Holistic Oral Health Summit
Ty Bollinger Does It Again!
Morcellation — Beware!

Do You Want Cannabis?  Here’s a Source
Pharmaceutical Fraud — A Good Example
Dr. Hans Jurgen-Schwartz — A Great Toronto Dentist


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Holistic Oral Health Summit

You’ve probably read a couple of messages from me in the last couple of weeks on the Holistic Oral Health Summit series offered to you FREE by Jonathan Landsman.  This is the best collection of information on this subject I’ve ever seen.  Jonathan has collected interviews with 33 real experts on this subject of dental toxins and cancer.  He is offering them to you right now.  There is no charge.

My interview with Jonathan is being offered today — September 30th.  I know most of the other people he is offering you.  They are a collection of real experts on this subject.  As you probably know, I have found that dental toxins are the primary cause of most cancers.  If you have cancer and haven’t done a “dental revision” with a competent dentist, you are probably not going to get the cancer under control.

You can access these interviews right now.  If you’ve missed some of them, you can buy them in a variety of forms — DVD, thumb drive for your computer, transcripts, etc. — at quite reasonable prices.

Here’s what you need to do.  First, go to this page and sign up:


At the top of that page, you’ll see another link that says:  “…click here to join today’s event.”  Just click on it and you’ll see the interviews available on that day.  You have 24 hours to listen to them from 9 AM Central Time until the next day at 9 AM Central.

Once they are done, you need to consider buying them in some form. There is nothing better you can do for your loved ones than share this information with them.

Ty Bollinger Does It Again!

Bless Ty Bollinger.  He has done for you what I wish I could do.  He has brought you information on healing cancer naturally from all over the world.  His latest set of videos will be available starting on October 13th.  He has traveled all over the world for these interviews.  I’m sure they will be at least as valuable as those he presented to you last year.

Ty and his family were living quite close to me (about 40 miles away) near San Antonio, Texas until about two months ago.  He has now moved his family to Nashville, Tennessee.  This is the most “nomadic” family I’ve ever heard of.  Ty told me when he came by to interview me a couple of weeks ago that he was permanently settled in Nashville.  He’s a close friend and he has truly accomplished wonders at getting a variety of information to you about natural cancer healing.

Please keep your eyes open for more information on these free videos in the next couple of weeks.  They will start to be available on October 13th.  Here’s some preliminary information on this great event which is titled “The Truth About Cancer — The Global Quest:”


Morcellation — Beware!

There is an operation that will be proposed to many women that is very dangerous and I want to make sure you are aware of it.  It is called “morcellation.”

‘Hundreds, if not thousands, of women in America are dead…’ Those words kick off a letter from Congress calling on the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to investigate the failure of the FDA, and existing medical device regulations, to protect women from the breakneck spread of uterine cancer. The GAO just agreed to take up the case. The cancer accelerating device is a morcellator. The procedure is known as morcellation, sometimes called minimally invasive hysterectomy, and it’s used to treat uterine fibroids.

60% of hysterectomy surgeries are performed specifically due to fibroids and since 1990 research has shown that malignant uterine cancer can be hidden inside benign fibroids.  Morcellation was approved as an alternative to hysterectomy 24 years ago.

The tip of the device is inserted through the abdomen into the uterus to first break up fibroids then vacuum them out. The deadly problem comes when malignant cells are exploded into Stage IV uterine cancer, sometimes within days. The FDA held hearings over a year ago but has not banned morcellation yet. American women have died, and will continue to die, from morcellation. Last November, Viviana Ruscitto (43) had morcellation to remove a large fibroid. She died of uterine cancer last month leaving behind a husband and young toddler.

Two American doctors, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm and Dr. Amy Reed, a husband and wife raising 6 children, blew the whistle on their own profession and the FDA. Read about their tragic case in Deadly Medicine, a free-ebook from the Wall Street Journal. Amy underwent morcellation to remove a large fibroid. Within 2 weeks she had Stage IV uterine cancer. Amy’s still fighting hard.

