What’s That In Your Mouth? — Root Canals?…UGH!!
WNC VIBE Central — We Launch Next Week!
HCG Test Modernized — Dr. Schandl’s Cancer Test Profile
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What’s That In Your Mouth? — Root Canals?…UGH!!

About ten years ago, I got introduced to root canals for the first time. My new bride, Terry, was having a lot of work done on her mouth shortly after we were married in September, 1995 (Our 10th anniversary is tomorrow!). In the year and a half starting in October, 1995, she had four root canals done. Shortly after the first one was done in November, 1995, she started having all kinds of ill-defined pain. Her headaches got bad enough that the doctor ordered an MRI of her brain, which showed no problems. We never suspected the root canals (nor did her doctor) and she proceeded to get the other three done. The mysterious pains in her hip, her shoulder and her back continued unabated.

In March, 1997, I read an article in Dr. David Williams’ Alternatives newsletter on root canals that made my hair stand on end. He described all the degenerative disease caused by the root canals and the history of “denial” by the dental “industry.” He pointed out that there are 24 million root canals done in the U.S. alone every year. It is a $2 billion dollar a year business. Does this remind you of the “cancer industry?” It sure does me now that I’m familiar with both.

Over the next year, Terry had all four root canal teeth extracted along with cavitations of her jaw by an oral surgeon who specialized in this. She also had all her mercury amalgam fillings removed by a “holistic” dentist and replaced with other materials after a thorough test of her metal sensitivity was done. Total cost: about $26,000 plus a lot of pain.

Why do I bring this up in a cancer treatment context? Well, listen up. Just in the past two months, I have talked to two of my readers. Both had breast cancer which had been difficult to treat with a combination of conventional and alternative treatments. In both cases, we discovered that they had one or more root canal teeth on the same meridian as the original breast tumor. One had already had the root canal tooth removed and the breast tumor and its mets had cleared up immediately. The other lady was going to have it done shortly after we talked. It is quite likely that once her two root canal teeth are removed her cancer will also clear up immediately. This simply confirms the 25 years of research on root canal teeth done by Dr. Weston Price from 1900 through 1925.

If you have cancer or would like to prevent it, please get up to speed on the effect on your body of root canal teeth. I’ve begun asking all the cancer patients I talk to on the phone or in e-mails about their root canals. Your doctor will never ask you or your dentist about it (Terry’s never did). They just don’t talk to each other. It’s up to you to get educated. Here are some good sources for you to begin your research:

1. David Page, a reader in Australia, sent me this letter from Chris and Maz Smith about Chris’s recovery from cancer after his root canal teeth were removed. You need to read this. It’s at:


2. Now that you have a first person account of recovery, you need to read a book which will give you the complete story about root canal teeth. It is called “Root Canal Cover-Up” by George Meinig (pronounced my-nig), D.D.S., F.A.C.D. It is available on amazon.com. Dr. Meinig is retired now. However, he is one of the founders of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) (now 4,000 root canal specialists) in 1943. In fact, just before he began writing this book, he was honored as such by the AAE at its 50th year celebration. Dr. Meinig thoroughly covers all the research done by Dr. Weston Price and his successors. This research was first published in 1925 and Dr. Meinig ruefully regrets he was unaware of it. He says it would have radically altered his dental practice if the American Dental Association had not systematically covered up Dr. Price’s results.

Terry’s fine now that she has a couple of partial plates in place of the root canal teeth. We will again celebrate tomorrow the timely information we got from Dr. David Williams which literally, we feel, saved her life.

WNC VIBE Central — We Launch Next Week!

Terry and I are installing a VIBE machine in our home next week. We will be introducing it to Western North Carolina (WNC). In fact, it will be the first one in the whole state. We have been talking to several people who have been helping others with this machine. They were so enthusiastic and had such inspiring stories about recoveries that we decided to join in the fun. Gene Koonce, the inventor of this wonderful machine, made it financially possible for us. God Bless Him!

I’m convinced that this machine will be the perfect complement to my nutritional and supplement regimen for permanently dealing with cancer. Neither we nor Gene Koonce can make any healing claims about it until clinical trials (now underway) are completed. So, we’re just introducing people to it and letting them make their own decisions.

