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How to Live Cancer-Free

For about five years, I did weekly one-hour radio shows on the subject of “How to Live Cancer-Free.” When I passed the “big 80” mark in January, 2012, I decided to stop meeting the weekly deadline. But all those five years of shows I did are still available for you to listen to. The subject matter tends to be timeless. It is not only free to listen to, but you can easily download the show and listen to it at your leisure in your car or at work (well, maybe on your way to work!).

The nice part about these radio shows is the flexibility. They are simple “mp3” audio files. Put it on your IPod or burn it onto a CD.

I usually interviewed a medical expert or one or more cancer survivors or cancer authors. Here’s a list of some of the recent shows available now at:


“Dental Toxins and Health”
In this show, I interview Sandi Zeitman who shares her amazing story of recovery from all kinds of degenerative health problems by getting her mouth cleaned up of 24 tooth problems. In the first half, Bill talks about a great fat-burning program and a new approach to the Budwig Diet.

“Electro-Medicine Heals Stage IV Cancer”
In this one, I interview two Stage IV cancer patients, Delores Geisler and Susan Gorkosky. Both have healed themselves using modern electro-medicine devices. Both have published books about their experience: Conquering Disease by Susan Gorkosky and Let’s Put An End to Cancer by Delores Geisler.

“Vitamin D — Essential for Immune System”
Here I say Vitamin D is essential to health and proof is mounting higher every day. Also, Omega 3 adds years to your life. The second half is an encore presentation of Bill’s interview with Dr. William Grant, Ph.D. who is the world-class expert on Vitamin D and cancer.

“Root Canals and Cavitations and Cancer”
I describe the prevalence of root canals and cavitations (tooth extraction sites) as the primary causes of cancer of all types and stages. I urge listeners to locate a good biological dentist and get their jaw evaluated. Cancer-in-the-News discusses heparin and PSA testing.

“Stop DSSA Act of 2010 and Learn About Candida”
I urge listeners to take action to stop the restriction of your rights to buy healthy supplements. Bill then interviews Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby on his new book “Candida and Yeast Superhighway.”

“Strategy and Tactics for Healing Cancer”
Here I talk about the importance of a sound strategy for healing cancer and other degenerative conditions. He discusses the major causes of cancer and some strategies for addressing them. Cancer-in-the-News covers mammograms, phony Big Pharma “research,” and hyperthermia.

“Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life”
Dr. James Occhiogrosso discusses his book about prostate health with me. Dr. Jim is a naturopathic doctor and Master Herbalist who has helped many men overcome prostate problems. His book tells both why the problems occur and what to do about them. His website is http://www.ProstateHealthNaturally.com. I also discuss radiation and Vitamin D on Cancer-In-The-News.

“Dr. Joe Brown — Naturopathic Cancer Doctor”
I describe my new question/answer sessions with Dr. Carlos Garcia. He also alerts listeners to new information on root canals and cavitations. In an encore presentation, Bill then interviews Dr. Joe Brown, a cancer doctor who healed himself of Stage IV cancer. See his website at www.DrJoeBrown.com.

“Dr. Garcia and Shirley Snyder”
I describe my experience in Peru and at a weekend seminar on dental toxins. His joint question/answer show with Dr. Carlos Garcia starts on February 11th, 2010 on www.TalkShoe.com. In an encore presentation, he then interviews Dr. Garcia on swine flu and Shirley Snyder on cleansing carcinogenic housewares.

“Dental Toxins Are Deadly”
I discuss natural methods for healing cancer pain — third of a series on this topic. I then interview Dr. Chris Hussar, D.D.S., D.O. This unique healer is both a very experienced dentist and an osteopathic physician. He gives you lots of useful information about the connection between your jaw and your health.

“A Very Modern Healer”
I interview Dr. John Lubecki, a holistic healer from Sacramento, California. Dr. Lubecki’s book “Conquering Disease” is available from his office at (916) 966-7395. I also talk about the dangers of both prescription and over-the-counter pain medication.

“Never Be Sick Again”
I discuss natural methods for healing cancer pain — first of a series on this topic. He then interviews Raymond Francis, author of “Never Be Sick Again” and founder of “The Project to End Disease” www.tped.org. Raymond has moved to Florida but is still going strong.

“Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)”
I interview Jason Tebeau, an expert in EWOT about the various ways to apply workout machines and oxygen to heal cancer. Two websites of interest are www.ewot.com and www.OCFitnessSource.com. Cancer-in-the-News covers H1N1, mammograms, excess fat and medical marijuana.

“Dr. Hal Huggins Explains Root Canals and Disease”
In this encore presentation, I interview Dr. Hal Huggins about dental toxicity and its effect on the human body. If you want to be provoked and probably frightened, by all means listen to this show. Website: www.terfinfo.com.


To listen to any of these or my future radio shows, here is the procedure:

1. At any time, day or night, go to: http://www.WebTalkRadio.net.

2. Scroll through the list of available shows and click on the one you want to listen to. It’s that simple.


If the above doesn’t work for you, it just means you need to download some good audio listening software to your computer. Fortunately, the best is free. For example, you can get Apple’s “Quick Time” software with a free download at this web site:


Happy listening!!

Bill Henderson, Cancer coach
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”