Cancer Crackdown — A Marvelous Charity
“Death By Modern Medicine” by Dr. Carolyn Dean
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Cancer Crackdown — A Marvelous Charity

You have some interest in helping others with cancer or you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter.  I’ve become aware recently of a wonderful charity which I’m sure you’ll want to contribute to.  They call it Cancer Crackdown.  I’ll let Tara Mann, the main originator of this effort, explain it to you.  She and her husband are very worthy of your contribution. They are doing what I can’t do — helping people first hand with their healing efforts.  I know you will respond.  Here’s Tara:

“Cancer Crackdown is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose passion is to assist those battling cancer that wish to use natural or integrative methods to overcome it. Our goal is to lessen the burden of cancer on fighters and their families so they can focus on healing.


We provide a variety of services to fighters at no cost. We assist with: free structured water for locals and find water for those we work with in other areas; location of practitioners or biological dentists in their area to meet their needs; monthly supplement ordering; finding discounts and less expensive sources for supplements; attend Dr. visits; juicing assistance; provide information about different protocols of interest; blood testing; provide research and answers to questions about their particular cancer or additional circumstances; offer discounts on products that we carry and more. We are always willing to do whatever we can to help.


Our Fighting Together Program consists of all services offered in addition to closely partnering with a fighter during their battle; together we develop a customized daily plan and tracker to make following their protocol easy for them day to day. We also stay in close contact with them to monitor progress, answer questions, make changes as necessary and remind them of the importance of staying positive and stress free. This program allows Cancer Crackdown to financially support those that need help with supplements, juicers, holistic appointments, and more.


Upon discovering and reading Cancer-Free by our friend Bill Henderson we quickly realized that his method is a very effective as well as a cost-effective method of beating cancer without chemotherapy or radiation. We have implemented his program for several fighters successfully. We continuously research and look for things that are specific to each type of cancer and the cancer fighters’ situation that might strengthen this program for their individual needs.


We have been fortunate to team up with some amazing people during their battle with cancer. Cancer fighters are true warriors and their dedication to winning and healing is such an inspiration to us. Our program made a big difference for a fighter with stage IV breast cancer and metastases to multiple sites in her body. Her implementation of the Cancer-Free program with some additions cured her cancer!! Her last tests showed no detectable cancer!! We have celebrated with many that have received this same news and know that those we battle with now will hear the same report in the days and months to come. Our passion and mission is strengthened with every cancer fighter that we are able to help; they are our mission and why Cancer Crackdown exists.


Tara Mann is the CEO and founder of Cancer Crackdown and her husband Steve Mann is the president. They both dedicate their efforts full time to help those fighting cancer. Tara’s background includes a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology followed by 20 years in sales. Her experience started in first aid and concluded with 11 years as a pharmaceutical representative.  She left pharmaceuticals at the height of her career after achieving President’s Club. She left after learning the valuable and somewhat unknown natural therapies for cancer to start Cancer Crackdown. Steve’s background includes service in the United Sates Air Force, followed by 25 years in the tire industry.  The last 14 years was with Michelin Tire where he left as the Vice President of Progress.


We are so grateful for Bill Henderson and his work and for sharing our story. Cancer Crackdown relies on donations and sponsors to continue our cause. Your help would be put to great use in assisting those battling cancer. Thank you for reading our story and we hope that you are living a life to prevent, defeat, or remain cancer free!!!


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the trusted source of information and knowledge regarding integrative and natural therapies to defeat cancer and remain cancer free. We partner with fighters and survivors, supporting and navigating them through their battle. Together, we develop a unique plan that is specific to each individual and instills in them a fearless approach to winning the battle.


You can donate to Cancer Crackdown through PayPal by clicking on this link:


or through our website:


Donations can be made here through PayPal. PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAY PAL ACCOUNT TO DONATE.


or by mail:


Cancer Crackdown

1754 Woodruff Rd. #127

Greenville, SC 29607


Tax ID: 46-1110328


You can also find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn”

“Death By Modern Medicine” by Dr. Carolyn Dean

If you are inclined to trust your doctor, you need to learn not to.  Most of the deaths from cancer that I hear about every day are caused by the treatment of the cancer.  For your sake and that of your loved ones, you need to become aware of this fact.  Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.  has put together a great book documenting this process.  It’s called “Death By Modern Medicine.”  Here’s her description of what’s in this book.

“Forewords by Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Julian Whitaker set the stage for a book that identifies the tragic aspects of a medical system that in its short history of about eighty years, has managed to kill tens of millions of victims. My paper, “Death by Medicine”, written in November 2003, was the first to identify the extent of these casualties. In Death by Modern Medicine, published in 2005 I tried to fathom the reasons why. 


Using government databases and peer review journals I found that the annual death rate due to iatrogenic medicine was 783,936 at a total cost of $282 billion to the public. In the 2008, 2nd edition, the annual death rate had risen to 895,936 but the total cost to the public only rose a fraction to $282.85 billion. In the 3rd edition, the death rate is now hovering over one million. The 2013-2014 annual death rate is 1,095,936 at a total cost of $282.85 billion. It appears that allopathic medicine is working to keep the costs down but their efforts have not affected the death rate.


Many people are shocked by these statistics and don’t believe such a thing is possible. But we’ve seen evidence of a single drug, like Vioxx causing 140,000 fatal or near fatal reaction; one third of the millions of women who took fen-phen, the weight loss drug, suffered heart and lung damage; heart disease is caused by Celebrex and all the other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; Prozac is causing suicides and homicides as well as heart disease –  the list goes on and the numbers accumulate.


Death by Modern Medicine goes beyond the statistics of deaths due to drugs to explore the medical monopoly and it’s control over health care. The book is 483 pages long with chapters on propaganda, health care bureaucracy, the business of cancer, media, our own personal addictions to sugar and drugs, and the denial we all harbor to help us cope.


Why should you read this book? It will help you realize that the medical establishment, the government and medical insurance are not going to take care of you. Once that becomes very clear then it’s easier for you to begin taking responsibility for your own health.”

You’ll have to scroll down at Dr. Dean’s website to find this book.  Get it, folks. You’ll be glad you did.



Last Saturday I sent you the information on Dr. Janey Little’s webinar on Saturday, October 4th.  I got dozens of e-mails from you folks that it was full and you couldn’t sign up for this free and wonderful source of information.  It’s going to be a valuable introduction of her unique approach to cancer.  She’ll be sharing the “Timeless Truths of Cancer.”  I know her well enough that I know you’ll learn a lot.  I’ll be there, too.

Well, Dr. Janey has mastered the technology and opened up 1,000 spaces on her webinar now.  I urge you to try to sign up for it again if you missed it last weekend.  Here’s the link:



Here’s a good article from Natural News about the danger of hospitals, which is simply becoming worse.  Please avoid a stay in a hospital as much as possible.  Here’s why:



If you need more proof that the immune booster we recommend in our Cancer-Free book is the best, here’s a good summary of recent studies on this subject from Better Way Health, one of our trusted suppliers. Just check out their summary of this most recent study at this website:



If you have any doubt about the corruption of our medical system, you need to watch this tape by Joe Lisa, who investigated the AMA and the rest of the medical system about 20 years ago:

I’ve read Joe Lisa’s book “The Assault on Medical Freedom.”  It’s a real eye-opener and it’s available on

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


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