As most of you know, Gene will be my guest on a teleseminar this Thursday, September 8th, starting at 9:00 PM Eastern Time (8:00 PM Central; 7:00 PM Mountain; 6:00 PM Pacific), which is GMT minus four hours. If you want to join us, just dial (641) 985-1000 a couple of minutes before the top of the hour. When prompted for the “code,” enter 393926# and you’ll be on the conference call with us. We’re going to try to reserve a full hour for your questions.

If you would like to hear a great two-hour interview with Gene Koonce done on a Tempe, Arizona Internet radio station on September 1st (last Thursday), just go to: www.achieveradio.com/showpages/agiarchive.htm

You will hear from several VIBE machine “practitioners” around the country. Also mentioned several times are the numbers to call in Greeley, Colorado to find one near you to try. They are in 44 states in the U.S. (soon 45) and 13 other countries. Just to save you some time, those numbers are (800) 356-9594 from a phone in the U.S. or (970) 356-9594 from a phone outside the U.S.

Wish my bride and I luck in our new “WNC VIBE Central” venture. Terry will be doing most of the work while I inspect local golf courses and keep my bridge game and barbershop singing up to speed.

HCG Test Modernized — Dr. Schandl’s Cancer Test Profile

After I published the information on the HCG urine cancer test in July, I got this interesting e-mail from Dr. E. K. Schandl at the American Metabolic Testing Laboratories, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida:

“Dear Mr. Henderson:
How are you?


I don’t understand the great fascination behind the Navarro Test for cancer. – Indeed, Dr. Navarro was a pioneer in his time of cancer detection by laboratory test(s). I always give him credit for it. However, times have changed and new things have been discovered and used for that purpose. I published an abstract in 1978, in Clinical Chemistry on the Cancer Profile, that includes the HCG hormone, already at several hundred times more sensitive and specific. I think it is a disservice to cancer patients, and for those who want to prevent, to do the Navarro Test so many decades after its original use. May you be kind to visit




I appreciate your Newsletter, please put me on your readers’ list.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. E. K. Schandl”

I did explore his test options and his curriculum vitae (very impressive). You should, too. The cancer test profile costs $296, but it is paid for by your insurance with a doctor’s prescription. It is, without a doubt, much more accurate than the simple $50 Navarro HCG test described in my July 19th newsletter.

After responding to his first message above, I got this additional information on this test from Dr. Schandl:

“Hi Bill:


Thanks for your response regarding HCG!


The HCG tests (two different ones on each patient) as well as the entire CA Profile not only are predictors of a developing malignancy, but they are also used to follow-up patients on therapies to access positive or negative responses. It is good practice to do the tests before the initiation of a therapy, metabolic or otherwise, and repeat 4 – 6 weeks later to see success or failure. A number of doctors abandon the profile because it may indicate failure of their therapies. These tests are no longer mysterious or under the table.


Insurance will pay if the patient presents an Rx from his/her M.D. or D.O. and there is a medical necessity.


All the tests are quantitative, i.e. a numerical concentration value of the analyte in question is given. Usually a lower figure is better than a higher one. If an elevated test result decreases with therapy/time that is good. If it becomes normal, that is very good as long as it remains normal.


The affordability, i.e. price, may be a problem for some. Do you know that an MRI may cost $5,000? American Metabolic Laboratories are equipped with state of the art instrumentation and technical readiness and staff and patient support. Patients are encouraged to call me and talk to me personally before and after tests.- I can assure you, as I know for a fact, the procedures that may have become available from LabCorp or Quest cost several fold above our prices, and, you don’t get any personal assistance.


If no insurance is involved, our staff physician underwrites the Rx for the blood tests (state and federal regulations require a licensed practitioner of the healing arts to request the tests) for no extra charge.


The Bogoch anti-malignin antibody test may have run its course. Quest no longer offers it for several years and in Miami The Baptist Hospital has thrown it out. Mr. Goldberg told me that in his new edition of Alternative Guide in Cancer Therapy it will not appear. It seems to have several drawbacks: we have seen a number of cancer patients with negative AMAS tests, and in advanced cancer, according to Dr. Bogoch, his test is not of use.


The Cancer Profile or CA Profile is being perfected all the time and so far it stood the test of time.



Dr. E. K. Schandl”

Check it out, folks. It’s another option for cancer testing which sounds thorough, compassionate and technically sound.



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