Morcellation became popular partly because until it became available there wasn’t any other treatment to shrink fibroids. Surgery was the only option.

Just over a year ago, my readers learned about Crila, an estrogen-free herbal supplement for prostate, menopause and ‘uterine health.’ In a clinical trial, Crila stopped the growth, or reduced fibroids, in 79.5% of the women in a 90 day study. FDA restrictions prevent the company selling Crila from making any claims about shrinking fibroids. You can read the study at


One of my Canadian readers had a large fibroid growing for years. Three doctors recommended surgery. Instead, she tried every herb she could find with no luck. She read about Crila here and started taking it in September, 2014. In June, 9 ½ months later, a scan showed her fibroid reduced 77%. For fibroids try:


Stay on the higher dosage for best results.  First time orders receive a 20% discount with this code BH-180 (you have to log in & create an account to use the discount). Please let me know how you get on.

I have no financial interest in this product.



At this website (the “Comments” page) there is a lot of information about people healing their cancer with cannabis oil.  I have been concerned with getting a source for you that I feel you can trust.  I think I’ve found one.  Obviously, there are limitations on who can get it and use it from this source because of the various State laws on cannabis.  I think, though, that this is a good source for you to investigate if you’re interested in trying the cannabis.  Here’s a message from the gentleman you need to contact if you’re interested:



I am the CEO and Founder of HelloMD.


I wanted to bring the latest developments in cannabis to your attention as Silicon Valley companies continue their push into the medical cannabis industry.


I am sure you have heard of Speedweed – LA’s premier delivery service, and the largest in California with over 26,000 registered customers.


Speedweed just announced a technology partnership with startup HelloMD. The combined offering allows customers of Speedweed to seamlessly get a doctor’s recommendation using just a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The entire process is completed on the Speedweed website, and takes just around 20 minutes to complete.


HelloMD is the leading digital health care platform for cannabis patients, with thousands of people across California using it to connect with doctors for medical cannabis recommendations. The service offers access and convenience, and is used by moms, dads, professionals and the elderly.


More about this story can be found here:


Mark Hadfield
CEO / Founder



Apparently there are options for you to travel to California, if necessary, to get the cannabis but I know nothing about this.  You need to inquire to Mark Hadfield to answer any questions you have.



Mike Adams in his Natural News this week gave you a good example of why we should not trust any pharmaceutical company or their product. Read his article at the link below.  I think you’ll find it interesting:




For several years, I have referred lots of people in the Toronto area to Dr. Hans Jurgen-Schwartz, a truly competent holistic dentist.  About a year ago, he sold his practice and was working out of his home.  He has now re-opened another office in the Toronto area.  Here is his message to me about the new dental office:

“We are presently finishing last preparations of my new dental office location in Markham, just South of my town of residence, Stouffville, Ontario, a suburb on the Northern edge of Toronto.  I had actually built the office in 1985 and worked there for ten years, when I decided to concentrate my efforts to my practice in Stouffville.  I turned the corner in my present direction of biological dentistry in 1995, when I attended my first symposium in neural therapy, led by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD,  and Dr Robert Kidd, MD.  The latter is my oldest friend in Canada, and I met him when I immigrated here in 1965.  He induced me to consider the toxic issues in dentistry, among others, the presence of mercury in amalgam fillings, which had been mislabeled as silver fillings for obvious reasons to mislead the unsuspecting public. 


We should be prepared to see patients in the new location starting the third week of August.  Our assigned phone number there is 905-294-8668, while my home-dedicated office line, 905-642-0656, is also available to be answered or receive messages.


The health paradigm that I follow as a model for total patient care is that of the Paracelsus Klinik of Switzerland, led by Thomas Rau, MD.  I have participated in three of their two-year study programs presented in the United States. 


Thank you very much for your impressive and successful efforts to shed more light on the misguided practices of medicine (including dentistry). 



Hans-Jurgen Schwartz, DDS”

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:


Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
E-mail:  uhealcancer@gmail.com


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