, until it couldn’t be anymore, and the best we can tell,
she decided she had had enough and let go, preserving control over her
life – exactly as she would have wanted to.


But, it’s hard to read about the testimonials for therapies that
worked for someone, somewhere, under some circumstances.


Enough of my whining. How dare I. To someone who had a much harder row
to hoe.


RE: MGN-3. I now remember why I didn’t pursue that one, of the five I
narrowed my choices down to. It is described as an immune-boosting
therapy to be used after ‘debulking.’ There was no debulking in Mom’s
case – no surgery, radiation or chemo, so it seemed too light weight to
help. I suppose I could have done it as a supplement to the FO/CC, but
that didn’t seem to be what the literature was recommending. Would it
have moderated the steroids which must have pretty much devastated her
immune system once we started those? Don’t know. Will probably never


RE: Dried green barley leaves. And, it has been used successfully in
brain tumor cases! With improvement in as little as 10 days! I don’t
think I picked up on this in my search for therapies specifically for
brain tumors, but probably would have put it behind the FO/CC, rather
than in addition to FO/CC, as another nutritional approach. The tablets
might have been a good thing. Sometimes it was hard to get Mom to eat
enough food of any kind to get FO/CC down her. But, I didn’t mix
therapies because I know some counteract each other and don’t think
there is enough known to know how and when in all cases, so would only
have chosen this if, for some reason, I didn’t pick the FO/CC, which
made more sense to me and seemed more comprehensive from a whole diet

Carol, you’re a brave and wonderful person! Your Mom will be very
proud if you will just take time now to share your and her experience
with other cancer patients. All of us need to seek out people who
need information and reassurance.

A strong lesson from Carol’s story is that every cancer patient
and advocate should be looking for at least four treatments, all
of which come at the cancer cells using different hypotheses (is
that a word?) — well, you know — different theories. The idea
is to increase the odds by “piling on” treatments, while avoiding
the interactions I mentioned in the last newsletter.

Short shots…..


Once again, I would like to offer you a bribe to get you to
send me your story of your cancer treatment. If you send me
your story — positive, negative or neutral, I’ll send you a
free copy of my “Cure Your Cancer” e-book by return e-mail.



In the last newsletter, I asked for people who had survived
rectal cancer to contact Kathleen Lewis. To my consternation,
I discovered when one of you inquired that I had given you an
incorrect e-mail address for Kathleen. Her actual e-mail
address is: kott1999@yahoo.com

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
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Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” book

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
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